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  • US authorities oppose secure communication on the Internet

    The American edition of Politico, referring to data from three anonymous sources, talked about the plans of the administration of Donald trump to prohibit technology companies to use types of encryption that can not be hacked by law enforcement. In particular, we are talking about end-to-end encryption, which is today the most reliable way to protect user correspondence on the Internet.

    Apple Messages - one of the instant messengers using end-to-end encryption

    Apple Messages - one of the instant messengers using end-to-end encryption

    According to the publication, the issue of prohibition of end-to-end encryption was the main topic of a closed meeting of the national security Council, held last Wednesday, June 26. Reportedly, senior officials of the administration of the President of the United States met to discuss whether to introduce a law forbidding technology companies to use a form of encryption that are not able to evade law enforcement agencies to access the communications of users.

    According to sources, during the meeting two options for solving the "problem"were discussed. High-level officials have proposed either asking Congress to ban end-to-end encryption or issuing an open statement with the authorities ' position on encryption followed by a study of the issue. However, to come to a single agreement did not work because of the opposing views within the government.

    The Ministry of justice and the FBI believe that the capture of criminals and terrorists should be a top priority, so they advocated the prohibition of end-to-end encryption. The Ministry of trade and government departments opposed the decision, pointing to the economic and diplomatic implications. Within the Department of homeland security, opinions are divided, and the cybersecurity Agency understands the importance of encrypting sensitive data, but at the same time notes the obstacles associated with it in its investigations.

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