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  • Segway introduced a wheeled chair and folding electric scooter

    Segway introduced an electric scooter and a strange self-balancing chair on wheels. The Segway S-Pod and Segway KickScoot Air T15 promise two new and simple forms of electric transport, including for those who can't or don't want to stand while driving.

    The Segway S-Pod looks like a futuristic escape pod or a modern wheelchair. It is impossible not to admit that he is more comfortable for many scooters or hoverboards of the company.

    The S-Pod is also a bit like a wheelchair – it also has a controller in the form of a joystick for navigating the S-Pod, rather than the traditional Segway method, allowing its weight to control the direction of travel. The chair has not only self-balancing technology but also auxiliary wheels - two small wheels in the back and a third in the front. It is unclear when they are used, although it is possible that they will come in handy when the S-Pod tries to climb steeper slopes. The maximum speed, as reported by Segway, is 40 km per hour, which seems to be an unexpectedly high speed for such transport. The range of the chair is almost 70 km, according to the company.

    Segway introduced a wheeled chair and folding electric scooter

    Segway, at least initially, will not sell S-Pod to retail customers. Instead, according to the company, it has potential in theme parks and shopping centers - places where mobility can be a problem. Just as Segway gyro scooters have become commonplace in tourist areas, perhaps one day we will see these motorized chairs in public places.

    Segway introduced a wheeled chair and folding electric scooter_1.jpg

    Compared to the S-Pod, the KickScoot Air T15 electronic scooter looks quite ordinary. Segway intends to sell it to consumers. The scooter promises a maximum speed of up to 20 km per hour, a range of about 15 km and a new way to control speed.

    Most electric scooters use some kind of lever: press it again, and the electronic scooter moves faster. Air T15 calculates its speed automatically. The scooter can climb up to 15 degrees.

    Foldable, the KickScoot Air T15 weighs 9.7 kg - a bit for a modern electric scooter. It is expected to go on sale later this year at a price of $ 799.

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