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Found 22 results

  1. In this release of insider information: Nokia postpones the presentation of the new flagship; Redmi Watch and Xioami Mi Watch Lite smartwatches are preparing for international release; the FCC has revealed the characteristics of the unannounced realme smartphone. Nokia postpones the presentation of the new flagship According to network informants, the Nokia brand has decided to postpone the release of the flagship smartphone Nokia 9.3 PureView for the next year. In this regard, it is still unclear which hardware platform the manufacturer will choose for the new product: Snapdrago
  2. In honor of its tenth anniversary, Xiaomi held a large-scale presentation, where it showed a lot of new products. Among them are two smart TVs: the 75-inch Mi TV Pro and the 60-inch Mi TV 4A. The first received a completely frameless design, while the second model is interesting with an affordable price tag. Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 75" is equipped with a 4K display with HDR10 support and is made in an aluminum case with the thinnest frames. According to the manufacturer, the screen occupies 97% of the entire area of the device. Inside the TV there is a Quad-core Amlogic processor with a Mal
  3. Following the ZMI brand, Xiaomi also offered its alternative to the $19 Apple charger. The proprietary power supply called Mi 20W Type-C is able to charge flagship iPhones, while costing the owners almost four times less. The new Xiaomi Mi 20W Type-C power adapter with a maximum output power of 20W is equipped with a USB Type-C port. The device supports multiple fast charging protocols and is compatible with both iPhone 12 and iPad Pro and gadgets from other brands, including Xiaomi Mi10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 and even Nintendo Switch. The compact accessory supports overvoltage,
  4. In this release of insider information: the new Xiaomi Mi Mix may be released next year; one of the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 and its predecessor is named; the name of the LG stretchable smartphone has become known. New Xiaomi Mi Mix may be released next year Network informant Digital Chat Station published a fresh report, according to which Xiaomi will introduce a new smartphone model in the Mi Mix brand line in 2021. An insider suggested that the Chinese electronics manufacturer will abandon the traditional design in favor of a flexible screen. Thus,
  5. Xiaomi has expanded its brand line of smart devices with another new product - the Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro electronic door lock. In addition to its main role, the original device performs the functions of a video intercom, and also uses other gadgets of the owner as keys. The MIJIA Smart Door Lock Pro has an integrated full HD camera with a 161° viewing angle. There is also a presence sensor - when someone comes to the door, the owner of the device will receive an alert on their smartphone. A backup power system is provided inside the lock: in addition to the 5000 mAh battery, the
  6. Xiaomi's product range already includes many smart door locks that support unlocking in a variety of ways: PIN code, fingerprint, NFC module in a smartphone or smart watch. This week, the company will introduce another model with a new authorization method. Next Wednesday, November 4, Xiaomi will introduce Smart Door Lock Pro. Judging by the teaser, it will be a door lock with a bell function, as indicated by the corresponding button. Much more interesting is the presence of two cameras. It is reported that the device will be able to recognize faces, thus identifying the owner.
  7. Xiaomi has expanded the range of branded robot vacuum cleaners with a new model - Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T. Unlike its predecessors, the automatic cleaner has acquired a depth sensor that allows it to build a more accurate map of the room, and boasts increased battery life. According to the manufacturer, the new sensor allows you to quickly measure the distance to various objects and significantly increases the accuracy of the route using the vSLAM navigation technology. The new product also received a powerful Japanese brushless motor with a suction power of up to 3000
  8. A week ago, Xiaomi introduced the twelfth version of MIUI firmware. Immediately after the presentation of the updated shell, its closed testing began in China. And now there is a modification of this build with Google services, available to users around the world. In the global version created by Xiaomi.EU team, Google applications originally absent and support for different languages appeared (in the Chinese version there are only Chinese and English). Owners of 28 Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones running Android 9 and Android 10 can test the preliminary assembly of MIUI 12:
  9. Xiaomi has expanded its range of branded consumer electronics with an extraordinary product. On the crowdfunding platform, Youpin appeared an original toilet called Jenner XS with the function of automatic adaptation to the owner's posture, a smart lid with an electric drive, and a number of other useful features. One of the main features of the model, presented in six colors, was the patented technology for adjusting the height of the structure - the new product, according to the vendor, even children with a height of about 90 centimeters can use without any additional devices.
