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  • OnePlus 7 Pro with retractable camera tested for strength

    The company OnePlus did not have time to complete the presentation of the new flagship OnePlus 7 Pro techno-blogger Zach Nielson posted a video with the testing device for durability. The smartphone is equipped with a virtually frameless screen and a retractable front camera, which brings some features to its use. Author YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once tested the reliability of the product for their brand method.

    The retractable front camera is hidden in the case when pressed, and a notification appears on the screen, warning against its manual closing to avoid breakage. The camera lens is covered with glass, but the area around it is made of plastic, which is easily scratched. It is worth remembering and keep your smartphone away from the sand, so that the grains of sand do not get into the mechanism and do not damage it.

    OnePlus has implemented fall protection in the smartphone, so if it is in the flight state with the front camera open, it automatically enters the body to avoid damage.

    Like all oneplus smartphones, the new 7 Pro comes with a protective film on the screen. It is easy to scratch and will help to protect the device only at first. Tempered glass Gorilla Glass 6, covering the display, much more difficult to damage. The built-in fingerprint scanner works even if the glass above it is badly scratched. The side frame, including all buttons, SIM tray and even the retractable mechanism of the front, is made of metal. It is also worth noting that the tray for "simok" has a rubber gasket that protects against penetration of water into the body.

    With the test for flexing smartphone also coped successfully even under strong efforts, the housing and the glass remained unharmed.

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