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  • The Japanese are developing a "satellite-antikiller"

    The government of Japan is considering the possibility of launching an orbital interceptor with electromagnetic weapons on board, - reports the Japan News. The task of the unusual device will be the neutralization of military satellites of foreign countries.

     The Japanese are developing a "satellite-antikiller"

    Fears of the Japanese self-defense forces have caused the so-called "killer satellites" of other States, which are potentially capable of destroying "unfriendly" orbital vehicles. According to rumors, China has already developed a satellite equipped with a robotic arm, which can damage and disable "competitors". The government of Japan has concluded that the country needs to strengthen its defense capabilities in space - now The self-defense forces use only "conventional" orbital devices for gathering information, communication, and positioning.

    According to the source, the Japanese administration is considering the creation of a new type of satellite that can deactivate military satellites of other countries. In the current financial year, research in the field of robotic weapons based on electromagnetic waves will begin. Based on the results of the survey, the government will decide to introduce and launch such interceptors by the end of fiscal 2020.

    In the event of an emergency, the possibility of interception from the ground and aircraft warning and control systems (AWACS) by electromagnetic radiation is also being considered. It is expected that the aircraft jamming systems will be developed by the mid-2020s, and only then will the satellite interception project begin. Ground-based electronic warfare systems will be deployed at the facilities of the Ground self-defense forces, including vehicles.

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