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  • The number of victims of coronavirus in the United States exceeded 20 thousand people

    12th April - The United States has surpassed Italy in the number of deaths from coronavirus and has become the most affected country, according to the BBC.

    According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 20,000 people have died from the disease in the United States. Deaths were recorded in all states except Wyoming.

    The number of victims of coronavirus in the United States exceeded 20 thousand people

    In Italy, 19,468 people died on Sunday morning.

    This figure was reached by the US shortly after more than 2 thousand people died in the country in one day from COVID-19. In the States, 529,951 cases are officially registered.

    The most difficult situation is in New York state, where more than 180 thousand people have fallen ill. Governor Andrew Cuomo noted that the death rate in the state has stabilized: the numbers are still high, but they are not growing.

    On Saturday, April 11, in all States of the country for the first time in history, "large-scale disaster" regimes were declared.

    As ABC News reminds, on March 31, the White House announced that the death rate from COVID-19 in the country will be from 100 thousand to 240 thousand. But at the same time, the Institute for Health Indicators and Assessment at Washington University estimated this figure at 84 thousand deaths. Later, the same Institute revised the estimate and already announced a projected 60,000 deaths.

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