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  1. Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the dream of any woman. Proper care of them takes a lot of time. Many experts offer various methods in the fight for beautiful and manageable curls. Botox is one of the most common procedures. Reviews about it are mostly laudatory. To maintain the positive effect, you need proper hair care after Botox. For hair, you need to organize the necessary restoration procedures. How to care for curls in the first days For the first 2-3 days, it is not recommended to wash your hair, so that the active substances of the drug are absorbed into the curls and scalp. This will allow you to maintain a positive effect for a long time. It is best to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo 2 days after the procedure. An inexpensive product that includes plant extracts is suitable. It can be included in comprehensive care and conditioner. It is best to use the tools of the same manufacturer: The use of therapeutic masks. This is not necessary, because a vitamin complex is present in the composition of the product. Be sure to use balm. It is not recommended to be applied to the roots in order to preserve the volume of the hairstyle. Curls should not be pinned with elastic bands and collected in a tail. This can damage the strands. Hair care after Botox for hair does not cause special difficulties for women but requires careful compliance with individual recommendations. This will help to maintain a positive effect for a long time. Important Tips After the Botox hair treatment, care should consist of the following points: A great positive effect can be obtained if you take a course of taking vitamins. This will benefit not only the hair, but the whole body. If you need to color your curls, it is best to do it 2 weeks before the Botox procedure. To do this, use unstable dyes that do not penetrate deep into the structure of the strands. Hair after Botox is best not to expose to moisture and other negative effects. This will negatively affect their condition. If the street is snow, rain or just wet weather, it is best to use a hat. In the first 2 weeks after Botox, you need to make oil masks for hair. This will affect the curls positively. Experts advise you to continue using nutritional masks. They should be performed 1-2 times a week. Styling products have a negative effect on Botox. Therefore, you need to give up all this. Trichologists also advise women to eat properly. It is best for them to exclude fried, fatty and other harmful foods from their diet. The menu should be balanced, and it must include fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes. How to wash your hair It is very important to properly care for your hair after the Botox procedure. Otherwise, the positive effect may come to naught. It is important to wash your hair correctly: When the procedure can be performed. Due to the fact that Botox contains a lot of useful and active components, hair nutrition continues for several days after it. In order not to reduce the positive effect, the curls are not washed for 3 days. Beauticians recommend using cool and boiled water for the procedure. It is best to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos. The product should be chosen for normal and healthy hair. A small amount of shampoo is applied to the root zone and then distributed over the entire length of the strands. It is recommended to use the shampoo 2 times. Be sure to massage the scalp in the process to stimulate the growth of curls. Dry your hair with a hair dryer is allowed but in cold air mode. You must use the towel correctly. You need to start from the ends of the hair and move to the roots. It is best to comb your hair only after it is completely dry. The comb should be made of natural materials. It is important to comb the curls correctly. You need to start from the bottom up. Women who are used to washing their hair daily, it is best to get rid of this habit. Botox has the ability to rinse off quickly. It is necessary to wash the curls as they become dirty. Do this with the use of special hair care products. Sulfate-free shampoos Honma Botox hair care includes the use of shampoos that do not contain harmful substances. These include sulfates. Until recently, curls could not be produced without this substance, and therefore their cost could be several times overstated. After the appearance of sulfate-free shampoos, many women use them constantly, because their effect on curls is only favorable. After all, they have a sparing effect on the strands. The list of shampoos after Botox for hair includes: “Recovery with Cashmere” from Vitex. Shampoo made in Belarus. It will allow hair to remain healthy after Botox. Kapous Professional. It has an average price but belongs to the professional. It provides an excellent effect even for problematic hair. Paul Mitchell. A professional tool that is used in the best beauty salons. It consists of proteins and panthenol. The shampoo has a gentle and restorative effect. It is necessary to apply the product along the entire length. It is recommended to use shampoo for care after the Botox hair treatment twice. The first time they simply wash off the fat, and then dust and dirt are removed. Wash off the soap solution with boiled and slightly cool water. No need to comb wet strands. They can only be slightly dried with a hairdryer. Hairbrushes should be carried out carefully. Aroma combing Honma Tokyo Botox hair care includes aroma combing. Thanks to this procedure, the curls become soft and silky, acquire a pleasant aroma and shine. If there is no allergy to the components that are part of essential oils, then the aroma combing can be performed twice a week. The procedure consists of the following steps: a few drops of essential oil, which has a special aroma, are applied to the wooden comb; the curls are thoroughly combed. Aroma combing does not take much time, and it is quite simple to perform. Use of oils Home Botox Hair Care uses essential oils. The most useful of them include: Almond oil. Despite the high cost, its use is justified. The composition of the oil includes a unique set of nutrients. Burr oil. It is considered the most effective treatment for hair. The oil has a moisturizing and softening effect. Jojoba. A well-known oil that has a softening effect on the skin and hair. You can use the product daily before going to bed. In addition to these oils, you can use others, such as olive oil. A useful mask is prepared from it. A small amount of oil is heated over low heat. Then the warm product is applied along the entire length of the hair. Wash off the mask after 40 minutes. The product fills the curls with shine and vitality. Nourishing Hair Masks After Botox To maintain a positive effect for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for curls. Of particular benefit are masks, here are the most popular ones: Kefir mask. To prepare it, you need to take a little dairy product. Then it is heated over low heat. Kefir should not curl. You can just put it in a warm place for 2-3 hours. Then kefir is evenly applied to the strands. Leave for 15 minutes. Wrap hair is not recommended. As a result, the hair becomes soft and docile. Glycerine mask. It restores hair. To prepare it, you need to take: 5 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of glycerol. Mix all components of the product. Apply to curls for 25 minutes. Ginseng mask. The product strengthens the hair structure, fights dryness. Ginseng tincture is bought at a pharmacy. Combine 15 ml of the product with 10 g of cream. Mix thoroughly and add the yolk. Apply to the entire length of the hair and hold for 15 minutes. Wash the curls with water. Mask of egg yolk. In addition to the main component, the product includes 100 ml of white yogurt, 10 ml of coconut oil and aloe juice. The last ingredient can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared yourself. Coconut oil is heated in a water bath. Add yogurt and crushed yolk. Last of all, aloe juice. The mask is applied to the hair and kept on the hair for 30 minutes. Masks can be done no more than 2 times a week. More frequent procedures are prohibited. Can I use a hairdryer Leaving wet curls is not recommended, so the use of a hair dryer is a mandatory part of the care after the Botox procedure for hair. To do this, it is recommended to use warm or cool air, but in no case hot. Blowing power should be either medium or low. Is it allowed to curl? The use of forceps or Curling irons is highly undesirable. Heating elements that are in direct contact with the hair, can have a negative impact on them. As a result, the outer layer of hair is damaged and nutrients are "evaporated". It is best to stop using these devices after Botox in order to preserve the positive effect of the procedure for a long time. What is not recommended Hair care after keratin and Botox should be carried out correctly. The following is not recommended: After Botox, do not use styling products and hair dye. They include substances that have a detrimental effect on Botox. They destroy the resulting smoothness of curls, harm the structure and negatively affect their health. The use of such tools should be reduced to a minimum. Moisture also should not affect curls for a long time. If the contact with water is minimal, it will prolong the positive effect for a long time. Combing wet strands are also not recommended, so as not to stretch and injure them. Hair should be washed as it becomes dirty. Thanks to these simple rules, you can keep the structure of curls for a long time. It is important to follow the rules of hair care after Botox for hair. Women's opinions Reviews about hair care after Botox are largely positive. Women are satisfied with the result of the procedure. One group of girls has hair that has a fine structure and curls from nature. Because of this, they are difficult to put in a hairstyle, and the appearance of the curls is not very beautiful. Thanks to Botox, the hair became smooth, shiny and manageable. The right move, including a sulfate-free shampoo and nourishing masks, allowed it to last on the hair for 1.5 months. The second group of women has problematic hair with split ends, as well as early gray hair. To hide these defects, they constantly dyed their curls. This negatively affected the appearance of the hair. After the procedure, the curls became beautiful and shiny. Proper care in the form of nourishing oils, aromatherapy and the use of sulfate-free shampoos allowed to maintain a positive effect for a long time. Conclusion Hair care after Botox for hair gives an excellent result. The strands remain beautiful and healthy. To maintain a positive result, it is important to constantly look after curls. To do this, use sulfate-free shampoos, nourishing masks, and oils. This will help maintain an excellent hair appearance for a long time.
  2. Wedding is considered to be one of the most important event in life. Many prepare for it in a special way, and some begin training in just a few weeks. There are families who do not celebrate this event, and there are those who celebrate in the family circle. If we talk about Turkmenistan, in national families this event takes place in a special way. Turkmen wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of every girl of this nationality. If the city residents celebrate it in more modest conditions, the wedding takes place in auls in all traditions. The Turkmen observe all the conditions for the celebration. Ancient traditions A long time ago the Turkmen wedding according to traditions and customs was a little different from the modern one. Marriages were concluded when the bride and groom were at an early age. The parents themselves chose the pair, so matchmaking was not, everything was already decided for them. The Council of relatives, which was called "genesh toy", decided on the date of the wedding and the conditions of the celebration. Most often, the wedding tried to do on Monday, because this day was considered the most successful. The heralds - "Darcy" - was announced in almost all the plain on this festive event. After that, the next day, the most respected woman in the village came to the bride to start sewing wedding clothes. Also gathered all the necessary things for the future life of the young: carpets, household items and more. In order to sew a dress, also selected a special day. But the fabric on the sewing it was supposed to deliver from the house of the groom. Open the dress was engaged in a respected woman, who was also a mother of many children. The remains of the tailoring of the dress disassembled the young bride, it is believed that it will bring happiness in family life. Bride's dress In the Turkmen wedding, the girl's dress was always decorated with a large number of jewelry. They were sewn in the chest area, usually it was done not only for beauty, this location served as a talisman. When the bride went, the dress issued a characteristic ringing, it scared away the evil spirits that have always surrounded the girl, because they were amazed by her beauty. In Turkmenistan, the bride has always tried to protect from evil forces not only melodic sounds, but also a variety of amulets, such as braids of camel hair, pig teeth, and even on the hands of the bride wore protective bracelets. Thus, the wedding dress could weigh up to 40 kg. Place of celebration Often the wedding in Turkmenistan takes place in the groom's house, but it begins with the bride. They slaughter as many cattle as the groom's family will. Most often it was about 10 goals per family. On the solemn day to the bride came early in the morning girlfriend, they sang funny songs and escorted her into family life. Daughter-in-laws girls also sang songs, but the way they were humorous, they were discussing the various qualities of the groom. But his relatives, on the contrary, tried to praise him, and talked about the best traits. Was a comic tradition which talked about the fact that the bride have to put on the wedding robe-a Bathrobe. It was called "Puranic". All this happened before the arrival of the wedding caravan. Wedding Costs All funds that go to the wedding are provided by the groom's family. The tradition of bride price still exists today. In the modern Turkmen wedding it is also customary to give feces. In all regions it is different. It can range from three to ten thousand dollars. It is very expensive to play a traditional Turkmen wedding. Usually a large number of people are invited, even in the smallest villages it is not accepted to invite less than 300 people. After all, if someone is not invited, it will be resentment for the rest of your life. In large cities, the number of guests can reach thousands. Usually called the famous singer, who also need to pay, plus the cost of the toastmaster. Dowry for the bride Most often it includes gold jewelry. But not only they, also to the dowry are different types of fabric: velvet, satin and large scarves, they differ in size and color. Even there includes carpets, rugs, coats, and recently - even plasma TVs and other equipment and equipment. Preparation for the celebration According to the traditions of the Turkmen wedding, the young married for love. All preparation required considerable material and moral expenses. In rare cases, the bride was taken from distant relatives. If earlier permission from the girl was not asked, now the parents consult with their son or daughter, after which there is a matchmaking. Young people are allowed to see each other, to agree on any issues and the date of the wedding. Very important on a special day is the role of the priest, call him Mullah, he makes the engagement before the young go to the registry office. The Wedding Planner In the bridegroom's house is kind of chaos. Many guests also take part in the preparation. National dishes are prepared in the yard: pilaf, shurpa, baked Katlama and chelpek. After all, without these dishes, the Turkmen wedding will not be considered real. By this time, the groom is dressed in national clothes for the wedding: boots, Turkmen hat "silkme-telpek", belted with a sash. Only after that, with his close friends and relatives, he goes to the house to the bride in elegantly decorated cars. At this time, the bride is already dressed in her special outfit. There comes a time for redemption, then the young go to the registry office and to local attractions. It is mandatory to visit the "Eternal flame", where they lay flowers, leave coins and finally released into the sky pigeons. This is done for family happiness. For Europeans, this is also a common thing. The most interesting point is athula - a ceremony in which guests view the gifts and the bride's dowry. During the wedding, sweets are placed everywhere, coins and toys are scattered. Gifts for guests and relatives are also provided. Wedding jewelry of the bride is very hard, they can reach up to 30 kg Outfit it special, but after the wedding she turns into a woman. During the celebration, the couple sit with the guests, the girl's face is closed. But every time many people want to open it to see a little bit young. At the same time, wishes for a happy life are pronounced. After the guests have eaten, they leave the groom's house, and the heroes of the occasion go to the restaurant to continue the evening. In the evening, the young change into a more familiar modern outfit. Usually it is a black suit for the groom and a white dress for the bride. After the celebrations it is customary to cut the wedding cake, the couple is doing. The first pieces are given to parents, and only after that to all other guests. This is how a new family appears in Turkmenistan. Wedding is one of the most important events in life. You can see the Turkmen wedding in the photo in this article.
