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Found 9 results

  1. Google has already released pre-builds of Android 11, but Developer Preview images, according to developers, are not intended for ordinary users. Soon after the announcement of the release date of the new version of the mobile OS, the company published a roadmap with a schedule of releases of more "friendly" beta versions, which all owners of compatible smartphone models can try out. Initially, it was expected that Google will release the final versions of the API for developers and switch to open testing of new user functions in May this year. Later, the situation changed: according
  2. Google has been testing Android 11 for several months and was supposed to tell all the details about the system at the I/O 2020 developer conference, but the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the search giant still intends to hold a small presentation, publishing an online invitation for everyone. The presentation of Android 11 will be held online on June 3 as part of the Beta Launch Show. During the broadcast, Google employees will talk about the new version of the "green robot". A special aftershow is planned for developers, where the company's experts wi
  3. LineageOS, formerly known as CyanogenMod, is now the most popular non-commercial firmware based on the Android operating system. As it became known, a hacker attack was made on the developers' servers, which endangered a huge number of users around the world. The LineageOS team reported that the attacker used two vulnerabilities in the Salt server software to gain access to the firmware code. However, the developers managed to react in time and simply disconnect the servers to stop the attack. The developers claim that the hacker failed to damage the firmware source code, builds
  4. Google has already released two beta versions of Android Q, but not all new features are available for review. One of them is to simplify and speed up the use of smartphones by adding a new method of interaction. Interestingly, a similar function was implemented by Apple back in 2015. It's about 3D Touch. Introduced for the first time in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, this feature allows you to tap the screen hard to get quick access to some information. It also allows you to preview content without opening it directly. In the Android Q developer documentation in the "MotionE
  5. Google introduced the second beta version of the operating system Android Q. in Addition to regular system fixes, a fresh revision of the "green robot" has got new features. The changelog includes advanced notification capabilities, a redesigned settings interface, support for bendable devices, and other useful options. Application pop-UPS One of the most noticeable changes in the second beta was the introduction of the Bubble feature. With its help, the appearance of third-party application Windows directly on top of the active. For example, while surfing the web, you can reply to a
  6. Mozilla, known primarily for the Firefox web browser, has announced the release of a new file sharing service on Android. Its main feature was the availability of end-to-end encryption, which provides secure data transfer. In addition, the application provides a number of other useful features to prevent information leakage. Firefox Send uses AES-GCM block 128-bit encryption algorithm. Once the files have been uploaded, the sender can choose the number of possible downloads and the validity of the link for which the content will be available. You can also protect access to content by
  7. The company AV-Comparatives, where since 2017 engaged in the search for unscrupulous antivirus for Android, published the results of a large-scale study on security. Experts analyzed 250 popular applications from Google Play, the developers of which promise users of gadgets reliable protection. The test results were very disappointing. To check the selected 250 antivirus, 100 "clean" APK-files and 2000 infected. In total, more than 500,000 test scans were conducted. During the experiment, experts installed anti-viruses on smartphones, which automatically launched the browser and down
  8. Google has announced and released a beta version of Android Q. the Updated mobile OS has received a number of changes compared to the previous revision. The list of innovations includes both visual and substantial functional upgrade of the "green robot", including new camera features and advanced privacy settings. More privacy With the "Allow my location to be determined only while using the app" option, users have more control over the background activity of location services. In addition, the settings have more restrictions on applications ' access to shared files and media li
  9. Microsoft demonstrated the work of Project xCloud - a streaming service that allows you to run games on any device. Once cloud technology was something of a fantasy, but today they are looked at by many large companies, including the manufacturer Xbox. And if the diskless console still exists only at the level of rumors, the opportunity to enjoy, say, Forza Horizon 4 on Android-smartphone will be available to the General public this year. The recent racing hit is mentioned for a reason: it was on the example of Forza Horizon 4 that the capabilities of Project xCloud were shown.
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