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  • TSMC has announced the timing of mass production of 5 and 3-nanometer processors

    Taiwanese company TSMC, one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor products, has announced its readiness to produce 5-nanometer processors. This will happen in the near future. Along with this, plans have also changed for the transition to 3 nm.

    TSMC has announced the timing of mass production of 5 and 3-nanometer processors

    According to a senior vice president of TSMC, one of the key goals of the company was to exceed Moore’s law, according to which the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles every 24 months with a corresponding increase in power.

    The company representative noted that preliminary work on the manufacture of chips using a 5-nanometer process has already been completed. Now the company is conducting final tests and will be ready to launch production lines in the second half of 2020. Thus, by the end of next year, the first ready-made solutions will appear. It is assumed that at least 5 new processors from HUAWEI will be implemented in the 5-nm process technology. The latter has officially announced the Kirin 1000 processor, which will receive the Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro smartphones.

    In addition, TSMC Vice President noted that in parallel with the introduction of 5-nanometer technology, engineers are working on 3-nanometer process technology. It was previously assumed that the first solutions made using this technology will appear only in 2023. Now, the company promises that this will happen a year earlier - in 2022.

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