  3. In life, we can be painted absolutely in any way or not at all, but the camera requires brighter colors, so you can't do without makeup at a photo shoot, especially if it is black and white. We decided to find out what are the basic rules of makeup for monochrome shots, the observance of which will help avoid annoying errors and inappropriate gray spots on the face. Wet, shiny skin, radiance, highlighters, shimmers, a combination of matte and shining textures look great in everyday life and in color photos, but in order to get beautiful black and white pictures, you need to forget about all the makeup rules that you knew before and follow the advice of our expert. Rule 1. Give preference to monochrome makeup In general, it is better to build make-up in a natural monochrome gamut, so you will definitely see when performing how one shade is lighter or darker than another and whether the make-up as a whole looks sufficiently contrast. Rule 2. Sculpting is a must! Black and white photography usually requires a more “hard” light: the photographer is likely to enhance the contrast of light and dark in order to show more volume in the photo, so in makeup it is not superfluous to pay attention to the “geography” of the face and work out the sculpture well: choose cream products (for example, tones in sticks), they are easier to shade and do not emphasize pores and “fluff” in the photo. Rule 3. Make makeup a little more contrast than usual Do not be afraid of brightness - artificial light "eat" more than half of the shadows. However, remember that red and purple shades look dark gray, this effect may look good on the lips and cheekbones, but not on the apples of the cheeks, so give up the rouge or replace them with bronzers. Rule 4. Add shadows and graphics Work on a darker sculpturing shade: the sub-temporal space, the lateral surfaces of the nose, the crease of the upper and lower eyelids. Focus on the individual features of the structure of your face and remember that all the light in the photo will increase, and the dark will decrease or "fail." Therefore, if you want to add volume, highlight the objects you want to enlarge in the center and darken them at the edges. The main thing - do not forget about feathering, since any borders on black and white photos are always much more noticeable. For shading, choose products with a matte texture, because the reflective particles in the composition will give an unnecessary glare. Do not use sparkles - they look better on the video than on the photo, especially on black and white. It is also better to refuse highlighters in order not to get an unnecessary fat effect in photos instead of perfectly smooth, velvety skin. Rule 5. Pay attention to details In the eye make-up, be sure to work through the space between the pages and the mucous, paint the eyelashes well. Lipstick, you can choose a little darker than the natural shade of your lips, but not too dark, in order to preserve their volume. You can use two shades of lipstick at once: light - in the center, gently feather in darker - at the edges. Rule 6. Brilliant and matte textures in lipstick - no It is better not to use glitter and matte lipstick, choose cream and satin textures with good moisture. If there are areas with excessive gloss on the face - blot them gently with a special cosmetic napkin or powder through a thin paper napkin - so powder in the frame will not be visible.
  4. It is no secret that the Caucasian holidays fascinate with their beauty, a large number of guests, beautiful dresses and a rich table. Gaumarjos – traditional Georgian wedding is currently held in compliance with ancient rules, although modern innovations have made their adjustments. The article will tell about how the newlyweds are now welcoming guests in this country. Old national customs and traditions It is now the Georgian wedding is preceded by an acquaintance of the future spouses. It used to be a custom when the groom stole his future wife. He may not have disappeared now and is still practising in distant mountain villages. To the parents of the girl almost never came back because her honor has been desecrated. In order not to cause discontent of neighbors and numerous relatives, parents had to take this step. Often women committed suicide because of unwillingness to marry the unloved. Of course, there are many cases when there was a strong and friendly family. Georgians are very hospitable people. On such a great holiday is still accepted to invite all relatives from the bride and groom. It is polite to accept. This causes offense, and can even put in a special book the names of people who did not share the joy of the family. That is why, following the tradition, Georgian wedding gathers a huge number of people. After the wedding night, the mother-in-law took out a sheet from a bed of newlyweds to prove chastity of the daughter-in-law. If the girl was not a virgin, she was thrown out in disgrace. On the wedding table, young put only sweets that none of the guests did see how the wife eats. Previously, the holiday, when a new family was formed, was celebrated only in the house of the bride or groom. Despite the fact that now a lot of European learned in the celebration, a lot of rituals left. But about them in order. Machankloba This is the Georgian name for the first stage – matchmaking. Of course, now young themselves meet and choose a mate, but without the approval of the parents will not be a ceremony. There are exceptions, but children try to educate so that they listen to the opinion of elders. Here the rites of Georgian wedding are not much different from Russian. The groom must come to the bride's house with relatives to ask for her hand. The girl's parents meet matchmakers with a magnificent feast, during which the young man's side praises him. They should list all the positive aspects. Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the bride, who must give their consent to marry. And with a positive answer, the feast continues. Often even neighbors are involved in this process. Then the holiday is moved to the house of the future husband, where the table is also laid. Nishnoba As well as the Georgian wedding, preparation takes place to some days. It's time to get engaged to a young man and a girl. Taking with them a lot of gifts (it may even be just flowers, an expensive bottle of cognac and sweets), the groom's parents with him again visit the bride's house. On the table should be national dishes and a lot of wine, which should not end until the matchmakers at a party. Therefore, they are stocked in advance. Men and women before the feast are divided, discuss various topics. And now the guy is sitting next to his beloved. Everyone is waiting for the groom's father to stand up and make his toast, in which he will Express the joy of the upcoming kinship with the bride's parents. Only then will be presented with a beautiful ring future wife (sometimes a family heirloom, which passes from generation to generation). The fun doesn't end there. No one should be left out. During the talks, the financial and organizational aspects will be touched upon. Discuss the wedding venue. More often, almost everything has to pay for the groom's side. When the matchmakers gather, they are given khachapuri and various sweets. Bridal clothes Buying clothes also occurs according to tradition. So, for the Georgian wedding, the future husband buys beautiful clothes for the girl. The outfit should consist of two parts. A shirt with a collar is worn down. He shows modesty and innocence. From above there is a black or light-colored dress, which according to tradition should be richly embroidered, the sleeves have deep cuts. Bride necessarily girdled. Girlfriends braided a braid and put on a headdress with a veil - chikhti-mines or mandilias. The neck can be decorated with a beautiful necklace and pearl thread. The groom had previously picked up the outfit (us to make a chokha) bride. It consisted of a white shirt with a stand-up collar. On top was dark or light shade cloak, embroidered with gold, with satin lining. The groom was belted and unarmed. On feet - leather boots. Bride price This before the groom had to buy a bride, giving her parents livestock. Now it can be simple gifts that have prepared matchmakers for future relatives, and the ransom is more entertaining. It all depends on the well-being of the family. Since all the girls live in their parents ' house before the wedding, this ceremony takes place there. But in many areas of Georgia before the grooms could come and even live with the bride after the engagement. The bribery has always been modesty, chastity. It must be docile and, of course, economic. The time comes for the next stage - a beautiful Georgian wedding. Celebration First, the young undergo a mandatory ceremony – wedding. Previously, it was considered even more important than the stamp in the passport. It is from this moment that the Georgian wedding begins. In Georgia, very beautiful churches, and in the days of marriage, there is no squeeze. At the exit of the newlyweds will have to wait for a kind of arch, which are made of daggers friends of the groom. So they give protection to a new cell of society Then everyone goes to the registrar to legitimize their relationship. Now they began to often divide two events for two days. Then it is accepted by the whole tuple to drive through the streets, waving their arms. The horn sound is heard for several kilometers. So husband and wife share their happiness. Inspection of the new home After a traditional photo shoot, the guy takes his chosen one to get acquainted with his house. Before entering the obligatory rite - the young break the most beautiful plate for good luck. After the groom has to climb on the roof to set free the white bird. Wine is served. The first glass handed to her husband. Wife is at home, scattering at the corners of the grain of different cereals. Is considered, that this will bring in home wealth, and in the family - progeny. The symbol of the hearth is the cauldron, and the girl always touches it. Relatives put a pot of oil, around which she will walk three times. Wooden ornaments, which are presented to the young, represent the Tree of life. To kiss her husband, in the future, all you could hear was the sweet sayings, wife lubricate lips with honey. Followed by glasses of wine, the young say their vows. The groom throws the ring into his wine glass, takes a SIP, gives the bride to drink and puts this sign of marriage on the hand of his wife. This solemn part is completed. Mowed So called the feast itself at the Georgian wedding. Photos confirm the grandeur of the celebration, which can last for a week. Now because of a large number of guests remove expensive restaurants. The toastmaster is usually chosen from relatives. If the wedding tables are separated, then each entertain guests help assistants (friends of the groom). No one should get bored. On the tables are the most delicious treats. From aromas of ketupat, shish kebabs, eggplants simply reduce a stomach. Anyone would like to go to such a table. Such a variety of treats is not common: chikhirtma and tolma; satsivi and kuchmachi; ajapsandal and kababi; a lot of greens; various cheeses; vegetables and fruits; sweets. The main dish at the wedding was always soup. All tables are filled with traditional Georgian wines and cognacs, which help guests to say wonderful wishes. Every Georgian toast at the wedding for the newlyweds is filled with meaning. You will not hear "Bitterly!". Before leaving, the couple cut the cake, holding the knife with both hands. And the first piece of the groom carries the most respected guest. They even have something like a contest "Who will sit at the table longer?". Some families manage to celebrate until the morning. Hashi is waiting for them in the morning. This broth is specially cooked on the second day of beef stomachs and legs with garlic. They say it's a great hangover cure. After all, there are still a few days. Dancing and gifts All evening live music sounds and, of course, dancing begins. If the young invited professional dancers, it will be an amazing sight. We have all seen the graceful movements of girls and perfectly honed movements of these horsemen. Each wave of the hand or look has its own meaning. The bride should only dance with the groom or close relatives. But there comes a time when she performs her Georgian dance at the wedding, circling around the hall. Her guests give her money, which she manages at her discretion. Everyone is accepted to rejoice and dance. Also at the wedding in Georgia always heard folk songs. Give in celebration, the newlyweds decided expensive gifts. They must be signed. After the couple, opening gifts, special family record book, who and what gave. This is done in order to make a better purchase for the wedding of relatives. The most generous is even entered as honored guests of their home.
