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  • Nokia 9 PureView disassembly: five cameras and liquid cooling

    Shortly after the presentation of the cameraphone Nokia PureView 9 one of the instances of the device fell into the hands of the American works under the name Pwrdbykyank. The author of the YouTube channel of the same name carried out a detailed disassembly of the smartphone and published a video dedicated to the maintainability and features of the internal layout of the device with five main cameras.


    Protection class IP 67 not only prevents the ingress of liquid into the body of the smartphone but also makes it difficult to disassemble. To separate the back cover, the enthusiast had to carefully warm it with a special Hairdryer and gently pry with a plastic tool. This is due to a large amount of glue used in the Assembly.

    In addition to the impressive adhesive layer, to access the filling of the device, the author of the roller had to Unscrew thirteen screws holding a plastic casing that covers the main components of the smartphone. After that, he was able to disconnect the wireless charging coil, glued to the body of the battery and the main camera module with an unusual arrangement of sensors.

    The cooling system of Nokia 9 PureView is represented by a non-removable evaporation chamber, tightly adjacent to the hottest components of the motherboard, including an eight-core Snapdragon 845 processor. The remaining elements, such as the speaker module and charging port, did not cause problems when disassembling. The display module with a built-in fingerprint scanner is carefully glued to the frame of the case, and it will also need to be "processed" with a Hairdryer to remove it.


    Nokia PureView 9

    Nokia PureView 9

    Nokia PureView 9

    Summing up the results of the video, the blogger noted that if necessary, most of the components of the flagship device are easy to replace, but you need to be ready to spend time and be patient when disassembling because of the large amount of glue.

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