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  • TSMC "pumped" 7-nm and 5-nm processes technology

    TSMC, the world's largest manufacturer of chips, introduced improved versions of chips made by 7-nm DUV (N7) and 5-nm EUV (N5). New items under the code designation N7P and N5P differ from their predecessors increased performance while reducing power consumption.

    TSMC "pumped" 7-nm and 5-nm processes technology

    The N7P is an intermediate version of the 7nm process technology: it still uses deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography and differs from the N7 in manufacturing process optimization. This allows you to increase chip performance by 7% at the same power consumption or increase energy efficiency by 10% at equal clock speeds.

    It is worth noting that the transition to N7P does not involve increasing the density of transistors, unlike N7+ and N6, using multilayer lithography in hard ultraviolet (EUV). The improved workflow is fully compatible with solutions based on the first revision of the chip and is already available for TSMC customers who purchase 7-nm chips for their devices.

    The N5 process promises an 80% increase in density, a 15-25% increase in performance, or a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the N7. In turn, the announced N5P assumes an additional "boost" of computing power by 7% or increased energy efficiency by 15% compared to N5. Commercial deliveries of N5P chips are expected to start in early 2021.

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