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  1. Hi, guys. In this article, we will talk about how to add links to your YouTube channel so that guests and subscribers can go to your other resources and social networks. Links in the channel header play a significant role, they are very often used by YouTube users. By inserting links to your social networks, project groups, or website, you are guaranteed to convert some of the traffic from YouTube to subscribers on these resources. You can add any links there, even to affiliate products on your main topic. Many people do this, thereby monetizing their channel from scratch. If you have a new channel, the links in the header are not displayed immediately. To add links to the YouTube channel, you need to go to the "About" section, where we made a description of the channel yesterday, and find the "Links" button below the description. Or the second option is to move the cursor over the channel heading and click on the pencil that appears in the upper right corner, where you need to select the “Edit links”. A maximum of 5 links can be displayed in the header, you can select the desired number and click "Add". Click "Finish" and see what happened in the header. Everything is fine, if necessary, then you can change something.
  2. In the previous article, we figured out how to choose the necessary keywords for your YouTube channel theme, and in this article, we will make a good description of the channel on YouTube. Why do you need a YouTube channel description? Any text is the best source of information for search engines. The search robot will not be able to recognize and understand images, videos, or audio as accurately as text. This is why channel descriptions, titles, and video descriptions play a very important role in successful development on YouTube. Moreover, you only need to spend 20-30 minutes writing the text once and then make adjustments if necessary. Don't be lazy, read on, and make your project one more step more successful. Writing a cool and original description In general, the description should fully reveal the idea and subject of the channel. Tell the user who will read what it is about. You need to keep within 1000 characters. It is advisable not to write the text in one continuous paragraph, but to break it down nicely and make it easier to read. To begin with, you can type a template for your description in any text document, and then copy it and paste where necessary. A few recommendations: Use keywords in the text. You just need to insert them naturally, and not just solidly separated by a comma. Search engines are not fools either, they will see all re-optimization, apply filters, and “publicly lower” you in the search results. Do not forget about brand queries. Do not try to sell something in the channel description and insert links. The links will still be inactive. Describe about the project, what it does, and what videos are published on it. Show your expertise in the niche that the channel is dedicated to. You can tell something interesting about yourself or other authors of the channel. You can specify the days and times when new videos are released. If you have any contests for subscribers on your channel, you can make an announcement and talk about prizes. At the end of the description, you can add a small call to subscribe. Adding the description on YouTube channel To add a description on your YouTube channel click on the "customize channel" button on the main page. Now on the customization page navigate to the "About" section and click on the "Channel description" button. Write your channel description in the box and click "Done" when finished. That's all sorted out. If there is anything to add about the description of the YouTube channel, then write in the comments.
  3. This is the third step in which we will figure out how to choose and where to write the keywords for the YouTube channel. Do not confuse channel keywords with tags that are written separately for each video. We'll talk about tags when we upload a video and optimize it. Yes, in fact - it is the same, but we will consider them a little differently. How to choose keywords for the channel? Keywords are popular user queries that describe the direction of your channel. They are needed to make it easier for search engines to determine what your channel is about. To recognize them, you just need to think logically. Determine who your audience is and what they should search for in order to reach your channel. Next, several services are included that will allow you to find additional ideas for keywords. Sort your theme into keywords We recommend opening a text document and writing out all the queries that come to mind first. For example, the subject is sports. Let's say that a channel with this theme will publish videos about how to do exercises, nutrition tips, recipes, motivational videos, weight loss, and so on. We think that your target audience will gain in the search. We write out all the ideas, then we select the best. Analyze competitive channels Here we'll use a special plug-in for YouTube, which allows you to spy on the keywords of any channel for free. It is called vidIQ Vision. Register an account at www.vidiq.com. Install the vidIQ Vision plugin for the browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox) Go to YouTube and log in to the plugin. You will notice it, it will be displayed to the right of the video. After authorization, the statistics for each video will also be shown on the right. After you install this plugin, go to any channel on your subject and see all the keywords that are used on it. So you need to go around various projects in your subject and write out all the relevant keywords in the table. Brand Queries We recommend adding brand queries to the list of keywords. Those queries will be used to search for your YouTube channel. This can be the project name, first and last names of the channel's authors, nickname, and so on. Use search engine hint services The last step is to use Google or other search engine tooltips and keyword databases. It is easier and more convenient to use the Google service. Now we need to select the most popular and appropriate search queries, as well as find additional words. Thus, you will create a list of the main keywords for the YouTube channel in your niche. Where to add channel keywords? It remains to add the keywords to the settings. But first, in a text document, you need to put all keywords that consist of more than one word in quotation marks, otherwise, they will be split into separate words. Example: "cheapdeveloper.com" "remote work" "freelance work" "free guides" "earning on the Internet" Next, follow the instructions Go to YouTube Studio. Click on settings and select channel Enter your keywords in the keywords box and save it. We'll go back to this tab later to configure other features. We have already sorted out the keywords. Write the remaining questions in the comments, and we will be happy to help.
