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  • Revealed new details of Wi-Fi 7

    Since the middle of last year, after passing the Wi-Fi Alliance standardization procedure, manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and laptops have been actively implementing support for the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless data transfer protocol. However, there is already some information about the even more productive Wi-Fi 7 standard, and thanks to the latest leak, some characteristics and preliminary dates for its implementation have become known.

    Revealed new details of Wi-Fi 7

    The maximum bandwidth of Wi-Fi 5 is 3.5 Gbit/s. when connecting devices using Wi-Fi 6, the peak transfer rate can reach 9.6 Gbit/s. Wi-Fi 7 boasts a threefold increase in performance — electronic devices that support this standard can transmit video at speeds up to 30 Gbit/s.

    The plans of the leading companies and the Wi-Fi Alliance itself, which controls the implementation of new wireless standards, include the launch of Wi-Fi 7 approximately in 2023. It is expected that the technology will not only transfer data at an impressive speed but also get a number of additional features. So, using Wi-Fi 7, you can monitor a person's condition: determine their breathing rate and physical location. This decision will be particularly relevant for older people who live alone.

    In addition, the ability of Wi-Fi 7 to "understand" where a person is within a centimeter will allow even more automation of the elements of a smart home. The wireless network will be able to recognize the user's presence near the door and immediately start the lock opening mechanism. Although the implementation of the network will take at least four years, a special group has already been created that will take care of the issues of privacy and security of Wi-Fi 7.

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