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  • Samsung has started production of 6-nm mobile chips

    Samsung has announced the launch of a new V1 semiconductor product line. In addition to the current 7-nm solutions, the corporation will begin supplying chips manufactured using a finer process technology, which differs from their predecessors in smaller dimensions and increased energy efficiency.

    Samsung has started production of 6-nm mobile chips

    Samsung announced plans to start delivering the first mobile chips made using the 6-nm process technology using EUV (deep ultraviolet lithography) in the first quarter of 2020. The new line was named V1.


    “Along with technological leadership and the development of project infrastructure, one of the most important elements of the semiconductor business is the improvement of production. Today, as we scale up production, the launch of the V1 line will help us better respond to market demand and expand the company's ability to support our customers, ”said the head of the semiconductor business at Samsung Electronics.

    The V1 line was founded in February 2018, and the test production of semiconductor wafers was launched one and a half years later. It is assumed that the volume of investments in a new production by the end of 2020 will reach $6 billion, and the volume of manufactured chips will increase by 3 times compared to 2019.

    Samsung plans to continue to create products on this line with a reduction in process technology down to 3 nm. This will allow the company to improve the miniaturization of complex circuits on the plate, as well as the release of optimal solutions for fifth-generation networks, automotive electronics, and devices using AI algorithms.

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