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Found 9 results

  1. In this release of insiders information: the key characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G revealed by the benchmark; Apple may abandon the iPad mini tablet line; the presentation date of the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti video card is named. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G key specs revealed by benchmark In the Geekbench 5 database, a previously unannounced Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone appeared. According to the testing protocol, as a hardware platform, the new product will receive an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor that supports at least 6 GB of RAM. It is
  2. Most recently, NVIDIA released the updated GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. One of the main differences compared to the old version was the transition from GDDR5 to faster GDDR6 memory. This was supposed to bring an increase in GPU bandwidth by about 50%. Foreign reporters have already gained access to the new product and checked the claimed growth in practice. The reason for releasing an updated version of the video card is simple: GDDR5 supplies are decreasing - hence, the old memory becomes more expensive than the new GDDR6. By choosing a more modern and faster technology, NVIDIA h
  3. Leaks about advanced NVIDIA graphics cards have been confirmed. Today, July 2, the company officially announced a new model line of RTX chips. Since the debut of "raytracing" cards year manufacturer upgraded the optimization of the architecture and process technology, achieving maximum performance and energy efficiency compared to other GPUs of the same class. The updated range of RTX video cards includes the RTX 2060 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER, and RTX 2080 SUPER models. GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER: Up to 22% faster (15% on average) than RTX 2060; 8GB GDDR6 — 2G
  4. NVIDIA has added two available entry-level graphics cards to the Turing family- GeForce GTX 1650 in desktop and mobile versions, as well as a "trimmed" GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. The first, according to the manufacturer, significantly exceeds the solutions of previous years, while maintaining more than an affordable price tag. The second version is GTX 1660 Ti, designed for laptops. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 The first was moderately budget GeForce GTX 1650 based on 12-nm graphics processor TU117. According to the idea of the developers, this entry-level graphics card, which comes in the nor
  5. It seems to be more recently, games and movies in 3D were the last words of science and technology, and giants like NVIDIA put on this format. But 10 years have passed — and once the advanced technology is sent to the scrap as unnecessary. But why did the company decide to do it only now? Let's try to understand. To blame "Avatar" NVIDIA made a bet on the three-dimensional image simultaneously with the boom three-dimensional movie. Released a little later, "Avatar" James Cameron only confirmed the forecasts: the film was so successful that it would be foolish to pass by technol
  6. Last month, NVIDIA has made a generous gift for the owners of the former flagships: ray tracing technology in real time will be allowed to run on conventional GeForce GTX. As it turned out, the Corporation kept silent one small but very important detail. Advanced shadows, global lighting, and ambient occlusion will indeed become available on the Pascal family of graphics adapters, that's only 1080 Ti, the most powerful representative of the line, without special trace blocks loses even the "budget" 2060. Thus, the synthetic benchmark Port Royal RTX 2080 Ti enabled improved reflection
  7. Graphics editors are often associated with powerful hardware and advanced drawing skills. NVIDIA has introduced its own application for creating realistic drawings based on the neural network, which does not require a masterful possession of a virtual brush and its own server. The new GauGAN drawing application is a graphical editor with machine learning features. Unlike the brush tool in Photoshop, the new product does not require many years of drawing skills. It is enough to fill in a kind of plan for the future outline, indicating only the contours of the required objects. Then
  8. With the release of the line of graphics cards, NVIDIA GeForce RTX gamers got acquainted with the technology of ray tracing in real time. At first, only the owners of the top graphics adapters could try out the DXR effects, but soon the situation will change — the company announced the expansion of the list of models that support racing. Next month, the owners of the popular series GeForce GTX will be able to join the advanced special effects. According to a press release of the company, support for real-time ray tracing technology will soon acquire not only the latest graphics card
  9. Once promising technology 3D Vision, which is still promoted by the name of the great film Director James Cameron, did not meet expectations. Contrary to forecasts, the system presented in 2008 did not become the "future of virtual entertainment". On the contrary, many developers did not even try to implement it in their projects. Representatives of NVIDIA announced that soon the company will completely abandon this decision. At the start, 3D Vision was positioned as an innovative gaming solution for full 3D. To use it, you needed a special video card, LCD-monitor with a refresh rate
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