  5. Every nation has its own wedding customs. They are an integral part of the General national culture. In some countries, stag and hen parties are held, where the bride and groom separately violently say goodbye to their "free" life. In other countries there are traces of rudiments of sales of girls by the father. Let's see what is a Chechen wedding. It is very different from any known to us. And not because in Chechnya Muslims live and the young couple are not a priest, and a Mullah. These results are not the religious and national ceremonies. There are similar in Georgia, which is a Christian country. So how should behave Caucasian bride and groom? Study the issue. The rudiments of old family relationships We are now accustomed to the fact that young people get acquainted themselves and the decision to join themselves in marriage, they take on their own. Some couples live together and before the registry office, often making out the relationship already in the third trimester of pregnancy of the bride. But such libertine cohabitation in a Patriarchal society was not welcome. Before marriage, did the groom's parents, and the young before the wedding might not be familiar. In the Caucasus, apparently, the custom of bride kidnapping was widespread. Therefore, the girl's parents should not be radiant with joy – they are prescribed to be sad. The "kidnapped" itself should also be held as a victim. She is instructed to stand in a special corner, not sitting down, not to eat or drink. Certain hardships imposes Chechen wedding ceremony and the groom. He was believed to have broken the law by kidnapping the girl. So the bridegroom celebrated in separate room, surrounded by only close friends. But, of course, modernity leaves its mark on customs. The bride does not puts the horseman in a bag and not taking on the prancing horse. White dress, veil, bouquet, children, scattering flower petals - all this paraphernalia also takes place. But the customs, albeit in a transformed form, still remained. How is this? Let's watch all the rituals of the traditional Chechen wedding. In the bride's house On the appointed day to the dwelling of the young cortege drove. It must be the groom, his brother and sister, a Mullah and a few distinguished men. Mullah appoints the amount of kalym (bride price). It is considered good practice that the groom's side gives more. After talking with the bride's father, Mullah goes to the female half. There he asks the consent of the girl herself. The witnesses are two adults and preferably married women. After reading the surahs from the Quran, Mullah goes to the groom and asks his consent to the marriage. So young people become husband and wife. The bride's dowry should have been Packed by then, and she herself is dressed in a wedding dress. The groom's brother takes her out of the room. But then his path is blocked by the relatives of the bride, preferably her sister. The groom's brother must pay them off with gifts. The bride is seated in the car prepared for her. With her shrunk sister of the groom, as it's impossible for a girl to be alone in the company of men! On the way, the race begins: after all, the passengers of the car, which will drive up to the groom's house after the bride's car, receive expensive gifts. On the road can be stretched ropes. So the children try to beg for their piece of candy and money. In the groom's house The bride meets her mother-in-law. She gives her a bite of candy and takes in a special corner where the poor girl has to stand all evening. The groom, the sounds of rifle shots (they should scare off evil spirits) takes place with close friends in a private room, where they drink and eat. Other guests gather in a large room. The holiday is led by the groom's parents. They accept gifts, listen to congratulations. The role of the bride is only to hold a little boy in her arms. Chechens believe that this will give birth to a woman's sons. Only at the end of the first day of the wedding is the ceremony of "unleashing the language." Men approach the bride and jokingly ask her to give them water. She has to break down and keep quiet. In the end, she serves a glass with the words "Enjoy your drink." Taking water should give the bride a decent amount of money. "Reconciliation with the bride's inconsolable parents" A month after the wedding, the young husband must appear in his wife's father's house "guilty." There he stands like a statue in the corner while his parents are negotiating with matchmakers. After the exchange of gifts is considered that peace is achieved. However, we note that the groom stands in the corner only an hour, while the girl – from noon till night. And it's in a dress, jewelry, heels. She doesn't eat or drink. What about natural needs? After all, she's a living person. I personally believe that human rights should prevail over popular customs.
  6. The process of matchmaking among the Chechens is that a young man makes a girl an offer of marriage. If she agrees, then gives the young man ring or headscarf. This talisman means that she is now busy – betrothed. Optionally in the presence of relatives of the bride and groom agree on the appointment of the celebration of the wedding. To start the wedding, which lasts three days, choose Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, usually after sowing or harvesting. Chechen weddings are an important event in the life of not only the main actors and their parents, but also the whole village. Final approval for their conduct give to the elders. They will also make sure that the customs of the Chechen wedding, which is called Lovzar, are observed. As soon as the consent of the elders is obtained, begins its work a kind of wedding headquarters, which includes, as a rule, relatives and close friends of the groom. They must thoroughly paint the whole scenario of the celebration to the smallest detail. Chechen weddings are real theatrical performances. And all roles must be pre-allocated. Up to that who where will stand and what to speak. It is necessary not to offend any of the guests and properly observe the tradition. Chechen wedding custom begins with the fact that the groom's friends take her from her parents' home. As is often the case in the traditions of other Nations, for dressed in a luxurious white wedding dress bride demand a ransom. Friends pay its first elders, who appointed elders of the village, at the bride's home. The amount of this ransom, dowry is negotiated in advance. And then friends and relatives of the bride still block the path of the motorcade with ropes until they receive a ransom. Then the bride solemnly driven by car through the village to the groom's house. Chechen weddings passing by have long been welcomed with shots in the air. On the porch the bride is waiting for her future husband's mother with a Cup of sweets in her hands. But before the meeting with her future mother-in-law, she will face another test. On the threshold of the groom's house specially laid out Mat (before it was a burka) and a broom. It is believed that if the bride carefully removes these items to the side – it is smart. If she just steps over – she's stupid. Then the mother of the groom treats and invites the future daughter-in-law to the house, showering her with sweets. Here the girl is seated in a place of honor and bring a male child, as a rule, the first-born of one of the guests of honor. She must take him in her arms and play with him. This custom of the Chechen wedding is a symbolic wish for young people to give birth to healthy children, preferably boys. Begins the feast, which did not participate neither the groom nor the bride. On the first day, the groom traditionally spends outside the house, having fun with his friends. The bride is in the house of the groom, but she should not sit down on this day and speak first with friends and relatives of the groom. Chechen wedding is not primarily a feast, and the wedding dances. All the celebration is accompanied by the music of guest artists and dancing guests. Every Chechen learns to dance as soon as he starts walking. A man who does not know how to dance is considered uncultured and even to some extent defective. Chechen weddings, due to the difficult situation of recent times, try to ensure the safety of all participants. The main guest of honor, as well as his assistants, ensures that there are no conflicts among young people. Chechen wedding tradition lasts three days. On the morning of the third day, guests lead the bride to the pond. To lure the water, the groom's friends throw cakes into the water, and then shoot them. The bride collects water and carries it to the house – now it is forever protected from water. Registration of marriage is also only the third wedding day. The bride acquires the status of wife and young mistress of the house.
  7. Wedding in the life of every couple in love - this is perhaps one of the most significant and exciting events. Each nation has its own customs and traditions. In this article, we will tell you about the wedding in Turkey, what preparations precede this important event and other interesting details of the wedding in this amazing country. A little bit about Turkey Turkey is a beautiful and distinctive country. Anyone who has ever been there plunged into an unforgettable atmosphere - will never forget it. All local life is thoroughly imbued with traditions passed down from generation to generation. Turkey is very proud of them, trying to honor and not forget them. The customs of the country were formed from the displacement of different ethnic groups. The predominant religion in Turkey is Islam (it is professed by about 80% of the population). It is he who defines the key concepts and norms in the way of life of the bulk of modern Turks. Religion plays a fundamental role in people's relationships and forms traditions in all aspects of human life: the birth of a child, seeing loved ones on their last journey, wedding customs in Turkey, etc. Family traditions are very strong in the country. The key figure in the family is a man. The woman has, though somewhat fewer rights - also enjoy great respect from loved ones. Recently, under the influence of Western civilization, women and men are becoming more equal in rights. Especially the influence of the West is felt in big cities. In rural areas, however, ancient customs are preserved with greater care. Wedding Family life begins with a wedding. After the two lovers put on each other's fingers wedding rings, and this fact will be officially registered, the joint-life of husband and wife begins. Of course, many couples in different countries now live without a stamp in the passport, while giving birth to joint children, but the institution of the family has not been canceled. How are things with marriage registration in Turkey? In this matter, the Turks are very principled and old-fashioned. Islam is a religion of strict morals, and liberties are unacceptable here. The Turks adhere to ancient customs, and the fashions of other people are a little concerned. "Civil marriage", so popular in many countries of the world, is a rarity for Turkey. Here, even in the most free-thinking couples is not accepted to create a family without registration of marriage. Wedding in Turkey - is usually a prerequisite for living together, building a common life and the birth of children. If two young (or not so young) people decide to live together, sharing all the joys and difficulties, they get married. If the couple is not married - they are at the stage of "meeting", while having a separate life. Wedding Preparations The Turks are very serious about such an important issue. Each couple expects that their choice will be correct and the family will be created once and for all life. Therefore, everything is carefully thought out, and rash decisions do not belong here. In fact, this is correct, because it often happens that marriage, committed under the influence of a momentary passion, often ends in divorce. Wedding in Turkey - an event planned with great care. The ceremony itself is preceded by many different stages and preparations. The stages of the formation of the future family begin long before the marriage. Sometimes it takes more than one year until the young lovers reach the registry Office. What are these stages? Well, first, it is, of course, the emergence of joint sympathy. When young people understand that they like each other so much that you can already think about how to connect the marriage bond - it should be the stage of acquaintance with parents. Families of the bride and groom officially meet in order to get to know each other, to understand what values they have the main, and to understand whether the couple to create a happy family. This is followed by an engagement (which will be discussed herein in more detail), a visit by women to the Turkish bath and a bachelorette party. All these stages are a tribute to the traditions, a test of strength, memory, remaining for life. Engagement Wedding in Turkey is always preceded by engagement. Since it is not yet the official registration of marriage, each family can conduct it in different ways. There are no strict rules in this regard. Some families set the table and call friends. Others rent a wedding salon. And some young people just put on each other's rings, but always in the family. The groom usually gives his bride a ring with one stone, usually a diamond. Not all Turkish women without such a symbolic gift will agree to the marriage. Engagement (in Turkish "Nishan") - is, in fact, voicing before all the agreement of their intentions. Therefore, this event must be attended by the family of the bride and groom, or at least the parents of young people. Very often during the engagement plans for the future life of young people and relationships between families are discussed, many organizational issues are solved. Engagement, as well as a wedding in Turkey, is a very serious event in the life of young people. Nowadays, in big cities after the official engagement of young people can decide to live together. But in families with strict views or in small villages joint life is possible only after the wedding. In Turkey, the traditions are very strong and many families are sacred. Henna Night Before Turkish Wedding The night of henna in Turkey before the wedding is a ritual that all brides undergo. After the girl's dowry was delivered to the groom's house, and the bride (according to ancient customs) visited the bath, having made a "washing" before the wedding, there comes a special holiday called "Henna Night". This is an ancient rite that can happen to a girl only once in her life. "Night of the henna" is held in the female part of the house, where it will reside after the wedding the young wife (usually it's the groom's house). Men at this time gather separately, celebrating this event in their own way. The rite of the night itself is very beautiful and shrouded in magic. The bride wears a special dress called bindall. It is very expensive and luxurious. It is all covered with beautiful embroidery in the traditional style, made by hand. This dress is a family heirloom, which is carefully preserved and passed on to the next generations for the ceremony. Next, the girl's face is covered with a red veil with sequins and sequins. Henna for the ritual on a tray of silver with two lighted candles brings relatives of the groom. The future mother-in-law rolls out a roll of silk fabric under the bride's feet. The bride and her friends bypass the assembled guests, holding lighted candles. At this time, guests showered head girl coins as a symbol of wealth and fertility. After bypassing the guests on a rolled silk roll, the future daughter-in-law approaches the groom's mother and bows her head, expressing her respect and reverence, kissing the hand of the future mother-in-law. Then bring treats to guests, sound sad traditional songs that cause tears in the bride, which are considered the key to a happy married life. Mother of the groom pours into the palm of your hand girl a spoonful of henna and investing in them for a gold coin. The culmination of this ceremony is the painting of henna palms, fingertips, and thumbs on the bride's feet. This is done by the woman who is most fortunate in marriage. Henna also signs the hands of unmarried bridesmaids. Traditional Turkish Wedding A wedding organization