  4. Is a good channel name important? In general, yes - the "name" of the YouTube channel is a very important element in its further promotion, it is your brand, which, in order to become successful, must be remembered and spread throughout the Internet. But no matter what ingenious name you come up with, success will still depend on the quality of the content you upload. Therefore, do not get too hung up and do not think that your channel is not gaining popularity from the chosen name. Come up with a simple and understandable name for your target audience. A few principles of what it should be: Simple. Easy to read. Easy to remember. Not long. Transmitting the meaning of the channel and its theme. In English, or translate. Consider your primary audience. Also, do not violate the basic rules of YouTube and create an account with the name or nickname of a famous person or project. How to come up with a YouTube channel name? Instructions that are suitable for both boys and girls. Let's start generating options. It's better to write down all your ideas! First of all, we recommend opening a text document or taking a blank sheet of paper with a pen, where we will write down everything that comes to mind. Even the most stupid ideas. Usually from the most stupid ideas, brilliant options appear. When the whole list is in front of your eyes, it is easier to come up with something new and play word forms with those that already exist. Based on channel content What topics are you planning to shoot and upload videos to YouTube? Think about how you can combine all this in one title. So that a person who gets on your channel immediately understands what they can find on it, and whether they should subscribe to it. Give the channel your name We want to say right away that the channels on which the author’s personality is revealed become faster successful and popular. It’s more interesting to follow a living person who is doing something than a channel that just uploads videos, and it’s not clear who the author is. Channels are often called by their first and last names. A name becomes a brand, it is listened to and trusted. The more trust you have, the more your product or service will be bought, the more advertisers will want to buy ads from you, and so on. Your brand on the Internet is a lot of money. Analysis of competitors and popular channels After you have brainwashed yourself, remove all ideas from your head, you can turn to the search. See the names of similar and popular channels. Tip: beginners should not compare themselves with such large projects that have millions of subscribers. But when you watch their videos, try to find constant ideas and tricks that they use, and apply them to your project. Many people use various additions in the names, such as: TV, channel, shows, club, vlog, diary, magazine, etc., somewhere they are really consonant and are well suited to the name or nickname. Try it, maybe something will suit you. When compiling a list of options, read them out loud and listen to how they sound, like or not. Name for the channel's subject In another way, we can say that the names are sharpened for the search query of users. When the name makes it completely clear which videos are placed on it. For example: cartoons, travel, earning money on the Internet, recipes, and others. Generate names for your channel with keywords, but make sure that it is not long. Use other people's brains You can find creative guys on any freelance exchanges or you can arrange a contest among your acquaintances and friends for free somewhere on a social network, maybe they will give you cool name and fun ideas. Take your time and work with the list Now that you've added dozens of name ideas to your list, play with phrases, rhymes, synonyms, and so on. Choose the best option, you can consult with your friends, read them the options and listen to their opinions. If you don't have any more ideas, postpone this session until the next day, in the morning, or during another session, you may come up with some original ideas. Usually, this happens when you sit and strain, nothing comes up, and you go with friends to walk on the street or play sports, different brilliant ideas start to climb into your head, just have time to write them down. We hope this article will help you in choosing the name for your YouTube channel. If you have questions or suggestions, then ask in the comments. We wish you all good luck.
