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  • Insider information #0090: Xiaomi Mi9 5G, Realme 5 Pro, new MacBook Pro

    In this release of the Insider information: Xiaomi Mi9 5G will receive ultra-fast wireless charging; Redmi will release a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM; the smartphone Realme with a 64-megapixel camera showed on the photo; Apple will waive the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

    Xiaomi Mi9 5G will get ultra-fast wireless charging

    An Indian insider said on Twitter that the upcoming release of the Xiaomi smartphone Mi9 5G will get the fastest wireless charging on the market.

    Xiaomi Mi9 5G

    The basic version of Mi9 supports the 20W wireless charging function — obviously, the 5G modification will get a more advanced solution, but the source does not give specific figures. According to the previous leak, the new product will also receive a 2K-display, a camera with optical image stabilization and a capacious battery.

    The exact date of the announcement and detailed specifications of the gadget is unknown.

    Redmi will release a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM

    Vice President and Head of the Redmi brand Lu Weibing continues to attract the attention of readers of his microblog in Weibo intriguing questions.

    Redmi will release a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM

    Like Redmi, the black Shark brand belongs to Xiaomi but mainly produces gaming smartphones with high performance. Lu Weibing published an enthusiastic review of one of the users of the recently released Black Shark 2 Pro with 12 GB of RAM, accompanied by his question: "do you Need 12 GB?»

    Will the idea of a real incarnation, is unknown. Redmi smartphones are positioned as models with the optimal price/quality ratio of devices, and devices with performance comparable to the new Black Shark, the Redmi line has never been.

    The Realme smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera showed on the photo

    The world's first smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera has not yet been announced, but his photos have already lit up on the Internet. Earlier there were rumors that the new device will be named Realme 5.

    Realme smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera

    Posted on Slashleaks image depicts the apparatus with four cameras and a brand logo. The source designated the model as Realme 5 Pro, but the smartphone has not been officially presented yet, and its name has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

    It is expected that the novelty will be shown in India today, August 8.

    Apple will abandon the 15-inch MacBook Pro

    According to 91mobiles, the 16-inch MacBook Pro can get the same processor as the 15.4-inch display model. Presumably, the laptop will be presented next month, while it will replace the 15-inch version in the lineup of the company.

    Apple will abandon the 15-inch MacBook Pro

    Specialists of the marketing Agency HIS Markit believe that the novelty will receive the processor of the Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh family, already used in 15-inch Apple laptops. It is the fastest 45 watts Intel mobile chipset.

    According to Forbes, the production of a new laptop may begin in September, and sales — in October. It is expected that with its appearance the production of 15-inch models will be discontinued in November. This is reported by anonymous participants from companies that are among the suppliers of components for Apple.

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