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  • Samsung said the future of consumer robotics

    Samsung introduced a line of robotic Bots devices. During the presentation, the company demonstrated the latest developments in the field of robotics and spoke about its vision of the future human interaction with smart devices.

    Samsung Bot Chef

    The possibilities of artificial intelligence have long outgrown the simple processing of photos. Samsung Bot Chef is a robotic assistant chef with an unusual design and advanced filling. The combination of programmable platform SARAM and a manipulator in the form of a hand with six degrees of freedom enable it to carry out a wide range of tasks in cooking dishes, including the crushing, mixing and cleaning. In addition, the robot is able to autonomously recognize the location of objects.

    Samsung Bot Chef

    Hand control is carried out by voice commands that are configured using the software platform. If necessary, you can teach the robot additional skills by downloading them from a special ecosystem. For the safety of collaboration, Samsung Bot Chef and human meets a complex combination of sensors with AI algorithms.

    Samsung Chef Garden

    Chef Garden is a smart robotic farm producing fresh fruits and vegetables regardless of the season. After integration with Samsung Family Hub, it uses already connected to the refrigerator power and water sources. The farming products are produced in sterile conditions with the help of technology domanovici (creating a nutrient mist) and special capsules with seeds.

    Samsung Chef Garden

    The farm independently controls the growth conditions, analyzes the performance of plants and predicts the time of harvest. The platform can also recommend a recipe based on already ripe fruits and vegetables and other products from the fridge.


    Samsung GEMS exoskeleton is designed to help elderly people with limited mobility. Supporting the lower limb joints of the wearer (GEMS-H, GEMS-K, and GEMS-A models for hips, knees, and ankles respectively), GEMS synchronizes its movements with the person, making walking easier.

    Samsung GEMS

    The system promotes repulsion when moving forward and prevents the foot from hanging down. Depending on the diagnosis, the use of a suitable version of GEMS may increase the effectiveness of treatment, including recovery from injury.

    Samsung Bot Air and Bot Clean

    Unlike stationary analogs, Samsung Bot Air is able to determine the source of polluted air with the help of sensors, move to it and start cleaning. At the end of the process (or severe pollution), the bot will report using the light indication.

    Samsung Bot Air and Bot Clean

    Interactive robotic vacuum cleaner Bot Clean is equipped with a display, "eyes" which indicate a change in the status of the device. LiDAR sensor system provides Autonomous movement of the gadget around the room using the SLAM algorithm (synchronous localization and mapping), scanning the space to determine the optimal route of movement.

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