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  • NASA's new Mars Rover will go in search of life on the red planet

    Studies of Mars conducted over the past decades have shown that there was once a dense atmosphere and water on the surface. In 2020, the space agency NASA intends to send a new Rover to the Red Planet, which will allow scientists to obtain evidence of the existence of life.

    NASA's new Mars Rover will go in search of life on the red planet

    The Mars 2020 Rover will land near Jesero Crater, a dried-up lake in the Northern hemisphere of Mars. According to the researchers, this is one of the best places to look for signs of life. The Rover will be equipped with a full suite of high-tech tools to find complex organic molecules and even bacteria on the planet's surface. Its cameras will be able to capture images, and lasers and molecular "analyzers" will map rocks at an elementary level.

    NASA's new Mars Rover will go in search of life on the red planet

    According to scientists, Mars 2020 will be able to carry out on Mars such astrobiological research, which they dreamed of for decades. One of the main tasks will be to search for potential biosignatures among fossils and ground rocks. Once the Rover discovers something worthy of attention, it will be able to use the drill to penetrate deep into the surface of Mars.

    In the future, astronomers hope to study the findings on Earth. This will take years or even decades. Hopes are also pinned on future space missions, during which a protected station is to be deployed, where people will finally be able to answer the question: did life exist on Mars?

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