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  • Russians steal money from bank cards using robots

    Fraudsters continue to invent new ways of cheating cardholders. To obtain data on the victim's account, they are often presented by employees of financial organizations — and the most incredulous offer to communicate with the robot, which records the desired numbers. One of the account holders has already lost three million rubles in communication with the "impartial" voice assistant, — reported "Izvestia".

    Russians steal money from bank cards using robots

    As the level of trust in people's calls, who appear to be Bank employees, fell significantly, the attackers began to use more complex schemes. According to the source, the use of robots to obtain a confirmation code of operations from SMS has become more frequent. If a person does not agree to call the "employee" the desired numbers, he is offered to dictate the information to the "Bank" robot with a voice recognition system.

    According to VTB, this scheme began to be used in the spring of this year. The victim was already one of the Bank's clients. Since he remembered that someone should not be called the confirmation code from the SMS, he was offered to switch the conversation to the robot, which he called the necessary information to the scammers, eventually losing three million rubles.

    Russians steal money from bank cards using robots

    According to the head of the analytical center Zecurion Vladimir Ulyanov, active campaigns of banks to notify customers about new methods of fraud indicate that information has already been leaked from credit institutions. The latter are now trying to minimize the damage caused by data leaks.

    Robots are increasingly used in the banking sector, but, according to representatives of various banks, never ask for confirmation codes. The exception is the system that dictates an arbitrary number of numbers that must be repeated to make sure the robot — the call was answered by the client, not the malware on the smartphone.

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