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  • Samsung has introduced a new 108-megapixel image sensor

    In August last year, Samsung announced the first mobile sensor with a resolution of 108 megapixels. It took the company only a few months to improve it and improve the shooting quality. Now the South Korean manufacturer has announced a new generation of the ISMPELL Bright HM1 sensor with support for recording 8K video and HDR in real-time.

    Samsung has introduced a new 108-megapixel image sensor

    The size of the ISMPELL Bright HM1 matrix is 1/1.33". It is identical to the previously released ISOCELL Bright HMX. According to the company, the new sensor is capable of recording videos at 24 frames per second at a resolution of 8K. This new product supports Smart-ISO for the best calculation of the sensitivity, and the ability to shoot in Live HDR.

    Samsung has introduced a new 108-megapixel image sensor

    The algorithm of the sensor is to combine nine adjacent pixels, the size of which is 0.8 micrometers, into one large 2.4 microns. Due to this, the absorption of light is significantly increased. When shooting, the HM1 is capable of capturing a scene with multiple exposure values for individual pixels. After combining such an array, a photo with a high level of contrast and saturation is obtained.


    "To capture meaningful moments in our lives, Samsung is innovating in pixel and logic technologies that allow ISOCELL sensors to take stunning photos even when the lighting is imperfect. By adopting Nonacell and Smart-ISO technologies, ISOCELL Bright HM1 helps you take bright, high-resolution images in a variety of environments, " said Yongin Park, Samsung's Executive President of sensor business.

    The ISMPELL Bright HM1 supports gyroscopic electronic image stabilization and phase detection technology for the fastest and most accurate focusing. It is also possible to increase images three times without loss of quality due to pixel processing without the participation of a mobile processor.

    The new sensor is already in mass production and is likely to be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone presented at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event.

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