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  • First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    Presented recently Xiaomi Mi9 once again proves that a modern smartphone with the most powerful hardware and advanced technologies does not necessarily have to cost exorbitant money. We were able to get acquainted with the novelty on the day of the international premiere in Barcelona. What does it look like, how does it feel and how does it remove the flagship device at a price almost half that of its competitors?

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    Design and ergonomics

    The smartphone comes in a compact package with the most modest set of accessories: power supply with support for fast charging, a USB Type-C cable, an adapter with USB Type-C to the headphone Jack and a silicone transparent case. The device in your hand feels quite weighty, but at the same time thin and when using any discomfort due to weight or size does not occur. All faces in the right places are rounded, to hold a 6.4-inch device in hand comfortably.

    We got a sample in a dark gray case. But the color shade varies slightly depending on the angle and lighting — from almost black to silver. It is also available in versions of blue and lilac colors - their body has a beautiful holographic effect. The back cover is made of glass and quickly collects prints, which, thanks to a good oleophobic coating is also fast and erased.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    Almost the entire front panel was occupied by a large display with a small drop-shaped cutout for the front camera. The solution is already familiar and looks much nicer than the standard "bangs". In comparison with last year's Mi8, the frame became noticeably thinner, especially the lower, which was reduced by almost half.

    Physical buttons are located on the right side: volume control and power on. On the left side, there is an additional button, which by default is responsible for launching Google Assistant, but it can be reassigned to the settings and other functions. On top is the infrared port to control household appliances. On the bottom side, there is a USB Type-C connector and a pair of speakers. They are very loud and even on the" maximum " sound without distortion, but do not create the same stereo effect as in Mi8, where the second speaker is spoken. Protection standard IP67 or IP68 in the smartphone is traditionally not, so it should be kept away from water.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    On the reverse side, there is a triple main camera, where the upper sensor is highlighted with rainbow edging-no payload, but it looks very unusual and at first, it can be taken as a flash ring. There is no fingerprint scanner in the usual place at the back — it is built directly into the display. Note that among all tested smartphones with a sub-screen scanner in this unlock the fastest: the device instantly responds to touch and immediately opens the main screen. There is also an unlock using facial recognition, which also works instantly, but to activate you must first press the power button.


    Xiaomi Mi9 received the flagship Super AMOLED matrix with a diagonal of 6.4 inches and an aspect ratio of 19: 9. According to the manufacturer, the screen occupies 90.3% of the front side. In the resolution Full HD+ (2340х1080) picture is smooth and the "ladder" to consider the impossible. The claimed maximum brightness is 600 nits — more than most smartphones with OLED panels. The picture is well visible even in the daytime the street. The distortion of colors appears only at very large angles, it will not affect the experience of everyday use.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    In the display settings, you can fine-tune the color and color temperature, achieving the ideal picture for yourself. So it is extremely difficult to make a claim to the image quality. The only quibble to the screen: the panel itself in the off state has a little grayish color and it is clearly visible against the background of black frames.


    Xiaomi Mi9 became the first smartphone of the company with a triple camera. It consists of the main module Sony IMX586 48 MP for conventional photos, Samsung S5K3M5 12 MP telephoto lens for dual optical zoom, and Sony IMX481 16 MP for wide-angle images with a viewing angle of 117°.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    By default, photos are taken in 12-megapixel resolution, the 48-megapixel mode is enabled with a separate button and is recommended for use only in a good light. There's no optical stabilization on any of the sensors. The manufacturer has provided a function to prevent the blocked horizon in the pictures-the smartphone itself rotates the picture during shooting at the desired angle, based on the data of the gyroscope. During video recording, electronic stabilization can be enabled, but only at resolutions up to 4K @ 30 fps.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    In a short time of the first acquaintance, we did not have time to check the operation of the front camera on 20 MP in different modes. But judging by the first few frames, in good light pictures are very detailed. For girls, there are a huge number of opportunities to improve selfies with the help of artificial intelligence.

    The camera app starts instantly and offers many modes and features. Directly from Mi Mix 3 here migrated night mode and recording ultra-slow video with a frequency of 960 frames and 1080p resolution. There is an option to track moving objects in the frame when shooting video and stabilize the image by a small crop. When using a wide-angle lens, distortion correction can be activated to minimize distortion. In portrait mode, you can adjust the degree of background blur.

    Filling and performance

    The smartphone is based on the top mobile processor Snapdragon 855. This is the first device on this chip that came into our hands. To evaluate the performance of new items fully under load failed, but the interface is simply "flying". None of the menus or applications we have not noticed a hint of slowing down. Of course, we had a device out of the box with a minimum of installed software. But the experience of using previous flagships shows that even with the operation of the smartphone is unlikely to begin to blunt. Works Mi9 running proprietary firmware MIUI 10.2 based on Android 9.0 Pie.

    Immediately after the presentation of the smartphone, we had doubts about the battery capacity of only 3300 mAh with such a large screen. Details autonomy we only have to check during a long test, but in the first few hours of acquaintance, the percentage of the charge went very slowly. And this is despite the hard load: the maximum brightness of the screen, photo, data transfer, etc.

    Xiaomi Mi9 was the first in the world to support 20W wireless charging. However, the corresponding docking station will have to be purchased separately. By wire, the maximum charging power is 27W. Check the time to fully charge the device we left for a full review.

    First look at Xiaomi Mi9: top technologies are twice cheaper than competitors

    After several hours of use, Xiaomi Mi9 leaves only positive feelings, but it is too early to make final conclusions. In the course of detailed testing, you want to get to know what kind of beast this Snapdragon 855, test a 48-megapixel camera in a variety of conditions, and check how much battery will be enough. Let's check and tell in the full review of the new flagship.

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