  5. In the previous article, we took a step-by-step look at how to start managing your channel, and today we’ll deal directly with creating your own YouTube channel and then setting it up. Without a Google account, you won’t be able to create a YouTube channel. If you previously registered and created a single account on Google, then in order to create your channel, you need to log in to it. In this case, you can skip the instructions for creating a new account and go to the section "How to create a channel on YouTube". Well, and who is a complete beginner, let's start by the procedure. How to create a new Google account Step 1 We go to www.google.com and in the right corner click the blue "Sign in" button. Step 2 In the login window that opens, click "Create Account". Step 3 We fill out the standard form, all the necessary data to create a new profile. You don't need to fill in your phone number, but in the future, in order to make all the features available (official affiliate programs, monetization, etc.), YouTube will still ask you to enter and confirm the number. So it's better to use your number right away. We also advise you to do double authentication via SMS after creating your account, then no one will be able to log in to your profile without your permission with all Google services, including YouTube. Step 4 Click "Next" and confirm that you agree with all the rules of Google. That's it, a new account has been created, you can create your own channel on it. How to create a YouTube channel Creating a channel is even easier. Step 1 Go to www.youtube.com and sign in with your Google account, in the left column click on the "Settings" tab and you will see a window for creating a new channel, or click on the profile on the upper right-hand corner and select "Create a channel". Step 2 A window appears where you need to write what your channel will be called. There are 2 options for creating a channel: If a personal channel, you can create using the name and picture on your Google account. You can use a custom name for your channel (the name of your project). In this case, enter your desired channel name and confirm that you agree with all the rules of Google. That's it In any case, you can change the name of your channel in the future. Congratulations! You have created a completely empty new YouTube channel. Now we will look at how you can create a second channel and the main account settings, and in subsequent articles, we will focus on configuring the channel itself (appearance, optimization, design, etc.). How to create a second channel You can create multiple channels on one Google account. To do this, go back to "YouTube Settings." Instead of the button where it was simply written “Create a channel”, you see the button “Show all channels or create a new one”. Next is the standard procedure for creating a new channel. Let's look at the necessary account settings General information In this section, in the future you will be able to change the channel name, password, view all your channels, and create new ones. By clicking on the "Advanced" button, functions will open, with the help of which you can: Set a custom URL. You can move your channel to a brand account Delete your channel. Notifications Notifications are channel news that comes to your inbox. For example, when someone subscribes to a channel or leaves a comment under a video, you receive an email. In order not to flood the mailbox with such garbage, you can turn off unnecessary alerts. Privacy Here you can configure what your preferences will be shown to users and subscribers. You can hide which videos you've liked, subscribed to, and uploaded. Connected accounts In this section, you can connect YouTube with other apps and manage all the sites authorized to access your Google account. What to do next? We can say that we took the first big step - we created our own YouTube channel. What's next? Further, we will continue to gradually configure our channel, we will study the issues: How to configure the channel? How to create playlists? How to upload a video to the channel? How to optimize the video? That’s all for today. Congratulations on creating your YouTube channel. We hope you begin to seriously engage in it, and we will help you with this. If you have questions, then ask in the comments and go to the next article.