in Turkey begins with the choice of the venue of the celebration. Since weddings in this country, as a rule, are numerous, there are many specialized salons, designed for a large number of guests (up to a thousand, or even more). This is very convenient, as in one room there is a restaurant, and a dance floor, and a concert hall. Marriage registration and wedding are a few different things. Sometimes just a painting in the Registry office without magnificent celebrations. It happens so that at first the young men to paint, and later are married. But the most exciting scenario is when the painting is done in the wedding salon in the presence of guests. At a traditional Turkish wedding with the observance of religious customs, the bride will surely be with the covered head, as well as the majority of other women. Long sleeves, no extra cutouts, and tied around the waist satin ribbon red as a symbol of innocence – only such a dress can afford a true Muslim. If the wedding is traditional, but the family is not particularly religious, the scarf on the bride's head may not be, and the dress may have a small neckline and bare shoulders. The number of guests at such a wedding can amaze strangers to such a scale of foreigners. Relatives, friends, residents of the district – the total number can reach several thousand people. It is not always possible to feed all guests, so traditional drinks and sweets are offered as treats. Families with large incomes can afford a full meal. However, in any case, the Turkish wedding will not be pork and alcohol. By the way, the wedding of the year in Turkey, when the daughter of the President married a businessman, refers to the luxurious celebrations of the rich and famous, which are often stylized as a traditional ceremony. The first persons of the state are obliged to honor the customs, so in all significant events of their lives, they adhere to the traditions of the country in which they live. Photos of weddings in Turkey are presented below. Go further. What is given for a wedding in Turkey? The traditional gift is money and gold. The closer relatives - the more expensive gifts. Various jewelry, bracelets, chains - worn directly on the young, the money is also pinned to the clothes. By the end of the celebration, the couple looks like Christmas trees, decorated with valuable gifts. Non-Traditional Wedding Free-thinking Turks, not particularly adhering to religious dogmas, prefer a liberal wedding. It differs from the traditional several parameters. The first is the number of guests. Here you will hardly see thousands of guests, most likely only the closest people (up to 200 people) will be present at the celebration. As a rule, guests are invited either to the wedding salon or to the restaurant of a large hotel. Secondly - as treat guests will be offered a full diet (various drinks, cold snacks, main course, hot, cake), and most importantly - this holiday will be attended by alcohol, which is unacceptable at a traditional Muslim wedding. The third is the bride's dress. In this case, the imagination of the girl will not be limited to a certain color and style. At a liberal wedding, the bride can choose any dress to your taste. A remarkable event at the Turkish wedding is the removal of the cake. If there are a lot of invited guests, often the cake is made of plastic (or rather its layout). The couple only simulates it cutting. In artificial version treats hidden a small slice of the present. They young publicly treat each other. The Turks explain this by the fact that the shaped cake is very difficult to divide into an equal number of guests, so this is baked flat. And artificial - is just a festive element of the gala evening. Liberal wedding in Turkey, the photo that illustrates this event below is not much different from the west. Foreigners Wedding in Turkey For foreigners who want to plunge into the colorful atmosphere of another country, refreshing their feelings with a partner, there is one great offer - a symbolic wedding in Turkey. It does not require official registration, but can accurately recreate the magic ceremony. This celebration will be a real romantic tale for two. You can act as screenwriters, and it is possible to address in a special Agency which will prompt you the most successful ideas and will undertake the organization of all holiday. Recently, it has become very fashionable to hold such ceremonies abroad. Symbolic wedding in Turkey - it's really a good way to experience new sensations, better feel the traditions of the country, as well as to feel again in the role of the newlyweds. For those who wish to hold a real wedding ceremony in Turkey - also nothing is impossible. Despite the fact that the main religion of this country is Islam, many Orthodox churches have survived in Turkey. That is, Russian Orthodox people have the opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony in one of them. Kurdish Wedding in Turkey About 15 million Kurds live in Turkey. This is one of the oldest peoples of the Middle East has its own customs and customs. For example, there is a tradition - to marry babies immediately after their birth. When the betrothed reaches the age when they can marry - they are married. Kurdish girl can choose her own husband. However, if her choice did not coincide with the parent - she has no right to resist. A father or brother can force a girl into marriage. Kurdish weddings last from three days to a week. They differ in that they sing a lot. The songs are called the bridge and performed by folk singers. Wedding Kurds are not cheap, so the money is accumulated in advance. If the relatives of the bride and groom are geographically far from each other - it is celebrated at two weddings. Guests are treated to rice and meat. For this purpose a specially slaughtered a few sheep or calves. Traditional gifts are money or sheep. Wedding expenses, as a rule, thanks to generous gifts, pay off completely. The wedding is in spring. The festival is held in tents at a wooden table on wooden benches. Men and women celebrate the holiday in different tents. Drinks and food are served to men by young men. One corner of the house or tent is separated by a curtain. Here the newlyweds will spend their first wedding night. Conclusion Now you know a little about the wedding in Turkey. Reviews about this ceremony from those people who had the pleasure of watching it, the most positive. No matter what style did not pass the Turkish wedding is always gorgeous and fun. Turks like to celebrate in a big way. The atmosphere of unbridled fun, the sea of songs and dances, the glitter of gold - all this is abundantly present at the celebration of the wedding. Residents of Turkey believe that how to play a wedding - this will be the life of the young, so they put their heart and soul into this event and try to do everything to the maximum. Those young people who are imbued with the wedding traditions of this unforgettable country have the opportunity to experience all the delights and nuances of the celebration. You can celebrate a real wedding in Turkey. For those who prefer to register a marriage at home, and in Turkey just wants to refresh their emotions and feelings, you can celebrate a symbolic wedding. In any case, this event will forever remain in your memory as the most beautiful and unforgettable.
  8. In order for the brain not to "rust", it is necessary to train it. Crosswords and puzzles - great food for mental activity. Let's try to guess which of these ladies - a real rich woman? Carefully look at the picture presented. Trying to guess Are you ready? Then begin! Look at the picture, note the smallest details. Be attentive to all the details, focus on things - this is a hint. Answer Be patient, the answer is almost there. The girl in the purple kimono is a real rich woman. And you know, on what grounds it is determined? Notice the rice on her plate. The history says a splendid dinner of rich Japanese. She was meant to be white polished rice. The product cost fabulous money, only the truly rich could afford to buy it. However, the poor were healthier, they ate brown unpolished rice. The fact that white rice lost useful vitamins and made the rich susceptible to numerous diseases of the time. Poor people were saved from them by cheap rice. Conclusion Here is a simple test that allows you to broaden your horizons. We broke our heads over the mystery and learned a new fact about the Japanese diet of the past. I hope you enjoyed the puzzle.
  9. A family should be strong! Hardly anyone would argue with me. But how to achieve unity between wife and husband? An important factor is the nature of the halves. Psychologists say that you can determine the type of personality by the shape of the foot. When I found out about it, I immediately began to check. And surprisingly, I have all converged. Just imagine how it can make life easier. Already at the stage of acquaintance, you can determine who is in front of you - a leader, peacemaker, Advisor or listener. I will tell you in detail about each of these personality types. Form 1. Adviser The first type of personality - adviser. People belonging to it have a foot with fingers of the same length. In form, it is square and wide. People kind of stop is called a "peasant". People-"advisers" capable, hardworking, responsible, caring and practical. To create a family is perfect, as are the most reliable. They can be relied upon, trusted to solve any problem. As they say, "advisers" the sea on a shoulder. They are able to overcome all obstacles. However, there is a disadvantage of this type of personality – lack of flexibility. Most often there are problems at work, as "advisers" do not know how to sell themselves. Form 2. Leader A leader in life - so you can characterize the owner of an elongated foot with one feature. The representatives of this form of the second finger longer than the other. This form is called "Greek leg". By nature, people-"leaders" are motivated, initiative, do not recognize losses. In the family, they dominate, have the highest status. Not one decision is not made without discussion with the "leader". Although this does not mean that such people have the largest income in the family and scattered orders to the right and left. Representatives of this type of personality are very demanding, strong in spirit, with developed leadership qualities. They take care of the family, but they do it their own way. Their disadvantage is excessive firmness and nervousness, so the half will have to put up with this and learn to relax the "leader". Form 3. Mediator You're the middleman at home. You have a close relationship with all family members. Everyone wants to spend time only with you. Features of the foot shape: the length of the first three fingers is the same, and the last two are shortened. This type is called the Roman leg. "Intermediaries" are characterized by purposefulness, high emotional intelligence and can easily start a good relationship with people. From the outside, this type of person may not look like a leader, but he is always the main member of the family. For the second half, the spouse-"mediator" will be special. Such relationships are always cherished. Even friends and colleagues prefer to spend time with a person who has this type of personality. The strength of the "mediator" is sometimes not enough, but he acts subtly and can unite the family at the right time. After all, many problems are easier to solve in a calm atmosphere, acting tenderly. Therefore, all people are easily influenced. However, the disadvantage of "intermediaries" is excessive softness, which sometimes prevents making the right decisions. This type of personality is recommended to strengthen the character, and then his family will be the strongest. Form 4. Listener This form of the foot suggests that its owner is non-initiative. Type of person - the listener. People belonging to it have ideas but rarely Express them. They are easier to obey. The Egyptian foot begins with the thumb, and the length of the rest gradually decreases without sudden jumps. By nature, "listeners" are conservative and calm, sensitive and delicate. As a rule, emotions are not hidden but behave with restraint. Decisions themselves are reluctant if it is possible to shift the solution of problems on the other person. Such a gentle nature makes "listeners" very vulnerable, they often face deception and betrayal.
  10. When a woman begins to attract a man, he pays attention to all the details that relate to her physique, almost without realizing it. And the physical characteristics that interest a man in a woman as a potential mother of his children, do not necessarily have to be the same as those that he chooses when he intends to spend with her only one night. Following this logic, it can be concluded that the legs play an important role in what a woman is chosen by the stronger sex as a life partner. To find out what type you have, just stand right in front of the mirror and look at the reflection. Look at the shape of your legs. It tells a lot about the character. TYPE A If the distance between the legs remains uniform and seems to be divided only at the ankles, you belong to the first group. Instinctively, when people look at women with such a form of legs, they consider, that these women the most passionate and gentle. It seems that such ladies quite delicate and gentle, fascinate men with the simple. Men feel that the woman somehow will take care of them. At the same time, ladies with this form of legs are quite shy and do not like to take the initiative. Unfortunately, others may think that ladies with type A do not like to Express themselves strongly in bed. In the sense that the longer you are in a relationship with the same person, the less he will maintain a taste for intimate relationships. On the other hand, women with this form of legs like men, confident and responsible for everything related to intimacy. TYPE B The one who looks in the mirror and realizes that the legs are separated from the hip and connect only in the ankles belongs to the second category. People who pay attention to women with this form of legs believe that they stand out among other acute needs to learn new things and really do not like to be bored. Bold, adventurous and risky in all spheres of life, they seem to want to have fun with a partner. However, they also don't seem very attached to just one person. Women with this type of legs tend to attract men because they like to experiment in bed. This, however, can have the opposite effect. Excessive courage can end up scaring men who are looking for a more serious relationship. In addition, even if you intend to find a partner for one night, a man can not approach you. He may be afraid he can't handle what he has to. TYPE C If despite the wide hips, the knees and ankles separated by a space, the legs of this form belong to the women of the third type. Women with such legs are lucky, although they probably suffer from cellulite and stretch marks, they are most attracted to partners. At the same time, this is not necessarily a good thing, since the intentions of men may not always coincide with the desires of women. In addition, this anatomy creates the impression of a gentle, romantic lady who is completely focused on her partners. Unfortunately, such women are often attracted to macho, because they have the impression that they care about their partners, not thinking about how to enjoy an intimate relationship. In this case, the woman should clearly make it clear what she expects from the young man. TYPE D This latter category includes the largest number of women. People who look at them believe that they are connected with traditions and are faithful to their customs, including cultural and religious ones. They are also women who seem to enjoy their individuality. In this version, the upper part of the thighs, knees and ankles touch. It seems that women with the latest form of legs know what they want and do not want to give up what they believe. In addition, they are the most natural in a relationship and knowing how to relax in the company of a loved one, one hundred percent enjoy intimate meetings. Although they have certain fixed and clear preferences, they don't mind trying something new. Men feel good in their society because women with this form of legs consider them courageous, no matter what.
