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  • Insider information #0075: Nubia Z20, LG Folds, MediaTek Helio G90, Apple's 5G modem

    In this release of Insider information: Apple will begin implementing its 5G modems in 2021; MediaTek will introduce mobile processors for gamers; LG will register possible names for the flexible smartphone; zoom Nubia Z20 demonstrated in the work.

    Apple will start introducing its 5G modems in 2021

    Following the news of the purchase by Apple of the Intel, responsible for developing mobile modems, analysts have wondered when the Cupertino's will start to equip their products branded modems?

    According to Reuters News Agency, Apple plans to use Qualcomm 5G modems in the iPhone 2020, but already in the 2021 models, engineers will switch to internal development and significantly reduce Apple's dependence on a third-party manufacturer.

    Apple will start introducing its 5G modems in 2021

    The deal, estimated at a billion dollars, provides for the transfer of production capacity Intel to release modems and more than 17,000 patents related to wireless technologies, including mobile communication standards and a detailed description of the architecture and working principles of modems. It is expected that it will be closed in the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, a team of 2,200 Intel specialists will join Apple.

    MediaTek will introduce mobile processors for gamers

    On June 30, the Taiwanese company MediaTek, one of the largest players in the market of mobile processors, intends to hold a special event. It will feature a mobile platform Helio G, designed for smartphones for gamers. The first chip and flagship of the line will be MediaTek Helio G90. What exactly is the direction of the game — is unknown, but we can assume that MediaTek will focus on optimizing the architecture, powerful video card, and other chips.

    MediaTek Helio G90MediaTek Helio G90

    Until now, none of the manufacturers of mobile platform presented processors, sharpened for games, only some smartphones are optimized in a special way for better work with heavy games: Xiaomi Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic and ASUS ROG Phone of the first and second generations. This is achieved both hardware and software, for example, Huawei offers proprietary GPU Turbo technology, OPPO — Hyper Boost, Xiaomi — Game Turbo.

    LG registers possible names for a flexible smartphone

    While the world community is waiting for the final release of flexible smartphones Samsung and Huawei, other manufacturers are preparing their samples of mobile gadgets with a bendable screen. LG announced the development of its device in October 2018, and in November of the same year registered the names LG Flex, Foldi, Duplex, and Bendi. July 8, 2019, in South Korea, was granted the rights to two more brands, which can eventually be assigned to flexible smartphones: fields and Arc.

    LG registers possible names for a flexible smartphone

    LG registers possible names for a flexible smartphone

    None of these documents still does reflect the essence of the bending smartphone LG, as well as is not a guarantee that we will see on the shelves of devices with this name. According to various rumors, LG will show a bendable phone before the end of the year.

    Zoom Nubia Z20 demonstrated in the work

    The head of Nubia Nor Fay active teaser it new cameraphone Nubia Z20 in the Chinese social network Weibo. Earlier, he said that the device will be able to shoot people, the moon, landscapes, and any other objects equally well, including with the help of a front camera. A day ago, Ni Fay showed pictures taken on the Nubia Z20 camera.

    Nubia Z20

    Nubia Z20

    Unfortunately, the specifications of the Nubia Z20, including its cameras, are still unknown.

    Nubia Z20 will be presented in China on August 8.

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