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  • The head of Google responded to criticism of the new YouTube rules

    The tightening of the rules for posting content on the popular YouTube video hosting caused a flurry of negativity on the part of users and authors of published videos. Criticism of the service has not gone unnoticed — the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai in an interview with TV channel HBO said what are the principles that guide the company in the evaluation of published materials.

    The head of the Corporation noted that the work of YouTube is being improved, but admitted that the video service has unresolved problems of the quality of algorithms for the selection of recommended materials. According to him, the Google search engine ranks the delivery of content depending on its quality — a similar approach will be applied to YouTube materials. Quality content will be given an absolute advantage, and the promotion and monetization of extremist or "borderline" (formally permitted content) will be either completely banned or curtailed in advertising privileges.

    Last week, YouTube was in the center of a scandal associated with the channel of American political activist Stephen Crowder. First, representatives of the service said that its content does not violate the company's policy, but the next day limited the ability to monetize the channel. Sundar Pichai declined to evaluate the effectiveness of the updated YouTube policy but acknowledged that it is more difficult for the company to determine the quality of video compared to search queries.



    "This is a difficult social problem because we need a better framework to define what hate speech is and what is not, and how we, as a company, make these decisions correctly without making mistakes," said the CEO of Google.

    Previously, the management of the video hosting reported a change in policy regarding content that violates the rules of posting on YouTube.  According to the new rules, thousands of materials and channels of different users were under the threat of removal or significant restrictions in the promotion.

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