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Found 14 results

  1. The Google Lens app is used to recognize objects using the camera and helps you quickly find the necessary information about what your smartphone "sees". With the next update, the Google app has received several useful features that can expand the list of features of Android smartphones. <fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2020_05/1468146573_GoogleLenshasnewusefulfeatures_1.gif.5ef47bd87aacbdf1aa9c9f0c62657bb6.gif The new version of Lens not only copies the scanned text to the smartphone's clipboard but can also send it to a PC with the latest Chrome browser installed. To do thi
  2. Google has modified the algorithm for issuing the results of its proprietary search engine. Now it will be even easier to get a response to your request — the company has launched a new useful feature that can provide users with the necessary information from the Internet even faster. Usually, when a request is made to Google, a quick response appears at the top of the search results page — a summary of data obtained from the site where the necessary information is published. These blocks are called highlighted descriptions and contain a link to the most popular page related to the s
  3. Google has already released pre-builds of Android 11, but Developer Preview images, according to developers, are not intended for ordinary users. Soon after the announcement of the release date of the new version of the mobile OS, the company published a roadmap with a schedule of releases of more "friendly" beta versions, which all owners of compatible smartphone models can try out. Initially, it was expected that Google will release the final versions of the API for developers and switch to open testing of new user functions in May this year. Later, the situation changed: according
  4. Google has been testing Android 11 for several months and was supposed to tell all the details about the system at the I/O 2020 developer conference, but the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the search giant still intends to hold a small presentation, publishing an online invitation for everyone. The presentation of Android 11 will be held online on June 3 as part of the Beta Launch Show. During the broadcast, Google employees will talk about the new version of the "green robot". A special aftershow is planned for developers, where the company's experts wi
  5. When upgrading a smartphone, you have to transfer not only your Google account to a new gadget but also all programs, many of which often require two-step authorization after reinstalling. To speed up the "move", Google has released the first major update of the company's Authenticator app in three years, reducing the entire tedious process to a few seconds. In the new version of Google Authenticator, you can transfer accounts from one device to another using a QR code that must be scanned using the camera of the new device. This will significantly reduce the verification time compar
  6. According to the analytical company NetMarketShare, in addition to the primacy of Google Chrome among desktop browsers, the application engine is actively used by competitors. Today, Chromium remains the most popular solution among browser developers. The market share of Google Chrome has reached 69.18%, which makes it the absolute leader among the corresponding software. On the second line is Microsoft Edge with 7.76% of the market, and closes the top three Firefox from Mozilla with a share of 7.25%. Among the top ten participants, Safari (3.94%), Opera (1.06%), and Internet Explore
  7. A blogger from the TecnoLike Plus YouTube channel continues to share exclusive information about the yet-to-be-announced Pixel 4a. Following the first look and examples of photos, together with XDA-Developers published a full review of the camera of the future "pixel" The Device Info HW and DevCheck apps showed that the main camera of the Pixel 4a is represented by a 12.2-megapixel Sony IMX363 sensor with a pixel size of 1.4 microns and a lens with an aperture of f/1.73 - the same is installed in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4. The front camera uses an 8-megapixel Sony IMX355 module with a
  8. In February, due to a surge in fraud activity, Google suspended the placement and updating of paid extensions in the official online store of the Chrome browser. In order to protect users, the company announced stricter rules to clear the platform of outdated and insecure applications that mislead people. Google explains that recently the store has been flooded with spammers and scammers. Most often, their extensions do not perform any useful functions and are designed to attract attention to certain services and products. New rules for placing extensions in the Google Chrome st
  9. Currently, your own website is no longer a luxury, but a necessary tool for business promotion. However, the owners often monitor only the statistics of visits to their resource, lightly neglecting all other information. For effective work of a site, it is necessary to represent accurately what pages cause the greatest interest and where visitors do not even look, from where most conversions, etc. To do this, a very useful tool was developed by Google – Google Analytics. This free service allows you to keep systematic statistics of attendance of the resource, getting the most detailed inf
  10. Google continues to develop the Chrome OS operating system. At the presentation of Made by Google, the company announced a laptop - Pixelbook Go. The gadget is very different from its predecessors in the face of Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, offering the user an ultra-slim body, high autonomy, and an affordable price. The Google Pixelbook Go is powered by Intel Core m3, i5 or i7. Depending on the configuration, several modifications of the laptop are offered: with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and 64, 128 or 256 GB of internal memory. According to the company, the autonomy of the laptop is 12 hours
  11. The company AV-Comparatives, where since 2017 engaged in the search for unscrupulous antivirus for Android, published the results of a large-scale study on security. Experts analyzed 250 popular applications from Google Play, the developers of which promise users of gadgets reliable protection. The test results were very disappointing. To check the selected 250 antivirus, 100 "clean" APK-files and 2000 infected. In total, more than 500,000 test scans were conducted. During the experiment, experts installed anti-viruses on smartphones, which automatically launched the browser and down
  12. Google has announced and released a beta version of Android Q. the Updated mobile OS has received a number of changes compared to the previous revision. The list of innovations includes both visual and substantial functional upgrade of the "green robot", including new camera features and advanced privacy settings. More privacy With the "Allow my location to be determined only while using the app" option, users have more control over the background activity of location services. In addition, the settings have more restrictions on applications ' access to shared files and media li
  13. Volvo in the framework of the brand Polestar presented its first all-electric car Polestar 2, declared as a competitor Model 3 from Tesla Elon Musk. A sedan is developed in cooperation with Google — it uses a special version of the Android operating system with integrated services of the search giant. Polestar 2 equipped with two electric motors 300 kW (about 408 horsepower), which give 660 N·m of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (almost 100 km/h) takes less than 5 seconds. Battery capacity is 78 kWh, which, according to the manufacturer, enough for a cruising range of 440 km. F
  14. At the end of 2017, Google announced plans to stop supporting outdated 32-bit Android applications, and now the company has shared new details and more accurate timing of this transition. However, the process runs the risk of being delayed, as the search giant is most loyal to the developers and owners of old devices. From August 1 this year, Google will require developers to make all new Android applications and updates to existing ones 64-bit. This will probably be timed to coincide with the release of Android 10 Q. according to the company, such programs provide noticeably better
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