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Found 5 results

  1. The authors of the portal Les Numériques found that the PlayStation 5 of the same revision (CFI-1016A) differ in noise level. To understand the reasons, experts disassembled the consoles, found that they use different coolers. From the site's investigation, it became clear that at least three types of fans are used in the production of the console. The authors found two in 7 consoles that they managed to disassemble, while the last one (the one that was shown at the system analysis) they did not find. It is impossible to understand which cooler is built into the consol
  2. The company Sony has released a fresh firmware update PlayStation 5. The console software updated to version 20.02-02.26. The patch weighs approximately 860MB and improves system performance. More details have not yet been released, but players are hoping that the update will fix game crashes that still occur. Recall that the start of sales of the PlayStation 5 took place around the world, but the demand significantly exceeds the supply. Earlier it was reported about scammers selling the console under the guise of network employees.
  3. The author of the NX Gamer channel conducted the first full-fledged comparison of Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The results can once again be called "boring" - there is virtually parity between both versions. Both versions work at 60 FPS with very rare drops in a couple of frames, but on the PS5, full vertical synchronization is enabled, while on the Xbox, adaptive synchronization is used with image breaks when the frequency decreases. The resolution in both versions is also the same-dynamic 4K. On the PS5 in tests, it did not fall below 1620p,
  4. Comparisons of new games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X continue to appear on the network, and in the case of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it is again about almost complete parity. The author of the latest analysis was the VG Tech channel. He tested the shooter in two modes: 120 FPS in dynamic 1440p (can go down to 1280x1200) 60 FPS in dynamic 4K (can go down to 1920x1800) with ray traced shadows. In both modes, Cold War reaches the declared frame rate, but if in the standard mode with 60 frames per second they are held in 99.9% of cases, th
  5. Without any warning, Sony finally decided to show the gamepad for the PlayStation 5. The controller was named DualSense with a hint of new features, as well as a changed design — it became two-color and more rounded. Sony again pointed to improved tactile feedback with vibration and trigger resistance. According to the developers, with DualSense, players will be able to feel all the potholes on virtual roads and the bowstring tension in the hands of the protagonist. The company also added a built-in microphone, used a new lightweight battery and replaced the Share button with Create
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