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  • Ray tracing breathed new life into the legendary Crysis

    The Digital Foundry team has delivered a curious experience: with the help of ray tracing in real time improved the legendary Crysis, known for its insistence on iron. With the release of the RTX line of cards from NVIDIA technology have been criticized: the most expensive GPU appeared on the market for a long time, but gamers still have not decided how to treat raytracing. Perhaps the experiment of technical experts will help to understand this because the modernized hit Crytek looks really impressive.

    The Reshade tool, which extends DirectX capabilities, helped journalists to add ray tracing to Crysis. With games like sci-Fi shooter, released more than ten years, it can create a miracle: the addition of more advanced effects of post-processing and ray tracing significantly transformed the picture. The SOFTWARE, however, is not yet complete, and its use has limitations: the calculation of the trace is made only in the direction of the player's gaze, ignoring the area outside the viewing angles. Because of this, sometimes there are image artifacts.

    Experts believe that in older games with less complex lighting result from the use of SOFTWARE will be even more noticeable, but in Crysis, judging by the video, the effect is impressive. But there is a nuance: despite the high requirements for hardware, Reshade does not allow you to use the advantages of NVIDIA RTX-series graphics cards. The tool works only with DX9 / DX11, and to use DXR requires DirectX 12 or Vulkan API — to get an increase from RT-cores will not work.

    The team of Digital Foundry, by the way, tested not only the ray tracing. Journalists found a mod for Crysis, which adds to the action cooperative mode. According to experts, this innovation further reveals the potential of the game engine and makes you think that the series, perhaps, should be revived.

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