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  • Scientists have created an artificial pork

    The hypothesis that every year to feed the growing population of the Earth is becoming more difficult, forcing scientists to synthesize meat in the laboratory. After the beef and chicken, the researchers were able to obtain artificial pork.

    Scientists have created an artificial pork

    The company Phuture Foods (Malaysia), given the priority consumption of pig meat over other animals in the Asian region, has set a goal to get this product from vegetable raw materials. The technology of creating such pork is not disclosed, but, according to representatives of the company, only plant components are involved in the production. Wheat and mushrooms serve as a kind of carcass of meat products, and mung beans are necessary as a source of protein. They also give the meat a texture similar to real pork. The output is a product that can also be consumed and vegetarians.

    Production of pork in the laboratory can significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances used on farms and factories. The final cost of such artificial pork, according to Phuture Foods, should be lower than usual. After all, this will stimulate the buyer to abandon the usual product.

    The manufacturer has already decided on the markets for which their product will be delivered in the coming months. Residents and guests of Hong Kong and Singapore will be able to taste the steak made of artificial pork.

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