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  • Samsung Told About The Creation of Galaxy Fold and Shared Plans For The Future

    Executive Vice President and head of the SOFTWARE division, AI in Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Eui-Suk Chung told how the Galaxy Fold, folding smartphone was created and how it will change the lives of consumers. According to the Corporation, with the release of this gadget, there is a fundamentally new category of devices that offer users unique features.

    Eui-Suk Chung

    What motivated such development?

    The representative of Samsung says that users need a smartphone with a larger screen, which at the same time is convenient to hold in your hand. Therefore, the company decided to create a new type of device. In the past, Samsung has already had the experience of launching a new category of gadgets with the Galaxy Note line, and the demand for large screens is still preserved.


    "We presented a prototype of a folding display in 2011, but it took us another eight years to Refine the technology to offer it to people," said Eui-Suk Chung.


    What is the uniqueness of this device?

    Galaxy Fold offers mobility, a larger screen and a versatile camera in one case that fits in your pocket.


    What can users expect from Galaxy Fold?

    The gadget provides a completely new way of interaction and allows you to get the best from your smartphone and tablet. It is a compact phone that unfolds into a large display optimized for the ecosystem and Android applications. The software has been developed specifically for Galaxy Fold to ensure rational use in various scenarios. When the smartphone is folded, the user can see the notifications and perform the necessary manipulations with the device. In the open position, the large screen can be used for video viewing and full multitasking.

    What do you mean by multitasking?

    The user can open three apps at the same time on the main display to view pages, write text, exchange messages and watch videos at the same time. Galaxy Fold provides a simple and convenient way to work with applications: the program active on the external screen automatically scales on the internal screen, if the device is opened-and Vice versa. Switching between two screens is as natural as possible.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Whether all apps support the integrated work of the two screens and window multitasking?


    "Galaxy Fold has a unique interface thanks to our collaboration with Google and Android app developers. Together with our partners, we develop programs with integrated support for two screens, so that you can work not only on Samsung devices but also on Android as a whole. In cooperation with our colleagues, we have established a test lab to be able to engage and interact with top companies directly and produce the best services for our foldable smartphone," said Eui-Suk Chung.


    Over time, the number of SOFTWARE that supports foldable displays will increase. At the same time, Galaxy Fold will be able to work with not yet optimized programs.


    How to create a foldable mobile device?

    For the release of a foldable smartphone, the company has developed hardware and software from scratch, implementing application compatibility. According to the representative of Samsung, the design of new devices that are able to bend in different ways is no longer an impossible task. After the foldable gadget, buyers can expect to twist and even stretching devices from Samsung.

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