  6. Hello to all novice YouTubers and video bloggers. Today we are starting a new large section dedicated to the development of the channel and earnings on YouTube. We will analyze YouTube from A to Z in a clear language so that everyone can figure out where to start and how to act. A little background For a few years, we have been working remotely, studying, and creating various sources of income through the Internet. YouTube wasn't our priority before until we uploaded a few videos to it and saw that they started to bring us passive income. Took a video and uploaded it to the channel, users watch it, and you just make a profit from it for the rest of your life. But it's not enough just to shoot and upload a video so that the channel starts to make money, you need to know at least the basics of video editing, channel optimization, and marketing. The development of the channel can be compared to the development of a regular blog. If you look at the steps, it is choosing a niche, creating a content structure, design, configuration, and so on. Today we will put it all on the shelves so that you understand the approximate plan for working on your channel. You can call these articles free training for the Internet profession "YouTube channel Manager". In remote work today, this is one of the most popular specialties. Where do I start? Let's arrange a small reality show “how to become a video blogger” with a full report in the form of educational content on this blog. We won't start from scratch. As we have a channel that is currently filled with videos, most of which are “gray”, that is, I downloaded other people's videos and uploaded them to my channel, some with copyright infringement. I plan to get rid of them soon and leave only my author's content. The biggest problem that stops The biggest problem to start shooting video on a channel is not the technical ability to set everything up, but the psychological one. Many are afraid of the camera. It seems that everyone knows what to say, and when you turn on the recording, your head becomes empty. Step-by-step plan for YouTube channel development The whole process can be roughly divided into 9 stages: Selection and analysis of the channel topic. Monetization Drawing up a content plan. Create and configure a channel. Registration. Video recording and editing. Uploading and optimizing videos. Tracking results. Promotion and advertising. The main thing, following all these points is to find your style and develop your strategy. Of course, everything you do at first will look like someone else. But this is not scary, it is a law of nature, since childhood we have been copying everything that we see and hear. Let's now look at each stage separately, what it consists of. Step 1. Niche selection and channel topic analysis The study of the channels. Select multiple topics for which you will shoot video. Analysis of the topic that you have chosen, whether it is interesting and relevant to YouTube viewers. Define your target audience. Study your competitors. Drawing up an approximate structure of your niche. Step 2. Monetization Someone will say that you do not need to think about earning money at first, but we do not think so. The success of any project depends on how much money it brings. The more it brings, the more the authors want to make high-quality and useful content for their viewers. Therefore: Learn all the ways you can make money on YouTube. Search for how you can monetize your niche. View ways to earn competitive channels. Making a list of affiliate programs on your topic. Step 3. Content plan Learning to plan content. Making a list of at least 100 ideas for videos. Step 4. Create and configure a channel Creating a channel on YouTube. Correctly configure it. Channel optimization. Step 5. Design Ordering the design of the YouTube header or self-design. Learn the ways and secrets of designing screensavers for videos. The order from designers to design templates for videos or your own implementation. Stage 6. Video recording and editing This is a separate topic that requires constant development and improvement. Learn to shoot live video. Learn to shoot screencasts (video from the screen). Learn to make at least a simple editing of captured videos. Selection and purchase of good equipment. Step 7. Upload and optimize the video Learn to upload a video to a channel. Learn how to optimize your video (collecting requests, compiling catchy titles, tags, descriptions, etc.). Step 8. Track Results Learn how to digitize monthly. Understand YouTube analytics. Step 9. Promotion and advertising Learn free and paid ways to promote your YouTube channel. Set aside a monthly advertising budget. Conclusion Here, an approximate work plan, which we will analyze in detail in separate articles. The next article will be as an instruction for the category about YouTube, in which we will collect all possible questions and answers. Thanks for your attention. Leave comments and ask questions that you need to understand in the section about YouTube.
  7. Google, which is part of the Alphabet holding company, has published a financial report for the fourth quarter of 2019. One of the most interesting points in the document was the profit from YouTube video hosting. In particular, Google told the revenue generated from advertising. For 14 years, during which the YouTube service is owned by Google, the company has never published data that reveals the site's revenues. According to a published report, last year, advertising on YouTube brought the company $15 billion - an amount that is 10% of Google's total revenue. At the same time, over the past three months, advertising has brought the service $5 billion. Thus, Google's revenue from YouTube is about 20% of Facebook's revenue level and six times higher than Twitch's financial results. According to the company, about 20 million users have chosen a premium subscription that allows you to view videos without ads. Another two million preferred the paid TV service YouTube. Google earned $5.3 billion in sales of smart speakers and Pixel smartphones in three months. At the same time, Alphabet's total revenue for this period was $46 billion, which is 17% more than in 2018.
