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  • Acer Swift 1 overview: metal housing, IPS matrix, and up to 13 hours of operation

    Most ultrabooks with a high-quality screen, normal autonomy, and thin body are indecently expensive. But many users do not need powerful business-class solutions — they need a laptop for everyday tasks. Acer Swift 1-just such a "popular" PC: IPS-matrix, long-playing battery, and a beautiful metal case. What else is good available model? Tell.

    Acer Swift 1

    Working day without recharging

    Perhaps the main problem of most laptops is weak autonomy. Most often, the laptops of the middle price segment are able to provide only two or three movies or a few hours of web surfing. Taking such a device where there is no outlet at hand — for study or on a trip — is practically meaningless.

    In the case of Swift 1, the manufacturer has focused on Autonomous operation. Powerful battery capacity of 54 W * h, coupled with an economical processor allows you to watch video for about 13 hours on the average brightness of the screen. For an hour, the laptop is discharged by about 7-8%.

    Under active load (watching videos on YouTube, writing articles in Google Docs and chatting in messengers) Acer Swift 1 was enough for almost 8 hours. Ultrabook cannot be brought to the outlet all day, and if you reduce the brightness level and turn off the backlight of the keyboard, even longer.

    Of the nice features worth noting is a small complete unit for charging: it does not take much space in your bag or backpack. From 0 to 100% battery is filled in two and a half hours.

    Swift 1

    Performance for everyday tasks

    The laptop is equipped with a Quad-core Intel Pentium N4200 1.1 GHz processor with built-in Intel HD 505 graphics. The RAM is 4 GB and SSD of 128 GB. Also sold a version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of permanent memory. There is Wi-Fi with 5 GHz and Bluetooth.

    It won't be possible to run heavy games and mount 4K video on Swift 1, but its performance is enough for standard use. You can watch movies in Full HD, open simple apps for study and office programs.

    In this ultrabook "pulls" old and undemanding toys. So, it runs CS: Source and Hearthstone — you can play without lags with comfortable fps values. With large files in PDF or Excel, too, there are no difficulties: filling Swift 1 enough that he did not "think" when you open a table for several thousand rows.

    Acer Swift 1

    Metal body and fingerprint scanner

    First impression of Acer Swift 1: "Wow, how thin and light it is. Wow, it's also metal!" Indeed, the surface of the laptop is made of polished metal, resistant to scratches and scuffs. In addition, it does not collect fingerprints and perfectly protects the device from external influences.

    The model weighs only 1.4 kg, and its thickness is 15 mm. the Body is made qualitatively, there are no deflections of the cover or creak. Available in five colors: silver, gold, pink, green and black.

    Acer Swift 1

    Swift 1 definitely looks more expensive than its real value. Pleasantly cooling metal hands, thin and light body-the distinctive features of premium ultrabooks.

    The PC is designed for long-term work with text, so I could not do without a quality keyboard: quiet and with a pleasant course of buttons, you get used to it immediately. There is a backlight to comfortably print even in the dark. On the touchpad also did not save: it is quite responsive, works accurately and quickly. It is important that the thinness of the case did not affect the number of ports. There are two full USB connectors, HDMI and USB Type-C.

    Another feature Swift 1-fingerprint scanner. In terms of speed, it lags behind the smartphone sensors: you have to hold your finger for a few seconds on a special platform.

    Acer Swift 1

    Matte display

    Commonly available laptops are not distinguished by the quality of the screens. As a rule, they are equipped with inexpensive TN-matrices with poor color rendering and weak viewing angles.

    Swift 1 stands out against their background: it received a 14-inch IPS-matrix with Full HD resolution. Color reproduction, brightness and viewing angles at height. The display has a matte surface that does not glare even in the sun — it is comfortable to work outdoors.

    Calibration accuracy may not be enough for professional photo processing, but it will be enough for browser and office applications.

    Acer Swift 1

    Overall results

    Acer Swift 1-thin and light laptop in a metal case, breaking the stereotype that a beautiful ultrabook should be expensive. The model boasts outstanding autonomy and an excellent IPS-screen with a matte finish. For users who are looking for a quiet compact device that can work all day without connecting to an outlet, Swift 1 will be a real godsend.

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