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  • HONOR MagicBook Pro: 16.1-inch ultrabook with Core i7 and 14 hours of operation

    In China, there was a presentation of new products of the brand HONOR. In addition to the HONOR 9X smartphone, one of the main announcements of the event was a new generation of MagicBook Pro laptops. The computer received an ultra-thin body, an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a discrete graphics card and an affordable price.

    HONOR MagicBook Pro

    The updated generation of laptops received an ultra-thin case with a thickness of 16.9 millimeters. The weight of the 16.1-inch gadget is 1.7 kilograms. Engineers have taken care of a miniature frame around the perimeter of the display — their thickness is only 4.9 millimeters, whereby the ratio of FHD-screen to the top cover of the laptop reaches 90%.

    HONOR MagicBook Pro

    HONOR MagicBook Pro

    MagicBook Pro is presented in several versions: with processors of the eighth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of built-in space. The top model received a graphics accelerator 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce MX250. MagicBook Pro supports cross-platform clipboard technology with HONOR smartphones.

    An interesting feature was the retractable webcam, which engineers built directly into the keyboard. So it was possible to avoid cuts on the display.

    HONOR MagicBook Pro

    According to the manufacturer, the autonomy of MagicBook Pro is impressive 14 hours. Such indicators were achieved through the installation of energy-efficient components and two coolers with blades of a unique shape, providing a more intense airflow.

    MagicBook Pro is available exclusively in grey. The younger model with Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory will cost $799. The same equipment, but on the basis of the Intel Core i7 processor will cost $901. The top model with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory will cost $1162. Laptop sales are scheduled for July 29 in China.

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    • By M. Konwar
      The HONOR brand continues to expand its product range. The latest addition to its collection was a wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner. It got a powerful motor, long battery life, and a fairly low price in comparison with competitors.

      The HONOR handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 125 W brushless motor with a rotation speed of 100,000 rpm, providing a suction force of 24 kPa. The design of the device uses technology to optimize air flow using ten cyclones, which allows you to effectively separate dust and tiny particles from the air, and also ensures that all garbage remains inside a special container. The structure weighs 1.65 kg. A full charge lasts up to 65 minutes of continuous cleaning.
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    • By M. Konwar
      In Russia, the presentation of the new fully wireless headphones HONOR Magic Earbuds took place. They support active noise reduction technology, which allows you to clearly hear your interlocutor and music even on the street or in the subway. Taking into account the case, the model can work without recharging for up to 13 hours.

      HONOR Magic Earbuds are made in the form of trapezoidal inserts. They are equipped with three silicon MEMS microphones. The external one picks up noises and suppresses them with a reverse sound wave of the same amplitude, then the internal one analyzes the remaining extraneous sounds and silences them in the same way. Additional protection against external noise is provided by silicone liners, available in three sizes. They provide a reliable fit of the headphones in the ear. When talking or during a road crossing, the noise reduction function can be turned off - for this, a long press on one of the headphones is enough.

      The new product also includes a control system with capacitive sensors that allows you to answer and end calls, turn on and off the playback of tracks. At the same time, there is protection against accidental clicks. In addition, owners of HONOR and HUAWEI smartphones can set up an individual control system in the special AI Life app.
      To pair with another device for the first time, just open the charging case and press the connect button, then go to the Bluetooth settings and select HONOR Magic EarBuds. When using headphones with devices based on the EMUI 10 or Magic UI interface, the connection is even faster: in this case, you just need to open the charging case next to the necessary gadget and wait for the pop-up window to appear.

      The headphones are equipped with individual batteries that provide up to 3.5/3 hours of audio playback and up to 2.5/2 hours of conversations with noise reduction turned off and on, respectively. Charging in the case extends the battery life to 12 and 13 hours when talking and listening to music.
      HONOR Magic Earbuds will be available from April 30 in the official online store of HONOR and in the stores of brand partners at a recommended retail price of 8,990 rubles. When placing an order from April 30 to May 15 in a company store, users will receive an HONOR Band 5 fitness tracker as a gift, and the first 2000 customers will receive a 3-month subscription to Yandex.Music.
    • By M. Konwar
      This month, the HONOR brand does not intend to limit itself to just the presentation of the frameless smartphone X10, scheduled for the 20th. Before that, there will be another event called HONOR Smart Life. It is expected to be dedicated to smart home solutions.