  11. Korean wedding is not just a union of two loving hearts, but a real mystery, full of various traditional rituals. This is a real Union of two families. Very well describes wedding traditions and the obligatory rituals that must be present at every wedding in this nation, the Korean drama "Wedding". It carefully observed all the nuances of the traditional celebration. Many famous Korean dramas "The Great wedding", "Wedding planner" and the other is very detailed, reveals all the details and ceremonies of traditional weddings in Korea, ranging from the Dating of young families and ending with the post-wedding traditions. When is it customary for Koreans to start a family? The specificity of the Korean people is that conservative views on life are alien to them, and therefore most of the citizens consider strange and abnormal those people who are not married by the age of 30. Usually in Korea, it is customary to be burdened with the bonds of marriage at the age of 24-27 years, this age is ideal to have time to achieve something in life and take care of a dowry to create a family. If by this age young people do not yet have a couple, then friends and relatives begin to take an active part in the search for a future husband or wife for them. Very common in Korea, the services of professional matchmakers, who select the most profitable candidates, guided not only by the external data of future partners but also the material condition of each of them, as well as human qualities. This is justified by the fact that the Koreans decided to create a family once and for all, and they perceive divorce as something out of the ordinary. The acquaintance of the parents of the young before the wedding Despite the fact that Korea is quite a progressive and developed country, and young people there have long had the right to choose their second half, which is planned to link life, there is one tradition. It's called "Somethin" and implies a meeting of parents of both newlyweds to discover each other. This tradition is not just an act of politeness, at such a meeting discusses the future of the young, and how to participate in it will take each of the parents, also discussed financial wedding issues. In addition, at such meetings, parents can exchange certificates of medical examination of their children, because Koreans are quite serious about the birth of healthy offspring. There is one more nuance, which is necessarily discussed at such meetings, is the family origin of the future spouses - PON. PON is a family estate, which is inherited by the male line and is a kind of settlement Association. If it turns out that the newlyweds from one PON, they will not be able to marry, and in this case, everything is canceled. If the young from different Pons, with their health all right, and the parents were able to come to a general agreement on the organization of the wedding and the fate of the future of the family, then soon the bride sent matchmakers. Matchmaking Korean bride Matchmakers must be the father and uncle of the groom, as well as several of his friends. The main feature is an odd number of people, in addition, among the matchmakers should not be divorced people, so that their family misfortune is not passed on to the young. Matchmakers should be a different cheerful character, be able to joke, dance and sing. According to Korean traditions, being a matchmaker is a very honorable thing. The group should come to the house to the bride's parents to discuss the upcoming wedding and the subsequent joint life of the young spouses. It is very popular in Korea to organize a special mini-wedding instead of courtship - "chenchi", which, in fact, is a rehearsal of the main wedding ceremony or the bride. Chenchi - this is a kind of test of the groom's strength, because all the guests who will be present at it, just have to constantly ask the groom tricky questions and release pointed jokes at him. Bride price Before the Korean wedding begins, there is a bride price. Most people believe this tradition is truly Slavic, but in fact, the Koreans, it also exists for a long time. Before the ransom for the groom in his father's house arrange a ritual in which he expresses his gratitude to his parents. First, the whole family gathers at the table and tries various treats, after which the groom kneels, bows at the feet of his parents and expresses his gratitude to them. After that, the groom and his entourage go to the bride's house. There he must first give the mother of the bride a pair of wooden statues of geese, as these birds are a symbol of happy family life. In addition to the mother, the groom must meet the next of kin of the bride, sisters or brothers, to whom he is also obliged to give gifts. And then the groom will definitely be able to get to the bride's room, where he will be expected by her father. There will also have to pay a ransom, but it will be much more, but if the groom fun and eloquent matchmakers, it is likely that the bride he will be able to pick up and free. Bride's visit to the groom's house After redemption, the bride's dowry is given to the groom in the presence of the entire Suite of the young. Also, the bride's parents give her life guidance and advice on family life. Every parent tries to make their children have the best Korean wedding. Koreans have such a wedding tradition as visiting the groom's house with the bride and her dowry, which means that she is now also part of his family. On the threshold of the house must lie a bag of rice, because the Koreans rice symbolizes a full life. The bride came to the house mother-in-law must cross through the bag and gently follow the trail of silk that trail especially before her arrival. This path is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The bride's dowry must necessarily include a mirror because it is in this mirror that the bride and mother-in-law must look together during her arrival at the groom's house so that in the future there will never be quarrels and disagreements between them. When the bride had entered the house, and her mother-in-law took it, you can bring and dowry girl. Korean Wedding Venue As a venue for the ceremonial part usually chooses the bride's house. Both newlyweds should be in traditional wedding dresses – hanbok. The bride on her hanbok necessarily wears a short vest with long sleeves, and the hanbok groom traditionally should be blue. Also, the bride on the face pastes special red dots on the cheeks one and one on the forehead. In the courtyard of the house is equipped with a ceremonial area, where the young get separately on special wedding niches "gamma", which are traditionally decorated with flowers, preferably peonies as a symbol of health and happy life together. After the official conclusion of marriage, the young bow low to each other and drink wine from glasses that the bride's mother should make herself from a pumpkin grown in her garden. Features and traditions at the wedding The main feature of the Korean wedding is that her newlyweds do not kiss at all, as it is not only not accepted in the country, but also strictly prohibited by law. A kiss is usually replaced by eating one date or marmalade at a time. Also, according to the Korean wedding etiquette, during the wedding ceremony, all guests without exception must be wearing white gloves. Also, a distinctive feature of Korean weddings is an incredibly large number of guests, at least two hundred. It is believed that the more people come to the wedding, the higher her status. Celebration with a huge number of guests, not always even familiar with each other, is considered an indicator of wealth and luxury. Despite a large number of mandatory wedding ceremonies, traditional Korean wedding does not last long, because all the actions are painted literally every minute, Koreans are not fans of long and protracted festivities. Celebratory Banquet Wedding Banquet at the Korean wedding at the present time is not much different from the Banquet at weddings European format. Many traditions, unfortunately, for many decades have been missed. Many Korean celebrity weddings are exclusively European in nature with a standard exit ceremony and Banquet in the style of a buffet, the whole event is very modest and restrained. Many newlyweds like to invite to their wedding famous musicians for a pleasant musical accompaniment of the celebration. As usual for our people entertainment at the Banquet is not, and toastmaster Korean wedding does not provide. Usually, it is replaced with close relatives or parents themselves who can sing, dance or show various funny sketches to guests. As for the menu and dishes that must be present at the wedding table of the Koreans, there are several mandatory dishes: noodles and rooster. The presence of noodles is necessary because it is a symbol of a long life together newlyweds. In the beak of the bird is usually inserted a whole red chili pepper, decorated with colorful threads and shiny tinsel, as the pepper according to Korean beliefs protects against evil spirits, colorful tinsel is a symbol of bright life of future spouses. The rooster at the Korean wedding must be boiled whole, and it is served to the table. Many banquets are traditional dishes such as the ttok, bulgogi, and kalbi. Recently, however, the presence of European dishes on Korean wedding tables has become increasingly visible. After the wedding Traditionally, the day after the Korean wedding, the young wife should get up early in the morning, preferably the very first, and be sure to cook rice for the whole family and the upcoming guests. In addition, it should be a good clean throughout the apartment, and if the family moved after the wedding to live in the house, it means throughout the house and in the yard near it. This is all done because usually at lunch in the house to the newlyweds come to visit close relatives and parents from the groom to see which of the bride turned hostess. The young wife, in turn, is obliged to present gifts to each of the guests, who must be prepared in advance by her parents. What do you give young people at a wedding in Korea? In today's world, Korean weddings, traditions, and customs which exist for centuries are increasingly beginning to adopt European trends. This is reflected in the gifts that are usually given to a young wedding. To date, the newlyweds at the wedding decided to give an envelope with money, the amount will depend on how respectful guests to the young, and how he is happy with their Union. Since over the past few decades, the tradition began to gradually fade into the background, and at first, came the material values, to say that it is in addition to the money you can give to the young at the Korean wedding, it is quite difficult. The groom's parents usually have to give the young couple an apartment or a house where they could live as a separate family, and the bride's parents should this house or apartment is fully landscaped. Also, close relatives of the young couple can make gifts that will be useful to the newlyweds in everyday life: watches, dishes and so on.
