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  • Motorola Told About The Upcoming Foldable Smartphone

    Motorola representatives have repeatedly hinted at the return of the iconic RAZR V3 in the form of a foldable smartphone, and now this information is officially confirmed. Vice President of global product Dan Dery in an interview with Engadget shared the details of the upcoming news.


    "We started working on folding devices a long time ago. We had a lot of ready-made options," Motorola representative said.


    Dan Dery noted that the use of one display in Huawei Mate X is the most correct solution, but due to the fragility of such a screen, Motorola decided to abandon this idea and go the other way.


    "We tested a POLED device with a plastic film on top. When you touch such a display with your nails, scratches appear on it. The screen has an initially short life cycle; it starts to die the day you unpack it. But it's beautiful. It's beautiful on the first day," said Motorola Vice President.

    He also hinted that Motorola is not going to put the display outside. All this once again hints that the folding device of the company will remind a clamshell RAZR V3 as it was repeatedly described in patents. Dery said that they are exploring the possibility of releasing a device with two hinges and one screen that folds in half, leaving the phone mode only one third. Several Chinese manufacturers are also actively studying this concept. But the Vice President assured that due to technical limitations, one should not expect such a solution in their first foldable gadget.

    During the conversation, Dan Dery confirmed the upcoming release but did not name any specific dates. He just said that the company is not going to release the device later than everyone else on the market. Usually, Motorola's new products are presented in summer at a special event, so the announcement of a foldable smartphone is worth waiting for in the same place. By that time, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X should be on sale.

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