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  • Number of coronavirus victims in Iran rises to 22

    The number of victims of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Iran has increased to 22 people, while the number of confirmed cases in this country was 141, Iranian media reported on Thursday.

    Earlier, it was reported that 19 people died from coronavirus in Iran. According to media reports, coronavirus infection was recorded in 20 of the 31 provinces of Iran. The highest prevalence of COVID-19 was in the province of Qom - 63 confirmed cases.

    Number of coronavirus victims in Iran rises to 22

    Meanwhile, Al Arabiya TV channel reported an increase in the number of cases in Kuwait - up to 43 people. At the same time, as noted in the Ministry of Health of Kuwait, all patients previously arrived from Iran. All patients with COVID-19 in Kuwait are in a stable condition, the television channel adds.

    Earlier, the Iranian authorities reported that instead of quarantining in cities, they are going to restrict the movement of those people who are suspected of contracting the new virus, or those who are already infected. On February 25, it became known that a high - ranking Iranian official, the Deputy Minister of Health of this country, was infected with the "Wuhan" virus.

    On the morning of February 27, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus reached 3,530 in the world, with the exception of mainland China, an increase of 627 per day. In turn, in China, since December 2019, the number of victims of the coronavirus was 2,744 people, 78,497 cases of the disease were registered.

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