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  • What's new in Android Q Beta 2?

    Google introduced the second beta version of the operating system Android Q. in Addition to regular system fixes, a fresh revision of the "green robot" has got new features. The changelog includes advanced notification capabilities, a redesigned settings interface, support for bendable devices, and other useful options.

    Application pop-UPS

    One of the most noticeable changes in the second beta was the introduction of the Bubble feature. With its help, the appearance of third-party application Windows directly on top of the active. For example, while surfing the web, you can reply to a message in the messenger without launching it in full screen and without minimizing the browser. The function also works on the desktop, displaying notifications directly on top of the interface.

    Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2

    The feature is currently in the testing phase and is disabled by default. You can activate it manually via the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) debug console.

    Improved gesture control

    The new gesture-based navigation system has been optimized: pressing a button in tablet form no longer switches between apps. Fast scrolling along the navigation bar moves the user back and forth between application Windows in chronological order.

    Currently, the function is undergoing testing and does not always work correctly as you can see in the video above. The developers emphasize that in the future, gesture control will be optimized.

    Integrate your Google account in the settings menu

    In the second beta release of Android Q, the Google account profile picture is now displayed in the top right corner of the search bar. In a similar way organized the implementation of the change user accounts in Gmail. After clicking on the profile icon, the Google account settings window will open.

    Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2

    In the menu item "About phone" was also added a shortcut for settings Google Pay for the management of different payment methods using a smartphone.

    New settings for working with notifications

    In the first beta of Android Q, swipe from left to right to open a new notification menu. Update the developers gave the user the ability to customize the direction to swipe for action "reject the notification and open the notification menu".

    Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2 Android Q Beta 2

    Currently, the ability to configure is reduced to choosing the direction of the gesture for each of the actions, you will not be able to reject the notification by swiping in any direction.

    Playback and volume control

    In Android Q Beta 2, Google added media playback control to the status bar. The displayed mini-player works with all media files, including music and video, as well as streaming services Spotify and YouTube.

    Android Q Beta 2

    Icons of wireless interfaces and audio output to external wireless speakers, including smart speakers, are available above the player window.

    Android Q Beta 2

    The interface of the volume control has been updated: with the help of the standard menu, you can quickly configure each source (media files, speaker, ringtone, alarm clock).

    Emulation of two displays for bendable devices

    The new bendable smartphone emulator is now available as an Android virtual device in Android Studio 3.5. The feature is primarily intended for application developers and supports virtual displays of 7.3 inches in open and 4.6 inches folded, or 8/6.6 inches respectively.

    Android Q Beta 2

    Android Q Beta 2 operating system is already available for download on the official website of the developer.

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