  8. There are constant disputes about copyright infringement on the Internet. Therefore, the developers of the popular video hosting YouTube have introduced a new feature for content creators that makes it easier to solve issues of borrowing other people's audio or video fragments. The new feature is available as an option "Auxiliary cropping" in the "YouTube Studio". Using markers, you can set the beginning and end of a fragment that has caused controversy on the part of copyright holders, and delete it. Experts are working on improving the function, with which the authors of channels can easily remove unwanted segments of videos. YouTube is actively trying to cooperate with the largest copyright holders, but constant complaints on their part and too strict policies have brought all the efforts of the video hosting to naught. In July, the site updated the regulations, calling on all copyright holders to specify at what minute and second the disputed fragment appears. Next year, YouTube wants to add a few more new features that will help resolve issues with copyright infringement.
  9. YouTube is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, so Google is constantly working to improve it to make it easier to use. Now the company has launched testing a new, more convenient interface of the famous service. The main change to the updated YouTube was the moved block with comments on the video. In the current version, it is located at the very bottom of the page under a large number of recommendations, stories and other things. As a result, some users are not even aware of the existence of comments in the video hosting mobile client. In the new version of the YouTube app, comments are displayed immediately below the video description. However, not all, but only the last three, by clicking on which you can view the rest of the reviews to the video and write your own. Video playback does not stop. According to Google, such a change will make it easier for users to access comments and discuss videos. The company notes that the new interface is being tested among a very small percentage of users. So far, the developers are collecting feedback from the participants of the experiment, after which they will decide to implement the change for everyone.
  10. In recent years, YouTube has ceased to be the usual "warehouse" of videos. By its capabilities for communication, it largely resembles a social network - but it was precisely one of these “non-core” functions that gained popularity among users that the hosting management unexpectedly decided to disconnect. The function of direct messaging between users of Youtube appeared two years ago. But soon this possibility will disappear - according to the publication in the technical support section of the service, this will happen on September 18th. According to representatives of YouTube, the innovation is connected with the new concept of video hosting: it is proposed to discuss videos on the pages of the videos themselves, and not in private messages. According to numerous comments on the news, many users are not enthusiastic about the new service policy. Some even noted that they found new friends only through communication in a "personal". The YouTube manager who posted the post noted that the ability to share videos will continue to be available for sending links to videos on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other sites. Those who wish will have the opportunity to discuss the video outside the comment page, copy the link and send it to the addressee.
  11. Following the tightening of the rules for posting videos on YouTube, the administration of the service said that it would change the policy with regard to the rightsholders. The innovation is designed to reduce the number of claims against content creators for the use of copyrighted music. But there is a nuance: according to Google itself, the number of locks of controversial materials will only increase. Content makers have repeatedly stated about the "witch hunt" by the copyright holders. There were cases when they had to pay for a video in which "forbidden" music was played from a passing car. According to the new YouTube policy, a copyright holder who complains about a short clip or video with accidentally heard music will not be able to receive money from the advertising shown on the channel. Instead, he will be able to choose — to deprive the author of the video opportunity to earn on a particular video clip or completely block the video. The hosting management believes that depriving labels of the opportunity to monetize other people's videos, the service will reduce the number of complaints. But in the short term, this can lead to even more locks. According to statistics, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of manually filed claims, and the rightsholders themselves prefer to block disputed materials. One of the most high-profile cases was the claim against the video blogger for saying aloud a few words from the song of Bon Jovi. YouTube recognizes that the new policy is not perfect — the rules will only apply to complaints submitted manually. If YouTube's automatic audio content identification system detects copyrighted music in a video, the revenue from it will continue to flow to the rightsholders. The creators themselves will not be able to open a dispute about the legality of such sanctions. Last month, YouTube introduced new tools for content creators, allowing in the case of a manually filed complaint to remove the video or replace the "problem" music using the built-in tools of the service. Earlier, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai told in detail what principles the Corporation is guided by when updating the rules for using video hosting.
