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  • Second case of coronavirus detected in Finland

    A resident of Helsinki, who flew home from Italy on Sunday, February 23, was found to have a coronavirus.

    In the medical district of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), a case of coronavirus infection has been confirmed, this is the second case of infection in Finland. According to the medical district, the infection was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, yle.fi reports.

    Second case of coronavirus detected in Finland

    The patient was infected in Milan. We are talking about a working woman who independently came to HUS for examination. She is now in a hospital in Helsinki. Now she is in one of the hospitals in Helsinki. She has a fever, but she is in good condition.

    At a press conference, senior infectious diseases specialist Asko Jarvinen noted that the woman is in the hospital only in order not to infect others.

    The infected one flew to Finland alone with a transplant and was in close contact (talking for more than 15 minutes) with only two people. They have already been contacted, they have no symptoms yet.

    As Järvinen noted, these people are now at home and were instructed to consult a doctor if they develop symptoms of coronavirus. According to him, at the moment there is no risk of contracting the virus in Finland.

    This is the second case of coronavirus detected in Finland. The last time, at the end of January, a tourist from China turned out to be the carrier of the virus. In early February, a Chinese woman was discharged from a hospital in Lapland after tests confirmed that she had no infection.

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