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  • First look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+: ten out of ten

    The flagship line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones is a great example of how you can produce successful technological solutions without stepping on the rake of fashion trends. From year to year, Korean gadgets continue to bend their design line, not inferior to competitors in terms of filling. Today we will find out whether the company managed to continue this trend in the tenth-anniversary model.

    Design and ergonomics

    For the updated flagship line, Samsung chose a time-tested recipe for creating a design to take the most successful developments of the previous generation, to make them even better and not to look like another representative of the "clone army". The formula worked: to confuse the Galaxy S10 with a representative of another brand is extremely difficult. And inside the line to make a mistake will not work: the older version gives not only an increased diagonal but also the characteristic shape of the hole in the screen for a double front.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    The back cover of the smartphone, as if in mockery of the trends, shows a horizontally positioned triple camera unit. This decision does not affect the quality of shooting but adds originality to the device. As well as the audio connector which remained in an era of wireless earphones from which modern flagships get rid of the same speed with which in due time got "monobrow".

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Despite the smooth contours of the glass case, the gadget does not try to jump out of the hands. Glossy surface predictably collects fingerprints-but not stronger than any analog. It was either buy a case or don't pay attention to it. No claims to the Assembly: everything is adjusted to the conscience, no backlash, and squeaks. However, others from the flagship and do not expect. The same and part of tactile sensations: keep Galaxy S10 in the hand just nice — it's top of the line gadgets Samsung always been fine.

    A compact smartphone cannot be called, but the discomfort grip with one hand does not cause - affects the rounded shape of the display and the back cover. The layout of the connectors is identical to its predecessor: bottom USB Type-C, audio jack, and speaker grille, top-trays for SIM-card, and microSD. The location of the physical buttons has not changed either: turn on and adjust the volume on the left side, and the ubiquitous Bixby — on the right.

    Samsung Galaxy S10


    Galaxy S10 received a 6.1-inch screen, made by Dynamic AMOLED technology with a resolution of QHD+, diagonal Galaxy S10+ with the same characteristics little more-6.4 inches. You can use a device of such size with one hand, but it all depends on the task. By default, the system screen resolution is lower than the nominal — "only" Full HD+ (for everyday scenarios it is enough, and the battery is saved). If desired, you can go to the "native" number of pixels in the smartphone settings. The quality of the picture does not cause any complaints: excellent brightness, juicy shades, and deep black color — the business card of AMOLED-matrices. There is an option for those who find the palette of new items too challenging: with a simple change of color profile, you can get much softer shades a La IPS.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    The highlight of the updated line Galaxy-screen Infinity-O, which replaced the wide upper frame of the previous models. The first sign of Samsung with a display of this type was the Galaxy A8S, and after its announcement, the flagship series does not seem to be something out of the ordinary. Even the oval hole in the S10 + matrix does not look foreign. Absolutely not notice it at first does not work, but cognitive dissonance does not cause the hole. And even compared to the infamous "bangs" and does look almost invisible.


    Both smartphones feature identical triple basic cameras. Samsung did not chase the number of megapixels, focusing on more vital characteristics. The sensor combination is as follows: 12MP phase-locked telephoto lens with f/2.4 aperture, a wide-angle sensor with the same resolution, variable aperture f/1.5-f/2.4, and super wide-angle f/2.2 at 16 megapixels.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Different devices design selfie camera. In the basic model, only one 10-megapixel module with f/1.9 aperture, and the Galaxy S10+ version is equipped with a second "eye" at 8 MP. The second sensor performs the function of the depth of field analysis and allows you to take a selfie with the ability to adjust the degree of background blur.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Filling and performance

    According to the established tradition, Samsung has kept the regional division of the iron filling of its devices. Depending on the version, smartphones are equipped with the flagship eight-core processor Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855. Both platforms can easily cope with the most resource-intensive applications and hits of the mobile gaming industry.

    Galaxy S10 and S10+ base configuration are RAM 8 GB, internal storage of 128 GB. The top version of the older model received 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage. If this seems a little, with the help of a microSD card you can expand this volume for another 512GB.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Out of the box, new items are running Android 9.0 Pie with a proprietary shell One UI. The response rate of the interface is predictably high — after all, we are not talking about budget devices. The system reacts without any lags, the animation is smooth, the application launch is instant.

    In addition to the fast wireless Charging 2.0 fast wireless Charging function, smartphones were able to charge other gadgets. It works surprisingly simple: put the same wireless headphones on the back cover of the smartphone, and the process starts automatically. Given the good capacity of native batteries (3400 mAh S10 and 4100 mAh S10+), this option can help out when the playlist broke somewhere in the middle of the list of tracks, and the outlet was not at hand.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Due to the limited time of the first acquaintance, it was not possible to evaluate the novelties in detail. We will consider it in a full review.

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