  12. Recently, young people began to show a genuine interest in the old traditions of Slavic weddings. Original and largely unique customs of their ancestors often quite organically woven into the modern wedding. Wedding - an event incredibly important in the life of every person, requiring careful preparation and marks a new stage in the life and relationships of lovers. Ancestors with due respect and awe treated this event and therefore does not cause any surprise attraction of traditions of the Slavic wedding for the betrothed nowadays. Traditions, customs, and rites The ancient Slavs considered the creation of a family one of the most important stages of their lives, hoping at the same time for the mercy of fate and favor from above. The word "wedding" consisted of three parts, fully expressing the attitude of ancestors to this event: "SVA" meant the sky, "d" — the earthly act, and "BA" — blessed by the gods. This transcript could be formulated as "an earthly act blessed by the gods in heaven." The statement determined the character of all the rites of the ancient Slavic wedding. The Union of two people has always been traditionally associated with procreation, and the birth of children was strongly encouraged. The ancient Slavs in this regard gradually formed several restrictions and prohibitions for candidates for potential bride and groom. The age limit for newlyweds was very reasonable: a young man must be over 21 years old, and the girl must be 16 years old. For known reasons, the family of the groom and the bride's family should not have crossed too close. There is a popular misconception that young often combined in marriage against their will. In fact, the traditions of the Slavic wedding suggested the presence of a special, harmonious relationship between the newlyweds. It was thought that life itself and the gods had sent them to the arms of each other. If we talk about the old Slavic traditions and customs, to date, they have repeatedly undergone changes due to permanent resettlement and warfare. The birth of Christianity in Russia marked a change in wedding ceremonies, the wedding was held in the Church, and the blessing of the young gods on the temple was forgotten as one of the many pagan traditions. Style and symbolism The style of Slavic wedding was based on the idea of unity with nature and respect for traditions. Clothes and surroundings do not involve the excesses and extravagances of modern weddings, not exuded excessive pathos and formulaic style. The atmosphere, as a rule, is maintained in the old Russian key. Decoration of the festival place with as many natural elements as possible and the absence of synthetic and plastic parts are welcome. Usually, the color palette of costumes, decorations, and backgrounds is based on white and red colors, but blue shades are also acceptable. Ancient amulet called Bridal, denoting the creative and destructive beginning of the sun and therefore has a double force, can rightly be called the main symbol of the Slavic wedding. This talisman personified in a General sense the Union of the two clans protected the future family from the evil eye and all the troubles, and also brought prosperity, mutual understanding, and happiness to the house of the married. Give svadebnik traditionally the parents of the young at the conclusion of all ceremonies. The ancient Slavs believed that this talisman had magical properties that helped create the family climate, helped the early appearance of healthy offspring and protect spouses from the squabbles and quarrels. One of the rites of the Slavic wedding prescribed after the birth of the first child to hide the wedding with a veil, dress and other attributes of the celebration in the chest. However, some couples still left the symbol in the most prominent place in the house. Nowadays it has become popular to apply the image of this talisman in the form of the same tattoo to both spouses. It is worth noting that according to the old Slavic traditions such amulet is not considered real and does not have magical properties. According to the ancient customs, svadebnik produced by natural embroidery thread on the white piece of cloth. Then the mascot could hang on the wall like a picture. Preference was given to fabrics of linen origin. Some have opted for a wooden talisman made of beech, oak, ash or birch. Wedding scenarios The essence of any scenario of the wedding in the old Slavic style is the naturalness of the theme. From a variety of well-established wedding, templates should be immediately abandoned. The atmosphere of celebration, bright colors and unbridled fun — the Foundation for writing the script for the Slavic wedding. Already at this stage, it is time to decide who will get the lead role. Professional toastmaster is likely to cope with this task better, but it is necessary to warn in advance about the style of the celebration and discuss all the details. Photo: boho-weddings.com According to Slavic customs, the wedding is made up of a wedding train, which necessarily presents the bride and groom, parents on both sides, friends of the groom and bridesmaids, as well as professional musicians. The young man, accompanied by his retinue, goes first to his beloved, and then with her goes to the place of the wedding ceremony. At this time, guests are already waiting for the start of the celebration. Contrary to the established European traditions, the bride should not lead to the altar of her father, and the groom himself. Then begins the official part of the event, during which the couple swears to each other in love, exchange wedding rings, sign the consent to the marriage and kiss to the applause of the guests. In the scenario of the Slavic wedding will fit well the old folk entertainment and colorful competitions of those times. The audience will appreciate the tug of war, brook, tag, and competition in the towns. The degree of fun will increase the ancient Russian fun jumping over the fire. Of course, with full compliance with all security measures. Heroes of Slavic folklore and folk tales will only decorate the holiday. Charming mermaids, frightening goblins and mysterious brownies perfectly fit into the atmosphere of this Slavic wedding. For the delight of hearing guests can invite musical groups performing songs under Russian folk instruments like gusli, domra, wheel lyre or the well-known balalaika. Strings it is recommended to Supplement wind instruments: the pastoral pipe, zhaleika, kaluli, a pipe or horn. Keep the rhythm of cheerful Slavic dances and dances should be assigned to a group of drums, consisting of tambourines and bells, rattles and rattles. The size and composition of the Slavic orchestra will depend only on financial possibilities. Under the provocative music, guests will appreciate the flashy fisticuffs. Undoubtedly, it is best to use the services of professional artists for such fights. Wedding table decoration Banquet in the organization of the celebration in the old Russian traditions plays a special role. Making a table at a Slavic wedding should be done as diverse and rich. The inhabitants of Ancient Russia gathered for such events whole villages, and therefore the tables almost sagged under a huge number of treats for every taste. Dishes invariably included various pastries, meat and fish dishes, and at the head of the table, there was always a loaf, which was entrusted to bake married women from the bride's family. Of course, the organization of the Slavic wedding now allows the order loaf in the bakery. The most interesting thing is that a large loaf can fully replace the wedding cake and once again emphasize the Slavic flavor of the event. It is also necessary to determine the list of dishes to the table, which will be both delicious and relevant to the overall style of the celebration with a Slavic bias. Banquet menu, in this case, may consist of an impressive selection of treats: pies, pancakes, and fritters, baked fish and salted herring, game and skewered meat (rabbit, pork or beef), pickled mushrooms and various pickles, caviar and sauerkraut, suckling pig as an exquisite delicacy. The list of drinks includes compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, and compote. The latter are decoctions of boiled water with fruit and berry and wine additives to taste. In principle, traditional wedding drinks like champagne and any strong alcohol is quite acceptable to leave on the menu. If you pour strong alcohol in stylized Slavic life jugs and decanters, it will only benefit the atmosphere of the holiday. Wedding gifts The ancient Slavs strictly followed the established procedures and always knew who and how much had to be presented as a gift, so that all those present were satisfied. Give then all could, that could come in handy in everyday life and represented the viability and prosperity. In the course were poultry and animals: young gave geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, bulls and calves. It was not forbidden to provide even food as a gift. From what to give for a wedding in the Slavic style now, we can mention towels without fringe, which were a symbol of unity and love of the married. By the way, the ancient Slavic customs prescribed to make gifts of something in large quantities and always a multiple of ten. For example, a hundred boxes of chicken eggs or ten geese. The oldest relative in the groom's family traditionally gave him a whip. The groom was supposed to place this whip on a prominent part of the wall in the house. The symbolism was, in this case, a demonstration of the husband's power over his wife. Other relatives were also supposed to present certain gifts according to the traditions and customs of the Slavic wedding. For example, future mother-in-law usually gave her daughter-in-law some valuable family heirloom. This gift mother-in-law bequeathed to keep the family tradition in the house of the future couple. As a relic was a ring or any other decoration. Of course, many will consider for a modern wedding gift like geese and whips slightly strange. However, in old Slavonic times, young people were often given fine furs and textiles, as well as beautiful jewelry as a gift. These gifts are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Also, always relevant as a present will remain ordinary household items. It will not be difficult to find a useful gift from the kitchen and household appliances, sets and tableware, sports equipment and entertainment devices. An interesting tradition was the so-called "gifts". In the first six months of family life, the husband and wife evaluated the gifts of guests at the wedding. After that, they necessarily paid a personal visit to each guest and presented him with reciprocal gifts that cost more than the wedding gifts given to them earlier. The meaning of this custom was that the family showed the value of the gifts received and how these gifts increased their family well-being. Folk songs for wedding No wedding Banquet can not do without singing positive songs, and at the Slavic wedding even more so. At the same time, guests of the celebration and the newlyweds themselves can sing, as well as professional musicians performing songs to the accompaniment of old Slavonic instruments. The repertoire should be selected in the preparation of the wedding scenario or independently, or listen to the ideas of musicians who are planned to be hired. In Ancient Russia paid special attention to ritual chants. Slavic folklore singled out wedding songs as one of the four main genres. At the celebration, they served as a visual and expressive means with a number of literary techniques: personification, the presence of constant epithets, comparisons and diminutive suffixes to refer to the bride, groom and all members of the young family. In fact, the ritual songs of the Slavs were a unique combination of folk eloquence, Slavic mythology, elements of oral poetry and an encyclopedia of the life of ordinary peasant people of those times. Many songs use the method of idealization of the image and characters of the bride and groom, have an extraordinary brightness in the image of the plots. At the head are also the motives of wealth, happiness and well-being of the young. The groom is often compared to a Drake or a Falcon, and the bride - to a duck or a cuckoo. Interestingly, the image of the cuckoo symbolizes the funeral. The ancient Slavs associate this with the rite of initiation, according to which the future bride had to "bury" her past life and start a new, joint life with her husband from scratch. The symbol of the cuckoo is mentioned in the songs at the bachelorette party and during the departure of the girl to the crown for the wedding ceremony. The repertoire of Slavic songs for the wedding offers dozens of works that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the holiday even today. A list of the most popular of them can be found below. Spelling and style of writing are preserved. For the most part, the titles are the first line of the lyrics, on which the relevant information resources can easily find the full text. Lyrical songs for the wedding in the Slavic style, performed directly at the Banquet, are as follows: "Bowed birch forest dark...". "At sea, Utica no kubalasa...". "That you are a birch beam, do not burn brightly...". Ritual and ritual songs for the wedding in the Slavic style: "Like a matchmaker in the yard..." - the song announced the beginning of the ceremony to congratulate the groom and sounded exactly at the moment when the bride's parents gave their consent to the wedding. "Plant Milenka like our girls..." - tells of a ceremony in the bride's home. "All the boyars moved into the yard..." - it was sung either at the bachelorette party or by the arrival of the groom. Allowed performance and at the wedding. "And sailed Utica..." - to sing the song relied on a bachelorette party when the bride unbraids his hair. "Cuckoo cuckoo in the garden..." - this song is sung at the celebration, symbolizes the symbol of the wedding process with the help of visual means of allegorical speech. "At the gate birch stood..." - is a calendar ritual song. Involves the joining of the bride in the new role of a mother and continuers of a sort man. Choice of the wedding dress: dresses for the groom and guests Without the characteristic costumes is simply impossible to fully convey the whole flavor of the celebration. In addition, made at the Slavic wedding photos of guests in the appropriate style of the event outfits will be a great memory for the newlyweds. Even more responsible to approach to the selection of wedding dresses for the bride and attire for the groom. Usually, the bride's attire suggests the presence of a white sundress with red ethnic patterns in the traditional style. As a little less authentic option suitable white and red dress, which is sure to be found in any wedding salon. If the combination of red and white is not satisfied, you can try a combination of white and blue shades. Many organizers insist that the design of the Slavic wedding was designed in the same colors as the bride's dress. From shoes is to look at the red shoes or fabric boots in the old Slavic style of the same color. For a winter wedding, the bride is well suited patterned white boots in combination with a fur coat, Muff and winter hat. In spring and autumn, it is permissible to cover the top with a colored shawl or scarf. One of the most suitable hairstyles for Slavic style experts believes loose curls and slightly careless styling. The custom in Ancient Russia ordered the girls to wear one braid before marriage, and after the braid unraveled, and then it was supposed to braid two braids. It is necessary to clarify that the veil at the wedding in the Slavic style is missing, instead, put on a kokoshnik or wreath. Modern girls prefer to leave their heads uncovered and decorate their hair with a barrette. If the wreath is still there, then after the official paintings at the wedding, the bride should give it to her mother. If the newlyweds have decided on a suitable dress for a Slavic wedding of the bride, it remains to choose the best authentic stylish suit to the groom. You can choose from two main styles of color dress: red and black colors with Golden patterns or a completely white outfit with an ornament of ethnic patterns. On his feet, the groom usually wears cloth boots. Mandatory elements regardless of the color palette are bloomers and a long shirt, tied up with a sash. It is necessary to accurately comply with the patterns on the suit of the groom and the bride's dress. Ornaments on Slavic ceremonial weddings usually denoted one of the ancient gods and were something like an offering for the protection and blessing of the Union by higher powers. The requirements for the color scheme for the dresses of the guests were not as strict as the heroes of the occasion. Costumes of all-natural colors, including green, blue or orange, were allowed. Girls are free to choose dresses of any length with the observance of authenticity and the General stylistics of the Slavic entourage. Men's suits mainly need to be made of trousers and long shirts with sashes. The choice of venue, design, and decoration of the hall Many newlyweds try to hold a wedding celebration in one of the summer months. However, the organization of the Slavic weddings allowed in the warm season and in winter. Holding the event during winter will only add to the entourage since the effect of most of the old Russian fairy tales unfolded in the icy time. When choosing a place, you can give preference to this Russian hut with a chimney, wooden shutters on the Windows and a well behind the threshold. A key role in the styling will play a wooden interior and exterior. The special charm of the celebration will give finding houses in a dense coniferous or birch forest in the autumn when everything around is covered with yellowed foliage. As for the summer wedding in the style of Ancient Russia, everything is much easier here. Such an event can be held directly in nature, for example, go to the wheat field. A nice and cozy place in the open air is allowed to conduct registration, photoshoot and the celebration with a Banquet. A less radical option is to rent a summer terrace in a restaurant with a suitable style of design. The interior is welcome the presence of this Russian stove, fireplace, towels, wicker fences and wooden furniture. The color palette can be composed of red, Burgundy, dark pink, blue and orange shades. The basis of the design of the hall for the Slavic wedding must also be white. Summer is more conducive to warm calm tones like pink, and in winter it will look the best red in combination with snow-white snowdrifts. In turn, it was the red color that occupied a special place in the old Slavic style. In addition, the above mentioned that the best option would be a combination of the color design of the hall with the colors of the wedding dress of the bride. It is recommended to select the common decor items for decorating the hall for a wedding in the Slavic style, which is listed below: Textiles like curtains made of calico, knitted rugs, towels, and patchwork tablecloths. Musical instruments according to the type of balalaika, gusli, rattles, harmonicas, tambourines, accordions and harmonicas. Gifts of nature like cones, bunches of Rowan and fir branches. Buckets and yoke. Sleds and carts. Dummy Russian oven. Samovars and onions. Small and large nesting dolls. Ideas for a photoshoot in Slavic style First of all, you need to make sure that the props for the decoration of the celebration itself are maximally involved in the photoshoot, which should initially be said to the hired photographer. The bride and groom can pose against the background of a wheat field or the River Bank. Beautiful thematic backgrounds for photos at the Slavic wedding will serve as old huts in the Russian style, haystacks, and horse corrals. For winter photography, there are also many different subjects, for example, young people sit down at the table, the bride pours tea from a samovar into cups. Winter sleigh will also be a great prop for photography. Some go even further and shoot voluminous wedding performances in the style of Russian fairy tales like "frost". Other features of the preparation for the wedding Taking into account all the traditions and rituals of Slavic weddings is an extremely difficult task. If the main points are more or less clear, it remains only to clarify some details. No wonder they say that the devil is in the details. Small themed gifts for guests will be a good gesture from the young. As such nice stuff can be sweet cocks on sticks, beautiful amulets and dolls and a stylized Slavic style painted plates and saucers. Towels and bath brooms are also suitable for the role of symbolic gifts. The organization of banquets with an impressive number of guests does not always go smoothly. One of the useful little things can be called special cards with the names of people invited to the wedding. These cards are made of plain cardboard and placed in places that are designed for specific guests at the Banquet. For the authenticity of the allowed cards in small barrels made of wood or tree stumps. Dried grass is scattered around the card. Certainly worth mentioning about wedding invitations, which also should not stand out from the General old Slavic style. The front side of the invitations is usually decorated with the image of two roosters, a loaf and photos of lovers in themed outfits. In the hands of the couple holding wooden wine glasses. Red and white embroidery can decorate the edges of invitations. Some prefer to change the form of standard invitations and perform them in the form of nesting dolls or rooster with proper color design. In conclusion, it should be added that the traditions and rituals of the Slavic wedding are truly fascinating and original. This style is perfect for the most important event in the life of young people. A qualitative approach to the organization of the celebration will allow the newlyweds and guests to plunge into the real atmosphere of the old Slavic holidays and visit the fairy tale.