  10. For users who do not want or are not able to install stationary air conditioners, Xiaomi has introduced a mobile solution. Its key features are small size, no need for complex installation, and support for connecting to the MIJIA smart home system. The gadget was developed by New Widetech. In size, the model is almost identical to the previously presented Xiaomi series of air purifiers Mi Air Purifier. On the front face of the device, there are two air ducts through which the cooled air enters. According to the manufacturer, the air conditioner is designed for a room with a
  11. Xiaomi has introduced a new model of wireless vacuum cleaner called Roidmi X30 Pro on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The new product is notable for the increased engine power compared to its predecessor, the presence of an OLED information display, as well as a decent work time without recharging. The small display of the device displays information about the battery level and the selected operating mode. Among the features of the vacuum cleaner, it is worth noting an engine with a speed of 120,000 rpm. Especially for cleaning various coatings, Xiaomi engineers have developed a
  12. Xiaomi announced the release of a new robot vacuum cleaner MiJia Sweeping Robot G1, a feature of which was an affordable price. It supports multiple operating modes, dry and wet cleaning, smartphone or voice control, and connection to the smart home ecosystem. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an engine of the Japanese company NIDEC with a suction power of 2200 Pa, which allows it to be cleaned efficiently even on carpeting. In addition, it provides a 200 ml tank for water, which, when the wet cleaning function is activated, is supplied to the microfiber attached to the bottom. A s
  13. A month ago, a baseball cap appeared on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform to prevent hair loss with lasers. Now, the manufacturer has introduced a new solution - laser comb LLLT Laser Hair Comb. It helps strengthen hair, stop hair loss, and even promotes growth. LLLT Laser Hair Comb affects the hair with beams of red (650 nm) and blue (415 nm) light. The first penetrates into the deep layers of the scalp, activating the growth of the hair follicle, as well as restoring aging and "sleeping" follicles. This helps to improve the condition of the scalp and hair growth. Blue light c
  14. Another new product of today's presentation of Xiaomi was the smart surveillance camera Mi Smart Camera PTZ and its Pro version. They support the function of a baby monitor and serve to ensure security. Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera with an f/1.4 aperture, which improves the recording quality when there is a lack of light. Low-light shooting is supported, and the video is in color, not black and white, as in other models. One of the features of the new product is the support for recording in 2K resolution, which makes
  15. Xiaomi has updated its range of wireless in-ear headphones with the announcement of a Bluetooth headset called Mi Air 2S. The new product is notable for noise reduction during a phone conversation and voice control, as well as the ability to work up to 24 hours away from the outlet. The wireless model is equipped with a dual-core chipset with support for the Bluetooth 5.0 Protocol and binaural synchronous audio track transfer technology to the left and right headphones. Due to the low signal delay, the model is suitable not only for watching movies but also for mobile games. When tal
  16. Xiaomi has released a smart watch Mi Bunny 4, designed for children. In addition to the bright colors of the case, the gadget is notable for a large display, long battery life and a wide range of features for learning and communication with parents. The new product is equipped with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with HD resolution, as well as front and side cameras with 5-megapixel sensors. This constructive solution allows parents not only to communicate with their children via video but also, if necessary, to observe their surroundings. According to the manufacturer, the smart geolocat
  17. As it became known, Xiaomi is preparing for the imminent release of the third generation of gaming laptop Mi Gaming Laptop. Industry sources have already told about the expected technical characteristics of the future device. In comparison with the current version, a noticeable jump in performance is expected. According to reports, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3 will receive an IPS-display with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. As for the processor, it will be Intel Core i7 8th or even 9th generation. As a graphics subsystem manufacturer will offer several options, from
  18. Pick up a laptop for every day for a reasonable price is not easy. I want to combine high-quality display, good autonomy and sufficient performance for everyday tasks, but these models are not cheap. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ruby is equipped with an Intel processor of the eighth generation, a solid-state drive, the ability to upgrade RAM — and its price tag will not upset the buyer. The laptop is equipped with a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and wide (176°) viewing angles. Under the "hood" is a mobile processor Intel Core i3-8130U with integrated graphics Intel UH
  19. Xiaomi has announced an updated Mi TV series. Four devices with a diagonal of 32 to 65 inches have joined the range of the company. The features of the older versions of the new products were the high resolution of the display, compliance with the HDR10 standard and wide multimedia capabilities of proprietary firmware. New items with a minimum framework come with remote control with a Bluetooth module and a function to recognize voice commands. "Core" Xiaomi Mi TV became a Quad-core processor in combination with different amounts of RAM and internal memory. The 32-inch model with HD
  20. Anyone knows how important it is to humidify the air at home and in the office. It is useful not only for the skin but for health and well-being in General. Is it real to choose from the variety of humidifiers on the market one that performs its function, and does not interfere with sleep at night, and does not spoil the furniture? Quite. In addition, with additional options, and for a reasonable price. Secrets of the traditional method of humidification Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2 — traditional type humidifier, saturating the air with water vapor naturally. Drops are placed on a
  21. Xiaomi has released a new branded launcher Mint Launcher in Google Play. It was presented together with the budget smartphone Redmi Go. The app weighs only 9.7 MB and is designed for devices with limited memory, offering different ways to customize the user interface. Mint Launcher allows you to install third-party icon sets of applications, change their size, customize the desktop grid, choose the effects of scrolling desktops, group all installed programs into categories and hide the desired SOFTWARE for privacy. It also supports gesture control, quick search by installed programs
  22. Xiaomi continues to share details about the upcoming flagship, without waiting for the official presentation. Earlier, the Vice-President of the company said that their new smartphone will be the most powerful in the world, and now there is the first confirmation. In addition, the manufacturer hinted that one of the design flaws of last year's model was fixed in Mi9. The New Xiaomi teaser says that the flagship based on the eight-core Snapdragon 855 processor is gaining a record result in the benchmark AnTuTu-387 851 points. Previously, the highest rate belonged to Lenovo Z5 PRO GT with i
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