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  • The military tested a new type of reconnaissance drone

    The U.S. military began testing an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft called V-Bat. This is the latest version of the remotely controlled tailsitter, that is, the aircraft, which is capable of producing vertical takeoff and landing. It is planned that the new UAV authored by MartinUAV will replace the long-established RQ-7 Shadow in the service of the government.

    The tests were carried out on the USNS Spearhead transport ship. However, the detailed results of testing the military still decided not to share with the public. It is understandable, the development of something army — so look at the principle of the device can only be on the old video, one of which is presented above. About actual tests, it is known that employees are satisfied and are thinking to take the development MartinUAV into service as worthy competitors have V-Bat a little bit. The drones will undergo a series of in-depth tests, after which — approximately by 2020 — the army will make a choice. It is important to note that the V-Bat drone is used by U.S. services in the fight against drug trafficking since 2016. But in the case of successful "exams", the scope of its application will be significantly expanded.

    As for the creators of V-Bat from MartinUAV, they do not hide the capabilities of the device. It is argued that tailsitter speeds of up to 166 km/h at altitude up to 4.5 km and its battery life is 8 hours. Also, the drone can carry small loads weighing up to 3.5 kg. However, perhaps the most convenient in the development is that for take-off and landing V-Bat need a tiny space of no more than 2.7 square meters. And the accuracy of the landing of the UAV is impressive — during one of the tests, the well-aimed drone was able to sit in the body of a moving car.

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