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  • Smartphones on Snapdragon 855 will become more secure

    Qualcomm has announced an update to the secure processing module (SPU) of the flagship Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. The chip set became the first product of the company which received the certificate of safety of level of modern smart cards. Thanks to SPU are functions of smartphones like contactless payments, authentication of electronic identities and transactions with cryptocurrency wallets will no longer linked to the selected security chip.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

    The isolated hardware subsystem of the chipset received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of Common Criteria EAL-4+. The use of a processor-integrated secure processing module will allow OEMs to reduce the cost of manufacturing devices that no longer require dedicated security chips. In addition, the absence of a separate chip will not reduce the security of the smartphone. The certification of the security subsystem has also been approved by the German Federal information security administration, whose requirements are considered to be very strict.


    "Passing the EAL-4 + certification is an important step towards ensuring that our customers and users of Snapdragon-based devices receive a security system that is not inferior to modern analogues using smart cards. And if earlier for many use cases we needed dedicated security chips, now for them there will be enough devices based on Snapdragon 855 with our integrated SPU", — said Jess Sid, product Director of Qualcomm Technologies.

    Mobile platform Snapdragon 855 with Autonomous subsystem Qualcomm SPU has a high level of performance, energy efficiency and security. It is used in flagship mobile devices around the world and has become the industry's first commercial mobile platform supporting 5g multi-Gigabit networks, device-based AI algorithm processing and augmented reality technology.

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