  12. Popular video hosting YouTube has recently tightened the rules for posting content by users — under the ban and restrictions were primarily videos containing elements of discrimination. But as it turned out, the lock touched and much more neutral materials: the new algorithm began to send to the ban channels with training videos, considering them a threat to users. Cody Kinsey, one of the founders of the Hacker Interchange team, said in his Twitter blog about the blocking of the Cyber Weapons Lab channel. He failed to publish a video tutorial on remotely launching fireworks using Wi-Fi, and already downloaded content was blocked. YouTube employees in response to the request referred to the rules of the service, prohibiting the publication of "instructions on hacking and phishing." According to Kinsey, hacking techniques are often "used illegally, but not necessarily illegally." The updated policy is YouTube hit for the most part, content associated with the study of computer security. As an example, he cited video instructions for computer system testers. Although YouTube allows you to post videos of "dangerous acts" for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes, there are no official instructions on how such materials should be designed. A YouTube spokesperson later told reporters that the Cyber Weapons Lab channel had been blocked by mistake and the content was available again. However, the operation of the algorithm is opaque, and in the future may lead to a reduction in the number of educational videos on the platform.
  13. Google is preparing a major change for the company's video hosting YouTube. Due to an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission on violation of the Children's Privacy Online Act, the search giant is considering the possibility of removing all children's content from YouTube. In addition, in the mobile application comments to the video will be hidden. Now Google management is considering the possibility of transferring all the children's content from YouTube to a separate YouTube Kids application. In addition, the company plans to turn off the auto play function in children's videos so that the next one does not start when the video ends. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google management has already informed employees about possible changes. Not everyone is happy with such innovations, since the removal of children's content from the mainstream version of YouTube may entail the shortfall of millions from showing advertisements. The second important change for YouTube is already being tested by the company. According to the XDA website, some users have begun to notice the disappearance of comments under videos in the mobile service application. As it turned out, Google decided to remove the reviews in a separate section, for which it will add a special button right under the video. Because of this, the button for adding a video to your favorites or a list of deferred viewing has shifted below: to access it, you need to click the down arrow icon. Probably, the transfer of comments to a separate menu is associated with the current inconvenient implementation: at the moment they are hidden under the ads and recommended videos at the very bottom of the page.
  14. The tightening of the rules for posting content on the popular YouTube video hosting caused a flurry of negativity on the part of users and authors of published videos. Criticism of the service has not gone unnoticed — the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai in an interview with TV channel HBO said what are the principles that guide the company in the evaluation of published materials. The head of the Corporation noted that the work of YouTube is being improved, but admitted that the video service has unresolved problems of the quality of algorithms for the selection of recommended materials. According to him, the Google search engine ranks the delivery of content depending on its quality — a similar approach will be applied to YouTube materials. Quality content will be given an absolute advantage, and the promotion and monetization of extremist or "borderline" (formally permitted content) will be either completely banned or curtailed in advertising privileges. Last week, YouTube was in the center of a scandal associated with the channel of American political activist Stephen Crowder. First, representatives of the service said that its content does not violate the company's policy, but the next day limited the ability to monetize the channel. Sundar Pichai declined to evaluate the effectiveness of the updated YouTube policy but acknowledged that it is more difficult for the company to determine the quality of video compared to search queries. Previously, the management of the video hosting reported a change in policy regarding content that violates the rules of posting on YouTube. According to the new rules, thousands of materials and channels of different users were under the threat of removal or significant restrictions in the promotion.
  15. Popular video hosting YouTube has announced a change in the policy of placing content on the platform owned by Google. According to the updated rules of the service, thousands of videos and channels belonging to different users will be under the threat of removal or significant restriction of impressions. Changes to the rules for uploading content to YouTube will primarily affect all materials that promote extremism and discrimination: for example, by age, sex, race, orientation and religious views. Obviously violating the rules of service materials will be simply removed, and the channels of violators — blocked. Controversial content that is not directly related to the ban will be limited in the issuance of recommended videos in the appropriate category. Under this definition will get a video with the promotion of homeopathy, the theory of flat Earth and other similar content, which may be further limited in the possibilities of monetization. The new service policy will also hit the virtual wallets of users who will periodically mention or discuss the changed rules. These channels will not be able to serve ads or use the Super Chat feature, which allows channel subscribers to directly pay authors for additional chat features. The names of video bloggers and the names of channels to which sanctions will be applied have not been announced, but it is already known that the updated rules will come into force in the coming days. Previously, video hosting was in the center of a major scandal associated with the controversial behavior of search algorithms. Later, YouTube has limited the age of novice content creators, prohibiting students under 13 years to stream without parental supervision.

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