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  • The oldest webcam in the world will be turned off after 25 years of broadcasting

    FogCam is considered the oldest live webcam in the world - it began its broadcast in 1994, survived the era of the early Internet, caught Web 2.0 and gained popularity on social networks. Alas, the device will not wait for the next anniversary: due to the circumstances, the authors of the project announced the forced cessation of further support for the work of the famous "webcam".

    The oldest webcam in the world will be turned off after 25 years of broadcasting

    The history of FogCam began in 1994 when American students Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong decided to install a camera near the University campus in San Francisco. Initially, the equipment was installed in such a way that it was possible to observe one of the streets shrouded in fog. About his decision to dismantle the "old woman" the authors of the project reported in his Twitter-blog.

    In an interview with SFGate, Schwartz explained that the project is being closed due to lack of space for its installation. He thanked the University for its patience and stressed that despite the camera off, the FogCam website will continue to work "for the sake of descendants".

    Before the advent of FogCam, the oldest camera was considered a "webcam" in the computer lab of the University of Cambridge. It was installed in 1993. Her task was to provide remote control over the coffee pot in the room. Turned off the camera in 2001.

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