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  • Microsoft HoloLens 2: Snapdragon 850 and controller-free operation

    Microsoft has announced a mixed reality headset of the second generation called HoloLens 2. Compared with the previous model, the novelty has received a number of improvements: a more efficient Snapdragon processor, rethought the ergonomics of the body and significantly increased field of view while maintaining the pixel density of the holograms.


    Microsoft HoloLens 2 is the second revision of Microsoft's mixed reality glasses, using holography with laser image projection. It has received a significant hardware upgrade, including a high-performance mobile processor Snapdragon 850. The field of view of the new item has more than doubled, maintaining a holographic density of 47 pixels per degree of view. The use of the new depth sensor in combination with AI algorithms allows direct manipulation of holograms without the use of third-party controllers.

    The headset has a balanced center of gravity by moving the built-in battery to the rear of the case. The use of carbon fiber, a special donning mechanism, as well as a" breathable " design and extensive adjustment capabilities allow you to wear HoloLens 2 for a long time without discomfort. To continue working without the device, it is enough to raise the visor without removing the glasses from the head.

    Microsoft HoloLens 2

    In addition to the improved video controller, HoloLens 2 received sensors tracking eye movements, increasing the level of interaction with holograms. Came the authorization for the iris by using the system authentication Windows Hello. The possibility of joint work on various projects is declared.

    The new product is aimed primarily at corporate customers and will be available for Microsoft partners this year at a price of $3500. When you use a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist subscription, your payment starts at $125 per month. First of all HoloLens 2 will appear in the USA, Japan, China, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

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