  13. Probably there is no such person who would not have seen in American feature film footage at the wedding. However, the film does not give a complete picture of the ceremony. And many people are concerned about how the American wedding takes place, what customs and traditions are observed in preparation for the celebration and during its direct conduct. Many people are sure that in the US there are no special traditions that would be strictly observed at each ceremony. But this is not the case. Moreover, wedding customs in America, as well as all other festive traditions, people try to observe completely. How are ceremonies and their traditions in the USA? American wedding – a list of strict rules to be observed, and a certain order of succession of events. You can't just walk into a chapel and walk out of it as a couple, unless, of course, the bride and groom are in Las Vegas. But this "city of fast marriages" has its own traditions. Photo: insideweddings.com Americans are overwhelmingly conservative. This means that for them it is important that the ceremony was not only beautiful but also corresponding to all historically established rules. How long does it take from the engagement to the ceremony? How is an American wedding? First, the ceremony consists of two mandatory phases, between which there must be at least six months. Of course, we are talking about the betrothal of the couple and the direct registration of their Union. The time interval between these stages, which did not last six months, is considered a violation of decency. If a couple is in a hurry with the registration of their relationship, then this is the reason for the emergence of various rumors and gossip. As a rule, people begin to think that the bride is pregnant and soon the wedding or registration of her family is trying to "cover up the sin." Of course, in our time, few people are interested in whether the girl is in a position or not. This rule originated in the days of the first settlers. However, it is still observed. And not only should not hurry up with the wedding but also delay it. If a year passes between the betrothal and the wedding or registration, it is considered a sign of uncertainty about the advisability of concluding a marriage Union or the presence of any obstacles. That is, excessive slowness, as well as hasty, is the reason for human misconceptions. And they, in turn, have a bad impact on the reputation of the bride and groom's families, as well as the spouses themselves. Photo: marthastewartweddings.com The optimal time interval between betrothal and registration of the relationship is the period from six to twelve months. As a rule, most Americans marry eight months after the engagement. Do I have to pay a fee? The laws in the US are very strict and even tough, especially those that make up "family law" or regulate taxation issues. If in Russia it is enough to pay the fee and bring a receipt confirming this to the registry office, in the US it is much more difficult. Before the wedding, you must not only pay tax but also go through a number of medical and legal procedures. Their list depends on the age of people who are going to start a family and the state in which they intend to register their relationship. The size of the duties also in every state. As for medical procedures, in most States, this means confirmation of the bride and groom's sanity. Lawyers usually find out whether there are any obstacles to marriage from the law. Photo: bridestory.com The age at which one can marry also depends on the state. Restrictions on the registration of relationships because of old age does not exist, if the couple is in their right mind and does not take strong drugs. But same-sex marriages are not registered in any of the States. How many rings do you need for a wedding? Many believe that the ceremony requires only two wedding rings. In many regions, this is really enough, but in the US - no. American tradition requires a minimum of three rings - two females and one male. However, each jewelry store will offer a man who is going to make an offer of marriage, two options sets. The first option, or as it is called, "set", includes three rings necessary for the ceremony, made in the same style. The second option, "full" consists of four rings. To the basic "configuration", that is, to the three mandatory rings, jewelers add another, spare. When does the preparation of the celebration begin and end? American wedding – a celebration very pompous and expensive. Of course, it requires careful preparation. However, you can not begin to prepare for the holiday until such time as the engagement takes place. But to delay the preparation of the celebration, too, should not. As a rule, to prepare for this event begin a week after the engagement. Completed preparation is considered only after the "dress rehearsal". In other words, before the wedding, the bride and groom, their parents, best man, and friends lose the whole ceremony, including the ceremonial dinner. Of course, they do not have to try all the dishes, but the rehearsal of cutting the birthday cake is mandatory. Photo: christianecloete.com All this is carried out on the eve of the bachelor and hen parties, and they mark the end of preparation for the celebration. Curiously, the wedding organizers have nothing to do with the holidays "farewell to the bachelor life." Stag and hen parties traditionally organized by the bridesmaid and the best man of the groom. What is a wedding scenario? Who makes it? The classic American wedding scenario is quite simple. It has several mandatory items to which the organizers add anything at the request of the spouses or their relatives. Required items include: the arrival of the groom and best man to the place of marriage; the arrival of the bridesmaids and her father; placement of the bride in a separate room; gathering guests; the occupation of the future husband and his witness the position at the altar; the exit of the girl by the arm with her father, who leads her to the priest or registrar and retreats, taking up a place in the front row; the wedding itself or registration; the beginning of the banquet; the speech of the father of the bride; cutting the cake; throwing a bouquet; the departure of newlyweds; the end of the holiday. This is the "skeleton" of the celebration. To it is added a lot of intermediate points, which depend not only on the wishes of the couple and their families but also on where it will be held American wedding. For example, at the wedding in the Church will add the item "decoration of the hall." And if the celebration will be held outdoors, you will need tents, portable furniture, and garlands. The wedding scenario, as well as its organization, as a rule, are entrusted to professionals. In the United States, a lot of agencies involved in the organization of these celebrations. However, if desired, the scenario of the holiday can be trusted to relatives or friends. To organize a wedding on their own is not accepted. It is believed that the bride and groom have many other concerns. What do you do before the ceremony? When watching the American holiday sometimes it seems that the groom at the wedding – a very minor figure. Most of the traditions and customs associated with the bride and her relatives, and the future husband, in fact, only say marriage vows and puts on the finger of the girl ring, which he holds out the best man. During the preparation for the celebration of the groom is also a little that depends. Traditionally, in his "duties" includes the selection or preparation of the texts of the marriage vows. Of course, the purchase of rings - also the care of the future husband. The bride is busy choosing a dress for herself and her friends, who will surround her at the celebration. Also, it is customary to consult with her in matters of registration of the venue of the holiday. Photo: bledsoephoto.com But all that applies to invitations to the holiday, the bride and groom do together. That is, choose what will be the invitation and determine the range of guests. The full list of guests is given to the wedding organizer by the future spouses. Future newlyweds are personally engaged in sending invitations. Although, this point is not fundamental. If guests are expected very much, but the distribution of invitation can engage and organizers. What does the bride's father do at the wedding? The girl's father is one of the main figures at the celebration. In some States, even there are humorous sayings that the holiday may not be the groom, but the bride's father must be present. In that case, if for any reason the girl's father can not take part in the wedding, it is replaced by a senior relative. In this case, the "planted father" takes part in the celebration. At the end of the last century, a new tradition emerged. The role of "planted father" began to perform the bride's friends, of course, men. There are also cases when these functions are taken over by someone from colleagues. What does the bride's father do? First, it is he who gives the signal of the beginning of the celebration after he is convinced of the readiness of the groom, guests and, of course, his own daughter. He also brings the bride to the altar, that is, symbolically transfers the right to care for the girl to her future husband. Photo: mattparryphotography.co.uk No American wedding can not do without a festive feast and opens his father's speech bride. This is an unshakable tradition, which is not acceptable to break. If the father is not present at the celebration, the speech is made by an older male relative or the one who led the girl to the altar. To make a speech, opening a Banquet, the mother of the bride is not necessary, because it is considered indecent. There is also a superstition, according to which the opening of the feast, the newly minted mother-in-law promises her constant interference in the lives of the young.
