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  • NASA will send colonists to Mars in an inflatable cone

    On the possibility of settling Mars thought not only Elon Musk: its development of a landing module for future colonists and presented the aerospace company NASA. The rarefied atmosphere of the red planet does not allow to descend from orbit heavy objects on parachutes, and American engineers offered to deliver people and cargo in inflatable modules.

    Although the atmosphere of Mars is almost 100 times less dense than on Earth, when landing modules descend to the surface, they can be heated to high temperatures that can destroy even durable materials. Therefore, in the United States develop an inflatable system LOFTID able to resist overheating. Synthetic fiber is 15 times stronger than steel — inflatable cone 6 meters in diameter will protect equipment and passengers from hitting the surface. It is also capable of withstanding temperatures of around 1600° C.

    A detailed study of the effectiveness of unusual technology developers have not yet published. The record of the aerospace industry today is a successful landing on the surface of the red planet Rover Curiosity, which in terrestrial conditions weighs just over 900 kilograms.

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