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  • Xiaomi has announced a huge number of changes to the MIUI 10 and 11

    Xiaomi company shared with fans plans for the further development of proprietary firmware MIUI. On the official forum, the developers have published a list of more than a hundred changes that are already available in the Chinese version or will appear in the foreseeable future in MIUI 10 or 11. Some of them are under consideration, and while the company is not sure of the need for their implementation.

    MIUI 10 or 11

    A number of options are already available in the latest smartphones or firmware for developers. Xiaomi is currently working on adapting them for global builds. Some innovations may not be available on all devices. Also, some of them may change to release or not appear in stable versions of MIUI at all.

    The following features will be available in the global firmware version soon:

    • Ability to stay on the lock screen after unlocking the device face
    • New sound effects for Xiaomi Music
    • New Dolby sound effects
    • Ability to use face and fingerprint unlock at the same time
    • Power saving mode improvement (super power saving function will appear)
    • Activation and awakening of the screen using voice commands
    • Optimizing garbage collection
    • New timer features
    • Night shooting mode for more devices
    • Dark interface mode
    • Font and display size can be adjusted separately
    • The charging status and signal level are displayed on the information screen

    Next is a list of features that are still in development:

    • Automatic removal of APK files after installation
    • Local photo album cart
    • Support cropping images in format 18:9
    • Reduction in false touches to the screen
    • Optimized permissions management for applications
    • Child mode
    • Bluetooth stereo in games
    • Display emergency contacts on the unlock screen
    • New charging animation
    • Updated unlock screen

    Innovations on the implementation of which Xiaomi is still thinking:

    • Lock screen orientation in play mode
    • Custom settings in game mode
    • Ability to set a default SIM card for each contact
    • New colors for the interface
    • The Snooze button in the reminder
    • Integration of third-party payment services
    • The ability to scale video
    • Overwriting the original photo after it has been processed
    • Play voice notes when the alarm rings

    A full list of all planned and pending changes is available on the official MIUI forum.

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