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  • The Saudi Prince will build the city of the future with a flying taxi and the Moon

    As only not have fun eccentric rich men! Recently, one millionaire announced his desire to arrange a Royal battle in real life. Later are not deprived of the finances the representative of the Eastern nobility spent in the compendium Dota 2 more than $21 000. Now the Saudi Prince wants to build his city... with an artificial Moon and robot battles.

    The Saudi Prince will build the city of the future with a flying taxi and the Moon

    It is important to note that the city of the future, which received the working name Neom, is not just a fantasy or a whim of the monarch, but a full-fledged project with a technical task of 2300 pages. Mohammed ibn Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, decided to build a super-technological settlement in order to diversify the country's economy. The idea came to him four years ago, when the monarch was thinking about how to help the power to stand up. Studying Google Earth maps, he noticed a large plot of free land in the North-Western part of the state — there is something and the city will be located.

    Among the most remarkable know-how that Prince conceived for Neom are schools with hologram teachers, a Jurassic Robo-Park, fights without rules between robots, a flying taxi, a beach glowing in the dark and a huge artificial Moon, which the monarch plans to create in cooperation with NASA. Among other things, the representative of the nobility wants to bestow all the inhabitants of the city of the future obedient cyborg-servants, to develop a system of artificial rain, as well as to invest in experiments to change the human genome in order to make people physically stronger and more resilient. Not without an advanced system of surveillance of citizens, which, in theory, will prevent any crime.

    The Saudi Prince will build the city of the future with a flying taxi and the Moon

    However, when it came to the first discussions of the city plan, experts expectedly had questions to some of the ideas of the dreamer. So, although engineers have come up with a way to make a new moon from a fleet of drones, but did not find a real opportunity to make the beach glow in the dark. To the road plan of the city, the experts also had claims — the Prince was advised to reconsider his imperfect version, because of what he was furious: they say, by the time the construction is completed, the roads will not be needed at all, because by 2030 everyone will have flying cars.

    But not a single technological innovation. The crown Prince also wants to make Neom nominally independent due to a number of problems in his home state, including an opaque system, bans on alcohol, corruption, and limited women's rights. The responsible monarch believes that these shortcomings are so entrenched in Saudi Arabia that it is much easier to develop an initially devoid of their administrative unit than to correct the situation at home.

    Implement all the ideas of Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud is unlikely — some of them are simply unrealistic. However, part of the Prince's dream can still come true, because the ambitious project has already begun to attract investment. According to preliminary data, the authorities of Saudi Arabia will need $500 billion to build the city of the future.

    Recall that in one of the Chinese cities intend to create artificial moons to illuminate the streets.

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