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  • Insider information #0069: Sony IMX6, Google Nest Hub Max, HONOR Smart Screen

    In this release of Insider information: new camera phones will be equipped with advanced sensors Sony IMX6; Google has updated the line of terminals for smart home control; published the concept of frameless smartphone Meizu; HONOR will equip its first TV camera.

    New camera phones will be equipped with advanced sensors Sony IMX6

    Indian insider Sudhanshu Abhor published in his Twitter-blog post about the upcoming release of the flagship smartphone, the camera module includes two of the latest Sony sensor IMX6 with extension 40 megapixels and an aperture of f/1.7.

    Sony IMX6

    The name, brand and detailed specifications of the mysterious device are unknown. It is expected that the new sensor will replace the current Sony IMX586 with a resolution of 48 MP.

    Sony has not commented on the leak.

    Google has updated the line of terminals for smart home management

    Google intends to present its first terminal for managing a smart home, equipped with a built-in camera, — reports the site Techcrunch. Presumably, 10-inch Nest Hub Max will be announced in September at a price of $229.

    Google Nest Hub Max

    This is the first model in the rebranded line of devices for the smart home Google Home Hub. Unlike previous smart displays, Nest Hub Max is equipped with a camera that can be used for both video calls and as part of a security system.

    The exact date of the presentation and the list of characteristics of the device are not announced.

    Published the concept of frameless smartphone Meizu

    According to Gizmochina, citing its own sources, Meizu had plans to release a full-screen frameless smartphone in 2017, but the idea was never implemented. The network leaked conceptual sketches of such a device, which in the end did not go into production.

    Published the concept of frameless smartphone Meizu

    Judging by the image, the device with the working name Blue Charm Zero was supposed to get a case with a thickness of 8 mm and an approximate price of $479. According to Meizu Vice President Lee Nan, the company also planned to be one of the first to create a smartphone with a retractable camera.

    It is possible that later this version of the design will still be implemented in one of the new products of the brand.

    HONOR equips its first TV with a camera

    According to GizmoChina, last week the head of the brand Zhao Ming said that the upcoming release of the TV HONOR Smart Screen — is "the future of television." It will serve as an information center, a terminal for monitoring the smart home and will be able to perform other functions.

    HONOR Smart Screen

    According to available information, one of the chips will be a built-in camera, although the list of its functions is not specified. The announcement of the smart TV HONOR is expected in early August.

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