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  • The new virus for iOS and Android is able to read correspondence in Telegram and WhatsApp

    The specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" has detected new variant of virus-spy FinSpy, is capable of tracking user activity on mobile devices. Its main and most dangerous feature was the ability to read the correspondence in secure messengers such as Telegram and WhatsApp. At risk — the owners of gadgets on Android and iOS.

    The new virus for iOS and Android is able to read correspondence in Telegram and WhatsApp

    With the help of the virus, attackers can remotely hack a mobile device using SMS, email and even push notifications. According to experts, hackers can steal a variety of user data: contacts, emails, SMS messages, calendar entries, GPS location, photos, local files, voice recordings and data from messengers. In the case of the latter, encryption technologies used in Telegram and similar services are powerless.


    "Finspy authors are closely monitoring the emergence of new security solutions for mobile platforms and are quickly making changes to their software to keep it running. Moreover, they monitor which applications are gaining popularity among potential victims, and implement functions that allow collecting data from them," the expert of Kaspersky Lab said.

    Finspy virus works with devices running Android and iOS. However, to infect the attackers need either direct physical access to the gadget or the lack of protection on the victim's smartphone. In the case of Android, it's about using older versions of the OS, and Jailbreak users are prone to hacking on the iPhone.

    In order not to become a victim of intruders, Kaspersky Lab experts recommend regularly installing system updates as soon as they become available.

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