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  • Study: using a smartphone leads to obesity

    It has long been known that sitting out at a computer has negative health effects and, among other things, leads to obesity. But not PCs alone: it turns out that the indefatigable use of a smartphone carries no less risk. According to a study by Venezuelan scientists, prolonged “sticking” to the gadget also leads to problems with being overweight.

    Study: using a smartphone leads to obesity

    University professors Simon Bolivar conducted a study, which involved 1060 volunteers. Scientists came to the conclusion that people, not letting the smartphone from the hands, 43% are more inclined to set the excess weight than those who use a gadget only when needed. Recognized as a critical time for the device that exceeds five hours a day. The researchers noted that users who tend to "stick" in smartphones for a long time, lead a less mobile and healthy lifestyle: they are less likely to engage in sports and much more often prefer easy to prepare harmful food.

    Overweight is only the first and most noticeable problem that entails a sedentary lifestyle. More serious consequences include diabetes and various forms of cancer. Of course, to use the gadget as much as anyone can not be banned. Scientists only urge people to treat their health a little more responsibly.

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