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  • Norm Glasses - replacement smartphone in the form of sunglasses

    The development of virtual and augmented reality technologies does not allow young startups to sit idle for a long time. The human Capable company decided to release the first consumer headset of augmented reality, the main difference of which will be the usual design.

    Designers were inspired by the classic form of sunglasses and sought to make Norm Glasses as indistinguishable from the usual accessory. The development took about four years. The weight of the device together with all electronics is about 36 grams.

    The frame houses speakers, processor, microphone, battery, camera, and memory. Through Norm Glasses, the user can make phone calls, work with text, read letters, flip through social networking pages, watch movies, scan barcodes, be aware of the weather or news, take photos or shoot videos. The developers promise that the Norm Glasses implement the possibility of the usual web surfing.

    Norm Glasses

    To control the device, there are several options: using voice commands, gestures of the head or through a mobile client application after synchronization with glasses via Bluetooth. The capacity of the built-in battery should be enough for a day or two of Autonomous operation.

    To implement Norm Glasses developers need to wait for the successful end of the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Of the requested $15 thousand startups has already collected more than $280 000. The pre-order price of the gadget is $239 and the retail price is $449. The first deliveries are scheduled for January 2020.

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