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  • Results of OPPO Innovation Event: camera with 10x zoom, 5G and the future of mobile gaming

    On the eve of the start of the annual MWC 2019 exhibition, OPPO held an international meeting in Barcelona as part of the Innovation Event series. The event was dedicated to the presentation of new technologies that will form the basis of smartphones in 2019. In particular, there was a demonstration of the world's first mobile camera with the possibility of 10-fold zoom without loss of quality. Advanced developments in the field of 5G were also demonstrated.


    "We are proud to hold today the first presentation of the Innovation Event series for media representatives and our partners. Innovation is our priority. In recent years, we have released many new developments, trying to give our customers the opportunity to touch the future. We will continue to fulfill our obligations and release more and more new solutions, primarily in the field of 5G technologies and photography," said ANI Jiang, Vice President of OPPO.

    During the event, OPPO introduced the world's first 10x zoom technology without loss of quality for smartphones. This increase was made possible by the use of a triple camera, in which the main lens is complemented by a telephoto lens and a sensor with an ultra-wide viewing angle.


    To achieve a long focal length without changing the design and shape of the smartphone body, the company's engineers used a design that resembles a periscope. In fact, this is the development of the concept of 5-fold zoom, presented by OPPO at MWC 2017.

    In addition, an optical stabilization system was built into the prism to avoid blurred frames by compensating for the shaking of the smartphone during shooting. It is also important to note that this option works not only when shooting with zoom on the telephoto lens, but also when using the main camera for normal photos.

    The first smartphone with such a camera will be released in the second quarter of this year.


    OPPO also announced the release of the first 5g smartphone and the beginning of preparations for the deployment of fifth-generation networks within the OPPO 5g Landing Project. To do this, the company enlisted the support of four mobile operators: Swisscom (Switzerland), Telstra (Austria), Optus (Austria) and SingTel (Singapore). The main goal of the project is to start sales of smartphones with 5G support and establish a working 5G network on a global scale.


    "2019 is the 'year 5G'. As one of the main partners of OPPO, we know firsthand how seriously IT approaches the achievement of the goal — to make 5G-technology a reality for the international market. We are pleased to be among the key participants in these events," said Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm.

    OPPO 5g

    According to OPPO, the launch of the fifth generation of networks will contribute to the emergence of mobile games based on cloud computing, not inferior in quality titles for PC and consoles. The company has already agreed to cooperate with developers to create high-quality projects for smartphones. This is made possible by the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G. Live demonstration of games based on cloud systems will be held at MWC 2019.

    Also, the launch of 5g networks will open new photo opportunities for gadgets. High-speed Internet connection will allow the cloud to perform the layout and retouching of images using artificial intelligence to achieve the effect of shooting on an SLR camera. When you compose, adjacent frames overlap with intersecting areas to create a single, solid image. In parallel, various processing methods, such as camera parameter analysis and image transformation, will be used. Thus, the OPPO artificial intelligence system will be able to use the characteristics of images taken with the help of SLR cameras.

    Innovation Event participants were also shown the work of several applications in the fifth generation networks: calls using holographic images and shopping with augmented reality elements.


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