  14. In the last few years, more and more couples decide to hold a wedding event in the European style. A European wedding is more like a social event in a calm and romantic atmosphere. The difference between the two solemn events According to European customs, the young woman is given by her father or the closest male relative. You can combine the traditions of both peoples, but usually, the European style is chosen because of the lack of bride price in it. Also, at such a wedding, there will be no toastmaster, serving bread with salt, and other familiar rites. Photo: sizepict.pw According to the tradition of European wedding Banquet hosts leading, or as it is often called, entertainer. It does not so much entertain guests as create a favorable atmosphere for them and the young. The entertainer announces musical pauses, gives the right to toast, focuses on the special moments of the evening. A wedding in European style (photo can be seen in the article) is more spectacular, as artists, circus performers, magicians, and singers are invited to entertain guests. Young shows a short film about the history of their acquaintance and love. For all those present organized the most comfortable conditions for a pleasant time. Another feature of the European celebration is the presence of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Outfits for each of them are purchased in advance. Bridesmaids' dresses are made of a fabric of the same color and texture, but in different styles, depending on the shape of each. Friends are dressed in tuxedos or suits like the groom. At the European celebration, each girlfriend has a bouquet. The details of the dress at the bridesmaids and friends are in the same colors to blend in with the chosen decor of the wedding. Traditions of the event The main traditions of a European wedding are: Services of professional decorators, managers, photographers, etc. The wedding and the away wedding ceremony take place on the same day. The participation of the younger generation - girls sprinkle the path to the altar with flower petals, and the boy brings wedding rings. In contrast to the Slavic celebration, where there is one witness from each side, there are always some friends and girlfriends in a European wedding. Lighting a candle of unity. The tradition is like stirring up a “family hearth,” but it is held after the wedding ceremony. The absence of a toastmaster with banal competitions. Instead, they invite a professional presenter. The design of a European wedding is tied to a specific theme and the chosen color palette. Stand-alone tables for invited guests, on average, designed for ten people. Each of them is beautifully designed and provides a seating card. What should not be at a European wedding? It is carefully planned. Every detail must comply with the plan. All performances take place at the specified time, there is no room for improvisation, typical Slavic customs. Be sure to a pre-written script. At a European wedding, the traditional theft of the bride and the ransom, vulgar contests, shedding grain or sugar, giving a loaf, etc. are excluded. If the young are ready to abandon these customs, the celebration in the European style is ideal for them. How the event goes? According to the scenario, a European-style wedding begins in the morning. This day belongs entirely to the couple. Waking up in the morning, they bring beauty without fuss, meet and go to a photoshoot. After that, with friends go to the venue of the ceremony, where they are waiting for invited guests. The bride is led to the altar by her father. Photo: bridestory.com After the oath of the young register and move on to the celebration. He leads his entertainer in a more relaxed manner than the master of ceremonies. He sets the pace for the celebration, where the guests were able to congratulate the newlyweds and to have fun. The couple cut the cake and dance their first dance. The Banquet doesn't last long. As a rule, the newlyweds are the first to leave the event, leaving the invited guests to have fun. Finally, the bride throws a bouquet to her unmarried friends. If fireworks were organized or launching paper lanterns into the sky, it is the final part of the evening, after it the young leave. As a thank, you for the gifts and congratulations from the Bridal couple to each guest presented a miniature of the same thing. Photos from European weddings remind of this solemn day. Bachelorette party and bachelor party The tradition of holding a bachelorette party and bachelor party on the eve of the wedding is also borrowed from Europe. Photo: zsuzsipalphotography.com During the bachelorette party very often held a photoshoot, pictures of which are placed in the wedding album. The event is organized in the hotel, Spa complex or in the country. The ladies do beauty treatments and then have lunch together. For the future bride and groom, friends arrange an entertainment program in the sports complex, a joint dinner or an extreme pastime. Here the main thing - to observe the measure and not to overestimate their strength. Pre-banquet events in the house of the bride and groom If the couple goes to the place of the ceremony from home, then there are some traditional conventions. Photo: zsuzsipalphotography.com On the wedding day, the groom's friends gather in his house, where a light buffet is held. After that, the car is delivered to the front door, and the groom and his friends go to the bride's house, with him he has a bouquet. On the threshold of the bride's house, he is met by several of her friends and cordially greeted (without ransom), escorted inside. Upon entering, the groom is waiting in the lobby of the future father-in-law. Then he introduces him to his friends and briefly talks about how he is going to build a family life with his future wife, a warm attitude towards her. The father of the bride can ask questions. If all the above suits him takes the daughter to the groom. The young man presents her with a bouquet, welcomes his mother, and together they go to the place of registration of marriage. Preparation and wedding walk Appearing in the registry Office, the young marry, and then accept congratulations from a small retinue who arrived with them. The photographer takes several pictures of the newlyweds and a common photo with family and friends. For memory you can say a few words about their feelings to each other, to capture the first marital kiss. During the exit from the registry Office young showered with flower petals or rice, after which the wedding procession moves for a walk. Photo: victor-ju.com A place for it is organized in advance. The best option is a picturesque area away from prying eyes. Here you can prepare a small buffet with fruit snacks, dessert, and champagne, invite musicians to during the photo shoot, guests can relax and have a snack. After a short walk, all go to the place where the Banquet will be held. Scenarios Here is an approximate scenario for a European-style wedding in the Moscow region: 8:30 - cars should be at the groom's house. 8: 30-9: 00 - a buffet of light meals at the groom's house. 9: 00-10: 00 - the time allotted for the journey to the bride's house (may vary depending on the distance). 10:00 - the tuple should be in place. The bridegroom and his escort meet the bridesmaids, escorted into the house. There, the bride's father brings his daughter to the bridegroom. The future husband with the words of love gives the bride a bouquet. Guests pass into the room where the table is laid with light snacks. If the wedding evening scenario involves a buy-in ceremony, take enough time for this. 10: 30-11: 30 - time to go to the registry office. 11: 30-12: 00 - preparation for the solemn ceremony. 12: 00-12: 30 - solemn ceremony of marriage. 12: 30-13: 00 - congratulations from friends and relatives, photo and video, champagne. The groom carries the bride in his arms, they are sprinkled with coins, rice, and petals. 13: 00-13: 30 - the road to the church, where the wedding will take place. 13: 30-14: 00 - preparation for the wedding ceremony. 14: 00-14: 45 - the wedding. 14: 45-15: 00 - congratulations. 15: 00-17: 00 - time for a walk. In the summer, you can include in the scenario of a wedding evening a buffet on the nature in a picturesque place with the participation of musicians. 16: 30-17: 00 - in anticipation of the newlyweds - a buffet table for guests. 17:00 - young people approach the place of celebration. Guests go out to meet them, stand on both sides of the aisle, forming a corridor along which the bride and groom walk. In front of them are the children, showered with petals on the way, the guests also shower the young with rice and petals. The presenter together with the guests wishes the newlyweds peace, harmony, and love. In the hall, there is a table with a pyramid of champagne glasses. Two upper, tied with ribbon glasses are designed for young. Include this spectacular moment in the script of the wedding evening, it is very beautiful. The facilitator offers to congratulate the newlyweds and drink champagne in their honor. After everyone congratulates the newlyweds, the presenter invites to go to the buffet table. At this time, musicians entertain guests, and the newlyweds tidy up their outfit, makeup. 17:30 - all are invited to the wedding table. Guests are seated according to the cards laid out on the tables. The presenter says the first beautiful wedding toast in honor of the newlyweds. After that, guests and start eating. At this time, pleasant soft music sounds. Next, toasts and wishes are said from the parents of the young: first the groom, and then the bride. Then one or more variety numbers may be shown. Then the congratulations are given by the witnesses, then there are toasts with stories about love and a smooth introduction to the competitions for the newlyweds. Next, include a melody that sounded on the day of acquaintance. The dance of the bride and groom is announced, balloons fly up to the ceiling or one big ball that bursts at the climax, small balls, confetti, fly out of it. Be sure to include in the script of the wedding evening is a beautiful sight. 18:30 - the host invites everyone to a dance break. 19:00 - begin to serve hot snacks, and guests sit at the table. 19:30 - those who wish to offer toasts and wedding greetings. 19:45 - contests. 20:15 - pop number, dancing. 21:00 - competition or auction of the newlywed's portraits, previously drawn by the guests. 21:20 - dancing. 22:20 - take out the wedding cake with the lights off with firecrackers and lights. Newlyweds make an incision in the lower tier to the applause of the guests. The first piece leading puts up for auction. 22:35 - sweet table. 22:45 - the bride throws the bouquet, and the groom - the garter. 22:55 - “dance of wishes” - newlyweds dance, and guests wish them happiness and well-being. 23:00 - the solemn speech of the newlyweds ends the program. Wedding decoration in European style You need to be ready to spend on floral decor. There will be inappropriate paper garlands and homemade hearts. Arch, seats in the wedding hall, photo zone, tables in the restaurant, dance floor - all this is decorated with live floral arrangements and light textiles. When choosing the main color scheme of the celebration, it is important to take into account the venue, wedding theme and time of year: universal all-season shades are pink, cream and blue; for the fall best-suited wine, orange, and chocolate color; for the winter period - deep purple, emerald, and scarlet; for spring and summer - bright or, conversely, muted pastel colors. All colors are a different variety of colors, so it is important to determine the correct color scheme. For example, red-haired girls and brown-haired women are perfect lilac color. At the same time, it should not dominate in the design, it is enough to place a few accents. To the bride stood out against the background of the holiday and those present, her outfit should be bright. But the dresses of girlfriends, on the contrary, need to be made contrasting - this difference looks especially good on the photos. Before you choose the color scheme of the wedding, you need to focus on the choice of fresh flowers, because blue or purple plants are much smaller than pink or red. The combination of sharply contrasting shades looks exquisite: pink with brown; red and blue; green and orange. The white color at the wedding is always appropriate. Banquet and festivities European weddings do not last long. The Banquet usually lasts for several hours. The ceremony is not heavy serves home-cooked meals, which are usually light snacks, fruit, and cold meats, salads, tarts, and canapés. Seating is made taking into account the age, interests, and proximity to the young. Sometimes married couples are placed in one part of the hall, and free guests - in another. A must is the presence of waiters even at the buffet, they pour drinks, clean the table and take care of invited guests. The decoration of the Banquet will be a small candy bar, which houses a chocolate fountain, cakes, and other sweets. On the table in front of the memorial book of wishes and Seating plan. At each place at the table, there are cards with the names of the guests and miniature gifts of thanks from the newlyweds. The format of the celebration is more close to a social event than to a feast, so it is desirable to inform the most active friends and relatives about the style of the event in advance. Entertainment Since the wedding is conducted by the entertainer, he announces the numbers of the program and gives the right to speak. Music should be live. The evening's program should be in advance, it involved fakirs, dancers, musicians, pyrotechnics, etc. It starts the fun part with the first dance of the young. On the screen show funny pictures of each of the spouses or the history of their acquaintance. Photo session Before the wedding or after it, the young go for a wedding walk. During it, the invited photographer conducts a photoshoot, according to the chosen theme or pre-agreed preferences. Friends do not participate in it, usually, it happens later, at a Banquet, or in the morning, after the young people gather. In addition to staged shots, you can make unexpected photos. In any case, they will take pride of place in the wedding album and for many years will be reminded of this happy day.
  15. Nature knows how to create truly impressive forms. The variety of geological formations of our planet is the beauty for which it is worth traveling (or at least see the photos). We have selected the most amazing of them and present them to you. Enjoy! Palace of Natural Arts, China Landmark is a set of stalactites, stalagmites and lime formations of bizarre shapes, illuminated by colored lamps. Also on the walls, you can see the rock inscriptions of ancient people. Darvaza, Turkmenistan Incredible beauty gas crater, which is not too far from us. When he was discovered, they decided to set fire, hoping that after a few years he would go out. Thus, it has been burning for almost 50 years. White Desert, Egypt Located near Cairo. The desert used to be a seabed and the sand here consists of the remains of ancient creatures, this explains the unusual color. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand This popular tourist site is hundreds of spherical boulders of various sizes on the seashore. Giant's pavement, Ireland Tens of thousands of interconnected basalt pillars. The result was a volcanic eruption. Arizona Wave The mountain gallery, for many centuries, received freakish forms due to long rains and wind. Great Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Received popularity due to bacteria, the results of life which gave the edges an unusual color. Solonchak Uyuni, Bolivia The largest salt marsh in the world. And one of the most beautiful. Devil's Tower, Wyoming Monolithic formation of volcanic origin for over a hundred years has received rave reviews from tourists. Richat, Mauritania Interestingly, scientists still do not know exactly how this geological formation turned out. Rishat can be seen even from orbit, astronauts sometimes navigate it. Stone Mushrooms, Cappadocia, Turkey These fancy mushrooms (or castles) are ruined volcanic rocks. Crystal Cave, Mexico Here is one of the largest Selenite crystals on the planet. Big Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef The sinkhole is 124 meters deep. Formed as a result of the collapse of the cave system.

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