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  • The world's largest search engine celebrates its birthday

    The world-famous search service began its work in September 1998 after two years of work in the status of a research project. Today, the search giant is celebrating its 21st birthday - in honor of the event, an anniversary “postcard” has already appeared on the search engine’s main page.

    The world's largest search engine celebrates its birthday

    With the release of the new doodle, Google decided to recall what a typical computer looked like in those years when the founders of the company published an article with the complex title “Anatomy of a large-scale hypertext search engine on the Internet”. Then they described a prototype base, which should contain at least 24 million pages.

    “We chose the name Google, because it was in tune with the spelling of the googol number, and looked like a combination of numbers 10100. This name corresponded to our plans for creating large-scale search engines,” said Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

    Today, the Google search base processes billions of queries per day, and from a simple search engine, the company has grown into an influential corporation led by the parent company Alphabet, which is related to a number of industries - from mobile applications to car-to-car driving systems.

    The world's largest search engine celebrates its birthday

    Interestingly, periodically Google celebrates birthdays on different days. In 2018, a festive doodle was published on September 26, in 2004 a significant date fell on September 7, and a year earlier, on September 8. It is believed that this is due to various key events that occurred with the company in the first year of its existence.

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