      While there is no information about what exactly HONOR will show during the event on May 18, but earlier, the head of the company, George Zhao(Ming), promised to hold a major presentation in May, in which many new products should be presented. The brand is likely to expand its "1+8+N" ecosystem, which combines all gadgets and smartphones as a link between the user and a variety of smart devices.
    • By M. Konwar
      The brand HONOR released the first laptop - the device turned out to be really interesting. Although HONOR MagicBook looks compact, it is equipped with a capacious battery and productive filling. We tell you why the new product is worth a closer look.

      Two versions for different tasks
      The laptop is produced in two versions. The first was equipped with AMD processor and integrated graphics card Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. This bundle is good for working with documents and active use of the Internet. The second option is more advanced, with Intel Core i5 processor and discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150. The solution is designed for more complex tasks: for example, retouching images in Photoshop and editing small videos.
      Performance adds a 256GB SSD drive. After all, solid-state drives are much more agile in reading and writing data than traditional hard drives. HONOR MagicBook is not only instantly turned on and ready to work, but also quickly launches resource-intensive programs. Therefore, suitable for those who appreciate good speed and compactness. A great option for businessmen, copywriters and even designers on the remote.

      Nice to look at the screen
      HONOR MagicBook is equipped with a 14-inch display, but it fits in a small 13-inch laptop case — thanks to the thin 5.2 mm frames. So the screen occupies 81% of the top cover area. It looks not only modern but also practical. And with FullHD resolution, pixels are indistinguishable on the display. The result is decent image quality.
      Suitable for entertainment
      Intel-version of the laptop received a discrete graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. In addition, both versions use 8 GB of RAM. For effective heat dissipation is responsible for a special cooling system from the fan with a copper coating and a hidden air duct. During a working break, you can hack into an online shooter, a good indie or a proven classic. The process will be comfortable and will allow at least a short break from the daily routine.

      HONOR MagicBook will appeal to those who while away their leisure time watching your favorite TV series. High-quality sound is provided by four stereo speakers Dolby Atmos — they will add tension to the sharp moments of the "Game of Thrones".
      Energy reserve for the whole day
      For Autonomous operation of the battery is responsible for 57.4 W*h. According to the manufacturer, it can withstand 12 hours of continuous video playback — you can arrange a dacha movie marathon with friends. Also, the battery should be enough for 13 hours of editing documents. This ensures a full working day without recharging. Autonomy HONOR MagicBook will be very useful during business trips or travel around the world. If necessary, it will not be difficult to recharge the laptop: for this purpose, the case has a USB Type-C connector, as in current smartphones — many modern power banks of large capacity will cope.

      Design and ergonomics
      HONOR MagicBook is thin and light — only 1.47 kilograms. But the body is made of metal, so reliable and resistant to damage. Due to its small size and thickness of 1.5 cm, it is convenient to carry in your hand.
      The keyboard is equipped with three backlight modes, and the distance between the buttons is large enough to avoid errors when typing blindly. In addition, the keyboard is protected from moisture, although it is not necessary to overturn a Cup of cappuccino on the device.

      Do not forget the manufacturer and the safety of personal data. The version of the laptop with Intel processor was equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the body. Just put your finger on it — and the screen is activated in less than a second. Fast and secure unlocking will protect important information from prying eyes.
      HONOR MagicBook looks and works exactly as it should be the modern assistant of the businessman, traveler, and freelancer. Due to its compactness, it is convenient to take with you, and the filling is optimized for fast execution of business tasks. Laconic design and high-quality screen add to the first laptop HONOR attractiveness.
      Learn more about HONOR MagicBook
    • By M. Konwar
      Following the leakage of the photograph of the upcoming laptop release HONOR MagicBook Pro, the manufacturer published the first official video teaser for the future. The video reveals the design features of the laptop and the key features of its design.
      A short video series demonstrates the device’s minimal display frames, a slim body (presumably metallic) and built-in stereo speakers on the sides of the keyboard. Detailed specifications of the model are unknown: according to previous leaks, the MagicBook Pro will be equipped with a 16.1-inch display, an Intel Core i5-8265U processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD-drive and a discrete NVIDIA MX250 graphics card.

      The model will receive a webcam integrated into the keyboard and a fingerprint scanner combined with a power button. According to available information, the laptop will support the Magic Link function, which provides fast data exchange between the computer and the smartphone.
      The presentation of the HONOR MagicBook Pro will take place on July 23.
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