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  • Google has rebranded Android - No more sweets

    Two weeks after the release of the final "beta" Android Q, Google has made an important announcement about the future of the "green robot". By the release of the tenth Android, the search giant decided to reconsider the attitude to the brand Android and change the name of the versions.

    Starting with Android 1.5, each major update was named after a dessert. After the announcement of Android Q earlier this year, fans wondered what the name will get the tenth version. Google gave the answer to this question - Android 10.

    From now on, new versions of Android will be accompanied only by a number value - without a sweet addition. According to the Vice President of products and the global Android brand Director, the past "dessert" names of Android versions were not clear to all users. For example, pie is not considered a dessert in all countries.


    “Over the years, the user reviews that we received repeatedly stated that the names of desserts are not always understood in different cultures and in different languages. Food is sometimes local, ”said Samir Samat, vice president of products.

    Android 10

    Google representatives said that as versions Android 10 was considered by the Queens Cake and Quindim. As a result, the team realized that it is difficult to find a name that will be clear to all users around the world.

    In addition to refusing desserts in the title, Google has slightly updated the Android logo itself. The font has become thinner and rounded, and the letters themselves are made in black instead of green. The latter is due to the fact that people with visual impairment was difficult to see the green inscription. The company does not intend to give up the branded robot yet.

    Inside the company, developers will continue to use code names when working on new versions of Android, but in the release of the Assembly will be released with a numeric prefix. Thus, the next version of Android is likely to be called Android 11.

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