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  • Samsung officially introduced the One UI 2 interface

    As part of the SDC19 developer conference, Samsung introduced the updated One UI 2 user interface. In the new version, the company mainly engaged in "polishing" the appearance of the shell, but there were no changes. In particular, the annoying elements became much less.

    In One UI 2, the company continues to embrace the concept of one-handed smartphone usability, dividing the screen into an upper portion for content consumption and a lower portion for interaction with it. The form of some Windows has changed a little, animated icons of applications have appeared, but in general global changes have not happened.

    A useful innovation is the redesigned incoming call window and volume control when playing videos or games - they have become much smaller.

    Samsung officially introduced the One UI 2 interface

    A high-contrast mode that helps people with vision problems is now built directly into the shell, rather than being available as a separately downloadable theme. In addition, it is difficult for blind people to determine whether the light is on in the room where they are. Therefore, in One UI 2, a special function of vibration notification about working light sources has been added.

    Samsung promises improved sound quality during phone calls even in noisy places. There is a function of transcription when everything said in real-time is displayed on the screen as text. This is probably done for hard of hearing users.

    Samsung smartphone and tablet owners will get One UI 2 along with an upgrade to Android 10. At the moment, the firmware for the flagships of the tenth series is being tested.

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